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・ 夜が明けたら、いちばんに君に会いにいく 上

Today I randomly picked up this book and finished it. Once again, Bookwalker’s evil scheme getting the better of me. Buying the second half will help me fill the green circle.


The book was very easy to read: no complicated grammar that stood out to me, all kanji had furigana (very refreshing), common everyday vocab in a high school setting, kinda reminded me of Kagami no Kojou in a way (pages not always smack-full of text and MC feeling… 苦しい). The level of this book seems like a nice fit for the intermediate club, I think. Beginner club too maybe? Not sure about the level of these clubs anymore lol.

It was released today, both this and the second half. But two years ago it was published as one book by the same company as the one I read, but under a different label. From looking at the preview of the older version, it doesn’t seem to have any illustrations, but this one does. Also, the older version doesn’t have 100% furigana like this one.

Some of the illustrations are half-page like this:

Never seen it before, so that was cool.

As for the story, it was okay. They’re middle-schoolers (it says 中学 but the MC is 17 years old?? douiukoto). The MC somehow developed a mask dependency, so she can’t bear being around people without wearing one. The male lead is a KY (空気読めない) and is super honest about what he’s thinking no matter what. Reading this felt cathartic in a way.