📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Sep 1, Thu of Week 10 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

So, I have completed SPY×FAMILY Vol.2, and also bought Vol.3. But I don’t plan to read Vol.3 just yet. (Although I skimmed a little.)

Summer Challenge 2022 Summary

Reading Challenge for this season is not a promise any more. It is highly on a whim. But in the end for my case, it’s not a daily, but weekly, thing – I planned to complete 1 volume of manga per week.

There is also the wall of text part, but I simply avoided tackling those, unless it is 1 or a few pages only (as a part of a manga). That’s a bad habit, but I always have an excuse of wanting to focus on listening first. (Which is probably already an intention, not really an excuse.)

For some not so many weeks ago, the intention of making vocabulary list changed. I made for myself for the sake of taking notes, but not really translation; before I eventually decided to share vocabulary lists. The translation of vocabularies doesn’t matter, as I can always look up with Yomichan, and not typing in translations is already a quiz in itself.

Vocabulary lists also evolve. They are not only about vocabularies, but also Kanji, homophones, collocations and set phrases; and eventually, proper nouns.

About the challenge, eventually focusing on reading is broken. I made my own topic, and weekly plans are there; not inside the challenge itself. There are other kinds of challenges as well, and probably even more in the near future.