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:cake: :books: August 26 :books: :cake:
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Night Café 2 :cake: page 17 → 26 (9 pages)

Read the rest of the first chapter of volume 2 of NC. Nice little review of the last volume plus a new character introduced. Not much to say there. I’ll try to add my commentary in the currently active club for the volume.

And man, I’m getting so far behind in all my clubs. I’m now 3 weeks behind in both Orange and Loopers, well the third week behind just started, so it isn’t like I can’t catch up, but still.

Honestly though, it isn’t just Japanese reading. It is kinda everything. I’ve just not felt much drawn to anything useful this week. I wonder if it is all the food stuff I’m thinking and dealing with. Probably.

Digression about the food stuff I'm working on

There is always a lot of under the surface stuff with food for me, but I’m determined to get to a good relationship with food where I eat in a way I prefer (treats will be included!) with little overeating, no/minuscule guilt and no worries. Also you know, making my body feel good.

However, while the program/coaching I’m going through that is wonderful, all old mean thoughts, patterns, and expectations are marching to the front asking for their chance at a duel or two or three. Society in general and the diet/food industry are very good at teaching all kinds of complexes. And now I have the joy of peeling those away so I can figure out what works for me and how I actually want to eat. Because I have no idea what it would look like without insecurities, guilt, fear, FOMO and all that.

Anyway, we’re almost at the end of the month, and I’ve only finished one thing this month. And I’m not really close to finishing anything, so I can’t just dive in and do that. Super Mario Odyssey have been my reading too much this month. :joy:

Well, the good thing with one month ending and another beginning (soon), I can use that to propel me, challenge myself, to get a bit more done. Meaning more Japanese reading, more life stuff, and so on. Hopefully :tm: