📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

Ooh, how is it? I have it but haven’t started reading it yet. I imagine there’s a lot of metaphors and vagueness in there… Is it difficult?

June 1st: I read this week’s parts of a few bookclubs yesterday, so ~15 pages of 殺人出産 and a chapter of 1Q84, as well as a chapter of a manga, あせとせっけん vol. 10.

I haven’t read anything yet today.

thoughts on goals

I’ve been thinking of what I want to make my goal for the next 2 months though, since I pretty much read every day anyway. Maybe to read something not bookclub related each day, even if it’s just a few pages. Or I could find myself a project, like a certain book I want to read.


Read a bit on the third part of the Ask Graded reader. Probably won’t have time to go finish that part today, but this one was conveniently divided into “chapters” (when chapters are 2-3 pages each it feels kinda silly to call it a chapter). I’ll finish that one tomorrow.

I’m actually using this challenge to finish of some books I’ve started but not finished so that seems like win-win.


I do read at least one page of manga every day! But my definition of every day excludes Saturdays and Sundays. I’m always on the lookout for good manga that fills one of the three following criteria: it must not have an anime and little chance to get one; the anime must be incomplete with no chance of ever being properly finished; the anime must suck for reasons unrelated to the manga. Any recs you can give me will be much appreciated.


Jumping back into Japanese after 3 year break!
I finally figured out how to set up my kindle with my Japanese Amazon account.
Spoiler: you only need a different password. I use kindle on my mac and iPhone. Anyway, I saw Flying Witch ふらいんぐうぃっち on another thread for upper beginner and am really enjoying it. I only have to look up a word on every other page (passed N3 back when I lived in Japan). It’s a great series for beginner and lower intermediate. I just bought all the volumes out there and will be reading it for the challenge!
Side note: as much as I love shonen jump, etc… there is too much explanatory dialogue and not enough normal conversation, so I usually give up after a bit. Might jump into Full Metal or My Hero when I’m at a higher level in WaniKani.


@Catherine670 ahhh, i don’t have discord…my parents aren’t ready for me to have that ig. but i was thinking earlier about creating a small book club with the POLL fam, so maybe we could make one and ask who wants to join?


just read the other stuff you said, and i’m okay with that too, whatever you wanna do


I played ルーンファクトリー5 for about 2 hours! I definitely can not read everything or understand everything but I can sometimes get a general idea of what is going on based on context and what I do know.

I have a question though
I noticed that some words will be in Kanji for certain characters and then not for others. Like 私 (Some characters will have わたし) However, I also noticed that they wont just be in hiragana but katakana! I will see 君 as キミ. IS this just a stylistic choice or is it quite common in games and manga and stuff? Im not home rn but I can provide screenshots later.


I don’t have tons of experience, but what I’ve noticed so far:

Sometimes words are written in katakana for emphasis.

Kanji use seems to vary - so far to me it seems stylistic - I often notice kids’ dialogue has fewer kanji, for example. Some writers also like to use kanji for words that are ‘usually written as kana’ for some reason.


Yeah, writing in katakana is often used the same way as writing in italics is used in English.


Yes! I did notice the kana instead of kanji was on the childlike character. I had a feeling that may be it but wasn’t sure honestly lol

Ohh that might make a lot of sense! Thanks guys I think that clears up a lot of that haha


I don’t know your areas of interests, but for fun here are some matches to each criteria item:

レンタルおにいちゃん is a nice, short series (four volumes), with no anime adaptation.

I just finished アオハライド. The anime covers maybe about half of it, and seemed to conclude. It seems there was an OVA that leads into the latter half of the series, but I don’t know if there was ever any plan to add more reasons.

ふらいんぐうぃっち is another that did get a one-season anime adaptation, although the manga has continued quite a bit since.

Although I’ve only read it in English, Nisekoi had a decent first season anime adaptation. The second season, on the other hand, rushed the story, and ultimately was a disaster in my opinion. (If I remember right, they resolved a whole plot point by adding some brief text at the end of an episode basically saying “and then this happened”.) The remainder of the series was never animated.

I know you weren’t specifically looking for exact matches to those individual criteria, but those series immediately came to mind for me =D

(Also, all of them have had book clubs here on the forums except for Nisekoi.)

It’s pretty common, and for a variety of reasons. I imagine it’s mostly stylistic, based on the author’s feel for what’s right for the character.


Minimalistic table is added to wiki post, please add yourselves, everyone.


I really love 血の轍, which is a really good psychological thriller that will probably not get an anime after the disaster called aku no hana. It is a manga with not a lot of text, but it has so much facial expression in stead of it. One of my favorite manga series and I have read quite a lot xD

Another manga that will probably never get an anime is 20世紀少年 or any other manga by Naoki Urasawa (only Monster got an anime). I think this is by far his best work together with Monster and can make for a great read!

If you like action then Sun Ken Rock may be something for you. This is an manga that English fans have been waiting for since it came out, and there is still no signs of an anime or English publication (it has been published in German tho). You could also check out (the latter half of) Gantz, that one will not be animated as far as I know, if you don’t count the terrible CGI movies.

If you like romance, then you could try きみはペット, which is one of my favorite romance manga.

I could go on forever but that may not be a good idea ^^". If you want more suggestions you (and others as well) can always send me a DM!


Well since the start of the challenge yesterday I have managed to finish 300 pages which allowed me to finish both of the books I was in the middle of, so things are going well.

Basically now it looks like I can slowly work through 妹さえいればいい this summer while I work and if im fast enough I can finish the last two volumes of 私が恋人になれるわけないじゃんムリムリ before monday, but thats probably ムリムリ.

If anyone wants to read either of those or a wide selection of other books/manga and would like help with srsing and learning words from that book, I recommend checking out koohi.cafe. Its like wanikani but the words it gives you are words from whatever book you pick. And no, @Raionus definitely doesn’t have a gun to my head right now.


(I have a gun to his head right now)


(He has a gun to my head right now)


And even if the book you are reading is not in there, you can still search for the seperate words and add them to your learning queue, that is what I did when I found words that I wanted to study that are not yet my level on WK xD Works really good!

Historical reenactment


Its funny how raionus’s picture goes from looking like a shocked anime girl to a psychopathic one just by holding a gun


Started volume 6 of yotsuba this week, I have read a chapter per day and hoping to keep that up again so I can work my way through the pile.