📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

I love this word! It’s right after the Golden Week holidays when you realize that there aren’t any national holidays until the end of July… and the feeling of excitement from the new business year has faded away.

Finished 夜は猫といっしょ . Very cute! Very easy. I’ve never had a pet but I want a cat now…


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 25

I read chapter 12 of カラフル! Today was really nice to read. I forgot my pen and so I read the chapter without stopping to look up words. That, plus reading on the train, made the reading and story much more engaging. :train::books:


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Today I’ve read:

  • Today’s NHK Easy News.

Forbidden Scrollery, 90/153(58%). Started new chapter, yay!


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June 25 Short update

・Read Honzuki 5. (39% → 48%)
・Read SAO 8. (page 60 → 150)



June 25
I had a job interview today and was pretty exhausted after it, but despite that somehow ended up almost accidentally reading the next 5 chapters of 鬼滅の刃. I just can’t control myself when there’s cliffhangers!

I’m finding this manga very readable despite having quite a lot of unknown vocab (my tolerance for that is pretty high anyway) and I’ve also been coming across a few new grammar points which is pretty cool!

Today I came across - 次第だ
& also ~ぬく

…I’ve still not quite decided what to do with grammar I come across when reading (if anything). Just now I note it down and look it up (although for both of these my trusty DoBJG won’t cut it :disappointed_relieved:) or watch a 日本語の森 video the next day or so, but nothing more than that. Toying with the idea of starting to add things to Bunpro to keep track but perhaps that road leads to SRS overwhelm :thinking: The other choice of course is to just keep doing as I am and hope that over time things sink in. Does anyone else have any methods that work well for them for keeping track of/learning grammar that you come across when reading?


I haven’t been updating much it seems. Over the past few days I haven’t felt like reading (or doing anything really) so my pace has dropped to just a few pages a day, until yesterday when I just didn’t read anything in Japanese and broke my streak.

I mean, I was reading the webpage of a bunch of clinics in Tokyo, but that doesn’t really seem like something that would count toward this challenge.


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Day 25 :ballot_box_with_check:
Satori Reader: The River Sanzu, Episode 5.

I wanted to continue reading the IBC today but I ended up being very busy today. I’ll try to do that tomorrow, today one SR article will do.

I use BunPro as well, and if I come across something new, I check if it is there. If it is, I make sure to check both the resources linked (I really like Maggie Sensei, even if I dislike the webpage’s layout ;-; ) and YouTube, either 日本語の森 or other channels that I find explaining the point. Then after checking how it’s used, I add it for reviews, and after this it normally takes care of itself. If I happen to have any new doubts, I check it again. Oh and I also consult the reference book “A handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns” which is great. I have the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar as well, which is amazing, but I haven’t bought the Intermediate one yet so there’s a lot of stuff I can’t find in the basic one, so I understand where you’re coming from. I really recommend the other book though, it’s a kind of "not-so-complex, straight-to-the-point kind of book full of example sentences of each grammar point’s use. Eventually I want to complete the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar collection, as well as get the Japanese (original) version of the Handbook.

A mix of all of that has done the trick perfectly so far. Then BunPro makes sure that I don’t forget about it frequently enough to give it another thought every now and again.

Also I didn’t know that 次第 was a “grammar point” in itself, thanks! I learned it from the first volume of やがて君になる . I just checked because I had a faint memory of seeing you there ^^ I haven’t kept reading it though. But it appears quite soon, either the first or second chapter. Edit: Just checked it out of curiosity, it’s on page 55 (supposing it’s the same in every version).


June 25. Time: 20 min. Manga Pages: 1 (but quite a lot of text )
What: Manga からかい上手の高木さん (Volume 1), current pick of ABBC. Chapter 8, Page 16.

Finished the chapter and the club week reading on schedule!
Missed another day yesterday. Honestly without this challenge I would miss much more days.


Bunpro has a bookmark system that I use quite often, I note down grammar when I see it, look it up and then bookmark it for future study. I don’t always study it right then and there but if I see it a ton in what I am reading, it’s probably worth investing the time to study it and add it to the pile. Maybe you can do that?


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Day 25: June 25th
What did I read?: 不可解なぼくのすべてを Vol. 3
How much did I read?: 26 pages (1 chapter)
How long did it take me?: 23 min

Had more energy than I ever thought I would have to read today lol, so that was a pleasant surprise. My motivation is a mysterious and unknowable force, apparently :woman_shrugging: Looks like we are finally getting back to Koto…honestly I just wanted to give her a hug at the end of this chapter. Looking forward to see how things develop in the next chapter.


So far so good, I even added news reading to my schedule I completely forgot about NHK news though


June 23-25
Been reading Pokémon Adventures. My streak was broken again briefly on the 22nd due to life. I do want to try and add NHK News to change things up. Been mostly reading manga for the past month as part of this.


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 26

Today I meant to read half of chapter 13 in カラフル。 But I nearly finished it! The story is obviously ramping up to the conclusion (there are 16 chapters total) and it’s too good to put down.

I noticed that all this extra exposure is really helping to reinforce the kanji I’ve learned so far. My reviews kinda seem like a piece of cake now haha

Love seeing everyone keep up with their reading! :musical_note:


I’m considering joining the party, even if it’s awfully late for that :sweat_smile:
I was reluctant before, because I knew beforehand that I would miss some days in June and it was demotivating, but now I finally may try for a streak.

My first goal is to finish Disgaea 6 before it releases in English on June 29th. I’ve got 4 chapters left, so one for each day. I started playing it right after the demo was released back in January (progress carries over), but then got distracted by other things.

(I know that some people think that postgame is the true essence of Disgaea, but I’m happy with just doing the main story.)

So far:
:heavy_check_mark: 魔界戦記ディスガイア6 (video game) (main story)
:heavy_check_mark: ルーンファクトリー5 (video game) (main story, will continue postgame sometime later)

:heavy_check_mark: 乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…4 (light novel)
:heavy_check_mark: 乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…5 (light novel)
:black_square_button: カラフル (YA小説 according to Japanese Wikipedia)
:black_square_button: 授乳 (Sayaka Murata Book Club)
:black_square_button: 生命式 (also by Sayaka Murata but not part of book club)

:heavy_check_mark: 不可解なぼくのすべてを3 (BBC manga continued as an offshoot club)
:heavy_check_mark: 不可解なぼくのすべてを4 (BBC manga continued as an offshoot club)
:heavy_check_mark: 不可解なぼくのすべてを5 (BBC manga continued as an offshoot club)

:black_square_button: 文豪ストレイドッグス21 (manga)

:heavy_check_mark: メタモルフォーゼの縁側1 (manga)
:heavy_check_mark: メタモルフォーゼの縁側2 (manga)
:heavy_check_mark: メタモルフォーゼの縁側3 (manga)

:x: 地縛少年花子くん1 (BBC manga) (at 43%)


Is never too late! :eyes: :sparkles: Welcome aboard :grin:


Day 26: finished ABBC. Was too busy reading (English version) Your Turn to Die to read anything else.



Contrary to what I had hoped first week of vacation ended up being so busy I read the bare minimum most days and broke my streak on Friday. Oh well, I still read more than I would have without this challenge :slightly_smiling_face:

June 21
Since I finished コナン I decided to switch back to manga for some light reading - 乙女ゲーム vol 2. Read 25 pages.

June 22
Visiting friends for 3 days so zero free time. Read 3 pages of 乙女ゲーム at 1am just to keep the strike going.

June 23
Read 7 pages of 乙女ゲーム.

June 24
Read 2 pages of 乙女ゲーム.

June 26
Forgot to read anything. :upside_down_face:

June 26
Read 107 pages and finished 乙女ゲーム vol 2. I’m really liking the series so far and will be buying vol 3 soon. :books: :sparkling_heart:

Spoilery thoughts on the series

When I started the series none of the four main guys seemed all that appealing with their abundant (tropey) character flaws. Seeing how excited Catarina was over meeting Mary and Sophia just made me root for the girls instead. With the second volume some of the guys have somewhat redeemed themselves and seem much more likable now that they’re older. And suddenly I feel like I’m in shipping hell - now there are too many options, how does one choose?!


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June 26 Another short update

・Read Honzuki 5. (48% → 60%) Ended up reading a bit after I posted last night.

・Started 冷たい密室と博士たち - Doctors in Isolated Room. ( → 9%) Was just curious about how many parts (subchapters) there were in the first chapter and each of them turned out to be shorter than expected, so I ended up reading the whole first week’s part… :sweat_smile: In other news, new book club. Yay! :3


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Day 26: June 26th
What did I read?: いつでもサメーズ
How much did I read?: 14 pages
How long did it take me?: 24 min

This book is so fun. Now we have some 4-koma fable retellings mixed in xD

This one is honestly my favorite, I laughed so hard

The Shark and The Hare

pffff :rofl:
Honorable mention for favorite fable goes to The Little Match Seal

I feel like I’m starting to get some of these goroawase, but some of them seem like a bit of a stretch imo haha. Like, props to whoever was creative enough to come up with ホタテの日.