📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:star2: :video_game: August 8 :video_game: :star2:
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Super Mario Odyssey :star2:

So I ended up only playing some SMO yesterday. I probably read some random bits while browsing the forum too, but I don’t really think about this honestly.

Now that the cat sitting gig is done, I’m just so tired and want to relax, but I have several things I have to do, some of them that have piled up because of the gig. But all I want to do is sleep, because I’ve been having super vivid dreams two nights in a row, and it tends to leave me tired/exhausted when I wake up (instead of rested). So that doesn’t help. :sleeping:

Mystery book stuff!

Thanks for all this!

I guess I need to go read the actual stories about Sherlock. I think I’ve listened to/read maybe one or two of the short stories. But I know a lot about it because I’ve basically seen all the modern movie and TV adaptions. (Well at least all the big ones, there are probably a few I haven’t heard of.)

When it comes to Christy, do you know if they mentioned Poirot or Miss Marple or the independent stories more? I’m on firmer ground with Poirot. xD Although I really should actually read more of them, rather than relying on TV versions. :joy:

I know of Ellery Queen and have maybe read one short story, but not more than that.

The first one of these are being read by the mystery club on the Natively forums, isn’t it? :eyes: If only I was anywhere close to being able to handle something like that. :joy:

What would you recommend?

When I’m better at reading novels, I have a feeling I might have a mystery binge in front of me. :heart_eyes:

Other replies

@lucylavelle Glad to hear it is better than you thought. At least you have a story to tell out of it. :joy:

@natarin Thanks for sharing your experience! I might go with jpdb because it has anki mode and your review. Because if I continue with SRS, I want it to be as easy and painless as possible. Although koohi is free with all features. Decisions, decisions.

Good thing I don’t have to pick for probably another 6 months (most likely more since at my current speed I’ll reach 60 Feb/Mar next year).