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吾輩は狸である progress: 6.09% :notebook:

Wagahai-cat explains that life is much better as a cat, humans just make life complicated, whereas cats see that life is simple, full of eating and sleeping, and sleeping and eating.

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裾模様「すそもよう」ー Kimono with a design on the skirt part
自惚れ「うぬぼれ」ー Pretension; conceit
撫肩「なでがた」ー Sloping shoulders (more common as: なで肩)
旅鴉「たびがらす」ー Wanderer; vagabond; vagrant (also: 旅がらす)
「しわ」ー Wrinkle; crease
按摩「あんま」ー Traditional Japanese massage; anma
横膈膜「おうかくまく」ー Diaphragm

羽根 = 羽「はね」(Feather; plume; down)


Was gonna say this too :laughing:


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August 19th:

Feeling a little burned out today, so I just read the subtitles to youtube videos I was watching for entertainment. :upside_down_face: I hope I get out of this slump soon! Happy weekend!!!


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・ 本好きの下剋上 10 (31% → 34%)

Did my reading way too late, dozed off like five times.

Not quite :joy: Simply switched activity and switched back after done shower. Btw, Loopers is not book, but VN.


I finished the Shin Kanzen Master Reading N2 book but I don’t feel like I actually got better at reading or at least I still have a hard time choosing the correct answer. :face_exhaling:

Furthermore I did my daily training from the Nihongo so Matome Reading N1 book and finally started reading and finished the first short story from ボッコちゃん the book sensei recommended. It’s a collection of I think 50 short stories the sentences are pretty short but I see lots of grammar used which I never saw in other books.


August 19th!

Chapter 18 of Happiness today. The story continues to be generally unpleasant, but the art is so beautiful sometimes, and the text is so readable for me that I still enjoy it despite the vague sense of discomfort.
This has been the first manga that has felt more like just reading rather than reading-and-learning. Hopefully I can find more stuff that is as simple for me to follow …ideally with less upskirting

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August 19th
What did I read?: 今日のさんぽんた Vol 1
How much did I read?: 12 pages
How long did it take me?: 11 min

Didn’t read yesterday because I worked for 12 hours instead lol But today was a better day. This manga is growing on me, the first few chapters were kind of eh to me but the ones I read today were pretty funny/cute.

I just realized I haven’t posted any panels from this manga yet. So here’s Ponta xD


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Week 8


  • Final Fantasy XIV

Just a small quest today. Tomorrow I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything as I’m spending the whole day out so it’s possible the day has come to let go of the streak and embrace fate.


I joined a bit late, but I think I might be (finally :sweat_smile:) getting into the reading everyday habit. I was very intermittent in July, but so I am now entering my third week of daily reading - yay! Just starting Ch6 of よつばと!
Biggest problem now is that I’m reading the print version and the text is very small (for me). I may go to ハピネス Vol2 after this, since I can read it on a tablet (and zoom in :rofl:)
Thank you for the challenge, it’s helped get me motivated :pray:


i dropped ハピネス after the 2nd volume, even though it was the most accessible reading i’ve found so far. it was very nice to be able to just read.

today i had a lazy day, so i decided to finally tackle the last bit of やがて君になる 佐伯沙弥香について volume 2. i’d tried continuing earlier, but had been too tired to work my way through what felt like walls of text. today, i sat outside, enjoying the cool and slightly damp air (we’ve had our first rain in many weeks), and managed to finish the book. almost 30 pages, i think the most i’ve managed in a single day.

this volume was sad (spoilers for Bloom into You/やがて君になる)

of course we know that Sayaka won’t come together with Touko, because Touko will fall in love with Koito. but for now, Sayaka and Touko are in first year, Koito will not make her appearance for another year, and Sayaka is dreadfully in love. she gets very close to confessing to Toukoa few times, but witnesses Touko’s reaction to several other people confessing to her. as they slowly grow closer, she learns that Touko will never accept a confession, because she can’t accept that she’s worthy of love.

so Sayaka resolves to become Touko’s reliable friend instead, her constant companion. even though that means denying her love for Touko, that they won’t share the closeness she yearns for. and with time, perhaps she can help Touko learn that she’s worthy of love, and maybe then Touko will accept her.

except that, as they enter their second year of high school, Koito enters the stage. and as we know, Touko turns from Sayaka to Koito. leaving Sayaka hurting and alone.

we know that Sayaka eventually finds her own way. that she and Koito become friends. and the cover for the third volume show the two, hand in hand and smiling. but at this point Sayaka’s gone through three horrible experiences with love, and i really hope that she will find love now.

now i need to decide which to continue first: やが君 or ウテナ? both really draw me to them…



Didn’t read much today, just ch 56-57 of HQ.

We’ve been getting a bit more by way of the mechanics of volleyball, like what a side out and break and stuff are, during this game. I got those two recently as well in 2.43 during the Fukuhou-Seiin practice match, but it’s nice to have the reinforcement. I got into HQ in 2016, and though I got really into it (on at least 3 separate occasions) and now 2.43 as well, I still don’t understand the rules of volleyball that well. Even though it’s one of my favorite sports when it comes to sports animanga!

Though, to be fair, I actually played soccer for a few years as a kid, and I barely remember/understand anything about the sport.
Aoashi: *mentions a soccer term*
Me: Uh, yeah, I definitely know what that is, yup! *sweats*

Some vocab of note:

巧者 (こうしゃ) [noun, な-adj.] cleverness; skill. clever person (in a particular field); skillful person.


:spiral_calendar: Day 50: August 19th :beach_umbrella: :coconut:

Small reading day today. Gotta get in extra over the weekend!

spacer:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: からかい上手の高木さん Volume 8 (0% ➨ 14%)

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 5 (91% ➨ 100%)

spacer:ninja:t2: くノ一ツバキの胸の内 Volume 4 (66% ➨ 82%)


August 19 :blossom: Home Post

As expected I was mostly busy today, so I really had to force myself to read anything :joy: I read a chapter of クールドジ男子 and it was fun as always, but now I’m very sleepy lmao.


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15 - 20

got really sleepy suddenly and passed out. I should probably reread these pages


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吾輩は狸である progress: 6.26% :cat:

Only time for a short read today!

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


間断「かんだん」ー Break in time; interruption; pause
反駁「はんばく」ー Rebuttal; retort

極め = 決め「きめ」(Agreement; rule)


Once I started reading in Japanese I invested in a good magnifying glass; it really helps my old eyes with the furigana!


Yesterday was my first missed day of the challenge, and I felt pretty bummed about breaking my streak before classes have even begun! Today I read p. 55-62 of よつば& volume 2, but I spent so much time and energy trying to untangle Yotsuba’s garbled polite speech that I had to stop before reaching my usual quota of 10 new words. Tomorrow is the last day of my summer vacation and will also be a busy one, but I will try to get up a bit early so I have time to get some reading in before the day gets away from me…


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August 20th:

Almost forgot to post! I read some more 好きっていいなよ earlier today. I’m tired so this is it for today’s update :melting_face:


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・ 夜が明けたら、いちばんに君に会いにいく 上

Today I randomly picked up this book and finished it. Once again, Bookwalker’s evil scheme getting the better of me. Buying the second half will help me fill the green circle.


The book was very easy to read: no complicated grammar that stood out to me, all kanji had furigana (very refreshing), common everyday vocab in a high school setting, kinda reminded me of Kagami no Kojou in a way (pages not always smack-full of text and MC feeling… 苦しい). The level of this book seems like a nice fit for the intermediate club, I think. Beginner club too maybe? Not sure about the level of these clubs anymore lol.

It was released today, both this and the second half. But two years ago it was published as one book by the same company as the one I read, but under a different label. From looking at the preview of the older version, it doesn’t seem to have any illustrations, but this one does. Also, the older version doesn’t have 100% furigana like this one.

Some of the illustrations are half-page like this:

Never seen it before, so that was cool.

As for the story, it was okay. They’re middle-schoolers (it says 中学 but the MC is 17 years old?? douiukoto). The MC somehow developed a mask dependency, so she can’t bear being around people without wearing one. The male lead is a KY (空気読めない) and is super honest about what he’s thinking no matter what. Reading this felt cathartic in a way.


August 20th!

Today I read Chapter 9 and 10 of Shadows House.
It pulls me in a little more with each chapter I read, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where the story goes.
I only needed to look up a single word to read Chapter 10, which felt pretty great!

I’ll definitely join on offshoot club is there is one, though I really need to stop joining every offshoot as well as each new club - my weekly bookclub commitment is getting bigger and bigger :rofl:

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Today I read the second short story in ボッコちゃん. I think from now on I should read one story every day. They are very short it shouldn’t take too much time and I will finish the book in two months.

I started the Shin Kanzen Master Reading N1 book and it’s way harder than the N2 one. Between the N2 and N3 ones I hardly noticed any increase in difficulty.