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:cake: :books: August 13 :books: :cake:
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Night Café (2!) :cake: page 4 → 7 (4 pages)

I had trouble deciding what I wanted to read today; deciding between the three book clubs I am now a part of: Orange, Loopers, or Night Café. In the end, I ended up picking none of them. But what, you say, is that thing I see above that clearly says NC? Well, that was the introduce the characters in 2-3 sentences pages and the “this happened in the last volume” 2-page summery pages.

Basically reading just enough that I could say I read with a clear conscious, while not actually starting chapter 1.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who congratulated me! :bowing_woman: :smiley:

It might not seem like it from my post, but I had to make myself celebrate the victory because it just kinda felt like “been there, done that”. I’ve read (with good comprehension) 13 volumes of manga, 20 if you include my speed read of Alice 19th which I’ve read so many times in English that it didn’t matter that I didn’t understand anything except the simplest things when I read it in Japanese (I remembered well).

I’ve also read the two nyannyan detective books. As well as all Ask graded readers (from level 0-4, all 3 volumes of each).

I guess NC didn’t feel like much of an accomplishment because it was so easy to read. I don’t think I struggled with grammar anywhere, nor do I remember rereading any sentences (because of grammar reasons). Only lacked vocabulary. But that in itself is a victory.

Maybe I’ll get the effort to read a novel accomplished feeling once I take on my first adult (oriented) novel or historical novel (either genre or, you know, old); or maybe Zenitendou will give me that when I go back to that. :sweat_smile: But that is a different kind of victory.

This was my first novel, and all the reading I’ve done up until reading it was what it made it easy. Doesn’t make it any less of an accomplishment.

In my real life, I’ve had drilled into my head that overnight successes rarely (if ever) actually are overnight ones. They’ve usually toiled for years, they might only have come to a lot of people’s attention in a very short timespan, but their work spans a long period of time.

And that is what the reading of my first novel was like. Done after reading many other things that ended up with the first novel I finished easily done. And maybe I finished NC first because it was easy. (After all, I ended up shelving Zenitendou for the time being because I had too many full comprehension reads that required a bunch of effort. And Zenitendou very much does require a lot of my effort because it picks at my grammar knowledge edges.)

So thanks for celebrating this win with me. :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: