📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:star2: :video_game: August 3 :video_game: :star2:
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Super Mario Odyssey :star2:

So I should be reading Night Café, but… So far I haven’t sat down to read. And I doubt I will get around to it, so I’m making this update now.

I’ve been meaning to replay Super Mario Odyssey (and Breath of the Wild) since I played them about a year after release. And today was the day I (re-)started SMO, and decided “why not do it in Japanese?”. And not only have it so far turned out to be completely within my ability, it hasn’t made reading the text that much slower.

I’m not really playing it for Japanese practice, but it is still reading. Plus I ended up quickly rereading the 2 page あとがき for Orange v1.

And it made me realize something. I’m in the forties for Wanikani. :exploding_head: I don’t think I’d realized how different that is from even the early 30s and how far that is from when I was in the 20s of WK. Things I would have had to work at to read before, I can read easily now. The Orange atogaki have no furigana (except for the mangaka’s name), and yet it wasn’t a problem. There were 3-5 unknown words over two pages of a lot of text (for a manga). And while I couldn’t read the names of the publishing companies or the names of a couple of parks mentioned, I recognized what they were instantly and could skip over them when they seemed incomprehensible to me.

And added on to that, Super Mario Odyssey, even the little information placards, are easy to read. Not very sophisticated at all, but even these kind of simple things would have been something I had to put energy into. It would have slowed me down, and now they just add little bits of fun bright spots (because I read Japanese and it is easy!).

Contrast that with the 200+ look ups I did for a chapter of Loopers that made my brain start to melt. Loooooong way to go yet.

I’m glad both happened kinda close together, so I didn’t have to feel the slump of realize how much further there is to go without also feeling how far I’ve come.