📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Home Post

Yesterday I studied a bit and then had to work till late, so I was pretty worn out. I wanted to finish off the 10 pages that I’m still missing of last week’s section of the Saikawa&Moe book that we’re reading with a small group, but then the Orange thread popped up, and so I thought I should maybe just download the manga to my phone in case I have some spare time, and then after the download Bookwalker kindly opened it, and then… I don’t know what happened really, but 20 pages in I looked up and thought “It’s really not bad, that manga” :rofl:

So it seems like I just added another book to the reading pile :roll_eyes:

London Bookstore talk

Thanks, noted! When I worked in London, the company was based in Moorgate and later Aldgate, so I know the eastern parts pretty well actually (setting aside reconstruction of course - did they finish this centerlink (?) by now anyway?), but I never had much reason to get to Soho or even further west. Will change that when the opportunity comes up again :+1: