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・ 本好きの下剋上 10 (47% → 51%)

Couldn’t not read today with my eyes being weird. We did something fun in lab today :mag: :eyes:

In short, we used eye drops which temporarily makes it near impossible to see clearly on short distances unless you’re a young person with myopia (nearsightedness). Can see clearly if I just take my glasses off, so it’s easier for me to read book on phone than to study on laptop in that condition. Almost 10 h later and I still can’t see clearly up-close with the one eye while wearing glasses :durtle_megane: More detailed explanation: [1]

Real life anime eyes? Eye drops available at a durtle church near you!

Don’t tell trunklayer, he’s going to be disappointed I don’t have red eyes :caught_durtling:


Hehe, thanks! :3 I did however feel bad this morning - some undigested emotions that welled up while I was meditating :sweat_smile: I somehow went on as normal today (lab activity being mandatory), but I clearly have internal stuff that need some processing.

  1. Cycloplegic eye drops like cyclopentolate 1% temporarily hinders the accommodative powers in our eyes from activating (in young people) by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from sending signals to the iris sphincter and ciliary muscles. Iris sphincter makes the pupil of the eye contract :pinching_hand: :eyes: Therefore, using these drops makes pupil big! ↩︎