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Today I just read one page from Best Essay 2021. Someone on this site recommended it as reading training for JLPT. The writing style is similar to JLPT mock tests and it’s not that easy to read. I’m sure it will be a good training.

Pictures showing my amazon order the first one shows the books I bought and the second one a video game I ordered.


August 25th!

Today I read chapter 103 of Yotsuba. As always it was adorable, Yotsuba makes a picture book and the story is very cute. Much cuter than the stories my daughter used to write when she was that age, which always started with the main character becoming an orphan because their whole family died in a fire. :fearful:

Only one chapter left of Yotsuba now. I am not at all ready for it to be over :sob:

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Really enjoying my reading recently!

For Flowers, it’s starting to dive into this mystery of students performing spooky rituals and leaving school which I have a feeling will ultimately resolve itself in some way more mundane than I hope, but either way, I’m loving the journey. I still read it in quite small chunks but I guess I’m feeling more confident overall. Now that things are smoothed over with the twins, I have to say they entertain me a lot. They’re probably my favorites right now, though that honestly might simply be because they’ve had the most space to shine.

And コンビニ人間, currently 44% through seems like an excellent fit for me as someone who is quite the 負け組 member (useful word the book taught me, haha). It exquisitely captures the awkwardness every time people ask about what I “do,” heh. I’m really enjoying it. I wanted to say it’s funny hearing what the “good old days” sexists might talk like in Japan but I just realized 縄文 is hunter-gatherer times so this guy is truly just unique haha.


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168 - 187 (end!)

Lovely chapter about Suzie Q and Roses! I found Suzie’s dialogue a bit challenging. I think she’s speaking in a hyper-feminine way and that’s just something I don’t have a lot of experience in. I’ll probably post some photos in the grammar thread to look for help.

Doing the math based on the things said is a bit bonkers. Like if Suzie and Joseph have been married for 50 years, then they’re both around 70, which wow, Joseph off fighting in his seventies, I get now better why people are surprised he didn’t use hamon to slow his aging much. For some reason I was thinking he was in his 60s. It’s also fun to try to guess Roses’ age. He’s been working for the Joestars for 30 years, so he’s probably at least 50, but to work so closely as their bodyguard, I would think that he’d have to have notable experience so maybe 60s or 70s? Just interesting to think about


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Week 9


  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • ルーパーズ , chapter 6.

Up to date and ready for the next chapter this weekend. Catching up with the VN club discussion tomorrow, too late right now :relieved: .


Summary Post

August 25th
What did I read?: きつねくんと先生 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 11 pages
How long did it take me?: 12 min

Randomly decided to start this one today. I don’t have the energy for pictures right now but this is really cute :3 An elementary school teacher who can see the yōkai walking among us starts teaching at a new school and finds that he has a lil きつね coming into class every day xD The pages of this book are like…really soft? That sounds weird, but like…the paper is so soft, I love it.

Lol yeah I didn’t even try to return it, I kind of assumed they probably wouldn’t pay to ship an ¥800 manga all the way back to Japan xD I feel like it would be a hard-to-impossible sell to any used book store since it’s in Japanese, it’s not the first volume of the series, and it’s not like a well-known/widely popular series or anything. :upside_down_face:

Aww, that sounds so nice! :heart: I would if I knew anyone irl who was also studying Japanese :cry: Also it’s BL so I’m not sure how keen any cultural center or language school would be on it lol - nothing remotely smutty or anything, but people can be weird and I don’t really feel like having my very first interaction with them be an invitation to judgment lmao

…Realistically it’s probably going to sit in my apartment for a long time and then maybe eventually make it to the donation bin of this local used book store/charity (I have a few other books that I’ve been meaning to donate there that have been sitting around for…I don’t know, a few years at this point)

…Unless anyone here wants it :joy: :joy: :joy:
this is kind of a joke but also not really lmao I will actually send it to someone if they want it :eyes: it’s this


I would definitely be willing to take (or buy) it off your hands if that’s an option


If there’s one word I (and probably everyone else) learned to read during the repeat book club of コンビニ人間, it’s that word. Unique certainly is a good word to describe 白羽.


Read 4 volumes of Berserk yesterday (It was the Eclipse, so it’s mostly pictures). Plan to finish the Lost Children Arc today.


Yeah I remember reading that part and not knowing how to read it but kind of understood by the context. THEN literally 3 days later Persona 3 had a quiz on the 縄文時代, put it in anki, and I will never forget now!


I didn’t post yesterday, (too much work :smiling_face_with_tear:), but I did read a few more pages of よつばと!.
Today I got my reading in early and finished volume 1 :four_leaf_clover:
Now the question is よつばと! Vol2 (in print with tiny furigana), or ハピネス Vol2 (on an iPad, with ‘zoom-in’ capability)?


August 25 :blossom: Home Post

Didn’t get much in today, just peeked at 跡を消す a bit more. I should be able to read more this weekend, so I’m looking forward to it!


:spiral_calendar: Day 56: August 25th :diving_mask: :shell:

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 6 (38% ➨ 45%)


Read Look Back by the Mangaka for Chainsaw man and was legit trying not to cry, still plan to finish at least one volume of Berserk by the end of the day but if I don’t I don’t. I got a lot of listening practice in today, so しょうがない。


Ah, I hear you; I mostly like physical books, but I tend to buy BL stuff digitally unless I’m sure it’s not too explicit, just because, as you say, people can be weird. And, frankly, BL can be weird, and I’m never sure if even I will be uncomfortable with what shows up…!


Again only time for a couple of pages today (119-122 of よつば& vol. 2). To be honest, I wasted some reading time this morning putting together an Amazon order of manga I will have no time to read any time soon… I need to get myself organized into a routine where this is less likely to happen!

New Words:

流れる (ながれる) to stream, to flow
流れるプール whirlpool
改装 (かいそう) remodeling
前むき (まえむき) positive, constructive
見とれる (みとれる) to be fascinated by


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吾輩は狸である progress: 11.04% :peacock:

The conversation has finally done!

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


男爵「だんしゃく」ー Baron
孔雀「くじゃく」ー Peafowl
豪奢「ごうしゃ」ー Luxurious; magnificent
一挙両得「いっきょりょうとく」ー Killing two birds with one stone; win-win
廿「にじゅう」ー 20
征露「せいろ」ー Attacking Russia (used during the Russo-Japanese war 1904-05)

偸み = 盗み「ぬすみ」(Stealing)

Old Place Names



Updating way late for the 25th. Even though I didn’t end up having work yesterday (fryer started acting up after like 3 trays of doughnuts, a.k.a. after I had already started walking to work, so I didn’t find out until I got there. At least I got in a healthy 15-min walk while it was still cool enough outside for it not to be hell?), I was really tired, especially in the afternoon and evening. And today at work was super busy, so I’m super tired now. I still haven’t had lunch. I want to curl up and sleep for 10 years. Anyway.

I started out reading HQ ch 86 月の出 (or at least most of it) because I had some time before “work,” and then on my walk I saw the moonrise! Well, I dunno how much it counts when it was already at about the height of the treetops, but yeah, it was pretty. A thin sliver of silver above the golden oranges and pinks coloring the sky before the sun makes its way above the horizon.

I went on to finish the rest of vol 10 and all of vol 11. Even though vol 11 is where we see a lot of the things set in motion in vol 10 start to come to fruition, 10 is still my favorite volume so far.

lol normally “recent worry” gets written as “最近の悩み” on the characters’ profile pages, but since Bokuto’s is that he doesn’t remember how なやみ is written in kanji, it’s spelled out like that in kana.

Some vocab of note:

頭角を現す (とうかくをあらわす) [expression, サ五] to distinguish oneself; to stand out
挙動不審 (きょどうふしん) [四字熟語, noun] suspicious behavior; acting suspiciously
霞む (かすむ) [自マ五] to be overshadowed; to be upstaged; to be outshone


August 24-26 :heavy_check_mark: :mag:

十角館の殺人 ~15-25%, chapter 2

Reading for this week’s mystery club completed! It was a relatively easy chapter, at least compared to the previous one, full of mostly non-casual dialogue. Casual dialogue is still often harder for me than narration, but polite dialogue means less text density without all the twists and turns of casual language. (Unless it’s too polite, then that’s another level of difficult).
So far the book is turning out to be more interesting than the straight Agatha Christie clone I was expecting. Hope it keeps it up. :smiley:


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August 26th:

I had some downtime at work today so I read an NHK news article to stave off the boredom. It’s a good thing I did, because now it’s 10 pm and I’m too tiiiireeeed to read :melting_face: But the weekend is here!!!