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July Review
:tangerine: :evergreen_tree: :cake: :infinity: :cow2:

577 pages read (recorded), plus 3 grazing :cow2: days with unrecorded pages
16% of Loopers

Talking about July

Read all but one chapter of 2 volumes of ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ :evergreen_tree: (the first chapter I read in June). Read the 4 chapters of Orange :tangerine: in volume 1 (there is also one chapter of another story in the volume I haven’t read yet). Read 5 chapters of 夜カフェ :cake: (~63 pages). 16% of Loopers :infinity:.

Of those, only Orange and Loopers was planned. Meaning I read the most of something I hadn’t planned to read at all. :joy:

I missed a few more days than I wanted. I don’t mind missing a day or two over a whole month. But stress and overwhelm took center stage towards the end of July and it shows in my lack of reading.

My daily average amount of pages was 18,6 pages, this does not include Loopers for obvious reasons. On days I read though, I’d say I more often read more than that, but my low number days, my grazing days and my missed days really pulls down my average. D’awww.

Also while I can get through 20-40 pages of manga fairly quickly in a day, not as quickly with Night Café.

Overall I’m pretty happy though. I have two full comprehension reads (Orange and Loopers) and then the others I read with much fewer lookups. For Hotels I basically did none, for Night Café I try to stick to only using the vocabulary sheet put together by the club, but sometimes I forget myself and start looking up those not on the sheet too. :sweat_smile:

So yeah, July feels pretty good. Hopefully I won’t have a stress spike in August, so I can read on more days. The main things will be Orange and Loopers and Night Café. But I’m also potentially adding others.

:cherry_blossom: :cake: :infinity: August 1 :infinity: :cake: :cherry_blossom:
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Loopers :infinity: 16% → 17% (1%) (I adjusted yesterday’s number up by 0,5%)
Night Café :cake: page 67 → 72 (6 pages)
Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya :cherry_blossom: prologue

Very long daily update

So finished off this week’s Loopers chapter, turns out there was a bit less left than I thought, so I adjusted my pretend % a bit. The only sure one is the one for when I finished the chapter. Although we have figured out that the percentage is a lie, because it pretends all chapters are of equal length, but they aren’t. But I have nothing else to track it by. Chapter or percentage amounts to the same thing.

Then because I had time and inclination I started chapter 6 of Night Café. Feels like I haven’t read that in forever, and it has been a week and a half. It is such a comfy read in comparison to my other two main things.

Orange is heartrending if not that difficult. While Loopers story is not what I expected, it has crazy amounts of look ups for me. I did over 200 look ups for chapter 3 of Loopers. In comparison I added about 20 words to Orange vocabulary sheet. I would have looked up a few more (to remind me and such), but no way even as many as 40. Now I don’t know which was longer, but that Loopers chapter was not 4 times longer than Orange chapter 4. So Loopers is hard because so much vocabulary I don’t know.

Night Café certainly have a lot of vocab I don’t know, but with a vocab sheet it goes pretty quick to read.

Then I was curious how hard some of the other VNs I’ve bought are, and picked 逆転 吉原 (Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya). So I read the prologue. It is an Otome game, and apparently was a mobile game (I have it on Switch), so it has a short prologue to get you to the men you’re gonna date. And then it asks you to pick, and that is when I stopped.

So far it doesn’t seem that hard. I looked up quite a bit for the first couple of screens, and those particular paid dividends because those included some main vocabulary. Other than that, I didn’t look up unless it was crucial to understand at all what was being said/what happened.

I really shouldn’t have picked that up though. xD Since I hope to finish Night Café 1 in time to start Night Café 2 with the club, and it starts on Saturday. :joy: I have 110 pages of volume 1 still left, so…

Well, we can’t always do the smartest thing, can we?