📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:infinity: :star2: August 4-5 :star2: :infinity:
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Super Mario Odyssey :star2:
Loopers :infinity: 17% → 23% (6%)

Didn’t end up with an update yesterday, didn’t really have anything to say. I just played some SMO. Turned out that reading the tourist pamphlet for the desert kingdom was harder than the story related dialog. But I guess that isn’t surprising. The most interesting Japanese thing is to read the name of the moons I pick up, because they can be funny but also they only show for a short time. So it is training me to read fast and maybe figure out anything a little confusing after I’ve taken it all in. There are ways to check it after it has disappeared, but honestly the challenge is fun and so far I’ve caught more or less all moon titles. ^^

Today, I started the new chapter of Loopers, chapter 4. And to see how many look ups I do for this chapter I made a new folder to save the words too. (I use Midori as my dictionary app.) I do not however add these kinds of words: looked up just to check the reading, words looked up to double check the meaning (unless it turns out I was wrong), and I can’t really note when I look up something a second time for the same chapter.

However, I should still have an idea of vocabulary I had trouble with (or didn’t know at all).

And once again I can’t record % as I go through because it only shows % when I finish a chapter, but I’ll guess how much I read today whenever I finish the chapter. So far today I only read the very first section, and as soon as I finish this message I’m planing to keep reading for a bit.

Edit: Ended up finishing the chapter (Loopers) so added % above.


I read your summery of the plot and I agree. A horror story that could have ended with the protagonist’s horrible death by ants, and instead he doesn’t die at all but miraculously walks away? Doesn’t sound like horror to me either.

I agree. It is so very inspiring and motivating. And honestly, just knowing the difference in my own reading flow from April this year to now. I can’t imagine picking up some things to casually to read. I can however imagine all the hard parts. :joy:

I relate hard to this. :joy: