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:spiral_calendar: Day 53: August 22nd :swimming_man: :shark:

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 6 (24% ➨ 31%)

🦸‍♂️ SUPERMAN vs飯 スーパーマンのひとり飯 Volume 1 (20% ➨ 31%)

I wonder if the idea of “Superman enjoys lunch” as a concept was an easy sell, or if the mangaka had to storyboard a few chapters to get buy-in on it.

Being not a food person, I can’t really relate with Clark spending half his work day looking forward to having a juicy beef hamburger for lunch, only to see this. But I can enjoy seeing how he handles it. I’m expecting he’ll to Japan for something beef-related.


Ah, as he flies off, let’s not forget that he was also sent to buy lunch for others in the office.


Phew, the boss won’t go hungry now.

One space flight later:

However, once he goes inside…

In this world, an alien has arrived on Earth and become a savior, yet Kouichi never existed. With no WaniKani, Superman is left to suffer.

As the employee’s busy at the moment, rather than ask, Superman considers how the Chinese would have come about each kanji.

He’s almost there, but there has to be something to be absolutely certain…

Got it!

Lesson about to be learned: Just ask for it by name rather than pointing at it on the menu.


Lucky for Superman, he has the super ability to change what he wants to eat. He’s already gone from wanting a beef hamburger to wanting beef on rice, so switching to wanting pork on rice is within his super capabilities.


Even if it’s a comedy, this is still an “enjoy eating food” manga, so of course, there are the food-into-mouth close-up panels that I normally don’t like at all.

As for the pork on rice, Superman finds it’s super not bad.

All’s well that ends well.


Although I’m バットマン派, I definitely feel at one with Superman at the moment. Not for the food, but absolutely for the kanji.

(With my write-ups, I’m starting to see why a chapter of this takes me an hour to get through…)