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・ わたしの幸せな結婚 6 (86% → 100%)

This book… points at book. yes! It good book. nods in satisfied

Blurbed summary

So, one thing about the ending (fun language thing, but spoilery!), our favorite couple goes on a date, but not just any date! No no no, it’s a デヱト. :eyes: It’s fun because in the setting of the book, the kana ‘we’ ヱ is still not obsolete. I’d love to have this part unspoilered for everyone to see, but it’s too major of a turn of events. The word “date” is a spoiler 0: …or? :thinking::woman_shrugging:

So the reason book 5 and 6 should be read together is because, (spoilery plot stuff) with this volume, the Usui arc reached its final stage. The cult went down. It ended abruptly imo, but this is a story about happy marriage after all, not superpowers and world domination. It’s a bit mottainai that Miyo went through all that stress and suffering to awaken her highly-revered powers to then decide that she will basically never use it again after she’s done rescuing her mans Kiyoka. She doesn’t want to carry big responsibilities, she simply wants to enjoy her happy simple days in true slice-of-life fashion. As mentioned, this is happy marriage series, not superpower series. Ah, I hope someone will write an AU to explore that noble path xD But it is such a Miyo-like decision. And I like it.
At the end of date, Miyo finally called Kiyoka by his first name uwu :cherry_blossom: And apparently it is a bad omen to plant sakura tree in your garden as a momento? But sakura tree is special to Miyo, so they plan to do so anyway. Aaaah, so many good moments x3

Then there’s the next volume :eyes: There will be marriage :eyes: !! (most likely). いよいよ, I tell you.

Can’t wait for the next volume! Whenever that will be released! tanoshimiiii~