📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Aug 15, Mon of Week 8 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Summary of last weeks’ reading, as well as today.

  • Finished ブラックジャックによろしく (Give my Regards to Black Jack) Vol.1
    • I generally like this one. No one is too stupid, and it feels surreal. Personally I don’t feel sympathy that much. I might have been years ago, but that would simply cause meaningless mis-understood pain…
    • Then, for some reasons, the rest of the series was 30 yen per volume, so I paid 360 yen for the rest for the series. Only checked out early Vol.2 so far, though.
  • Finished Hunter x Hunter Vol.1
    • Original intention was to help with 1999 anime, but it is fun on its own. Also, differences here and there from the anime. (Probably coincide with the remake anime.)
    • Today, I watched anime to EP.8 as well, so I guess it caught up with the manga (with some differences :smile:) but anime is still my half-despair.
  • Finished それでも歩は寄せてくる (Even so Ayumu got closer) Vol.1
    • I started from Ch.5, where I read a while ago.
    • Gotta admit, Ayumu looks かっこいい.
    • Perhaps I should checkout more on Shogi later. I can only guess…
    • I still can’t get used to the official English series’ name…
  • Finished Shadows House Vol.1, today
    • Fun and interesting thing begins the moment Emiriko sees outside the house. What’s wrong with this noble family and their manservants?

Yuru Camp got advertised again. Perhaps I should continue Vol.2-12? There are also anime S1-2, but perhaps not for me yet?

I still have trouble with novels in general. Specifically, I can’t progress with TUGUMI. It feels too hard.

I don’t really have problems with 妖怪の子預かります, although not reading that fast. Probably I can also read Night Cafe, but my understanding was… 不合格. Anyway, I finished Ch.3 of that 妖怪 thing. I don’t have enough interest to continue to Night Cafe Vol.2 right now.

I saw old files on Google Drive on No.6 and Autumn Prison. I barely remember them. In any case, nowadays would, first of all, be attempt to learn from reading properly. (Well, just as much as appropriate.)

I bought Monster Hunter World on Steam, and I feel it is playable for me and fun (and fun story), but I have doubt whether it would work well for me as a study material… not that level yet and not yet time to have fun.

About LOOPERS, maybe? I probably won’t buy the game, though. ATRI is still on hold, and isn’t so bad, just yet another material…