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Reading went well but then I had the following thought and got distracted after that:

I wonder if the word 油断 (negligence, carelessness) is related to the Chinese phrase 加油 :thinking:

The Chinese word means something like がんばって, literally composed of the characters for “add” and “oil”, and if I recall correctly it stems from staying up late to study and your source of light was an oil lamp. So you had to keep the lamp going to able to study more as it got darker. At least that’s how my Chinese teacher explained it.

Side story: I remember when I was taking a Chinese course for six weeks while taking my Japanese bachelor’s degree (due to lockdown preventing exchange program from happening so I had to get enough credits from elsewhere), and on one of my assignments I received some feedback which included the phrase 加油. I’m pretty sure the teacher meant well and was trying to be supportive (“ganbatte you’re doing great!”), but I (a complete beginner at studying Chinese) interpreted the word too literally as in “you need to add more oil = not enough study”, which at the time, made me kinda pissed xD Now it’s just a fun memory.

So anyway, maybe 油断 and 加油 aren’t actually related, but to me it’d make sense if they were. Stopping the oil = “neglecting” your studies :caught_durtling: