📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

Hope you feel better soon! :pleading_face: I’m really impressed you put time into reading, even though you aren’t feeling well. By the way, the sharks are always so cute.


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June 16th からかい上手の高木さん chapter 4 page 7.
June 17th からかい上手の高木さん chapter 4 started page 8, only a few panels as it was one of those mornings.

Tomorrow I’ll be going in for surgery on my dominant arm and I think I’m not meant to use it much for a few days, so I might not be up for much reading.


You have completely sold me on カラフル, although my Japanese isn’t yet up to the task, so I’ve added it to my hopeful backlog. I kind of want to watch the anime movie as it might help me with reading, but OTOH it will most likely spoil the book =/


June 16. Time: 30 min. Manga Pages: 4
What: Manga からかい上手の高木さん (Volume 1), current pick of ABBC. Chapter 8, Page 1-4.
Get to it too late, very tired. An important thing better be done the first thing in the morning, why there are other important things besides reading japanese books


Can’t wait for you to get to read it too! Sooner than later, I’m sure you will :notes:
I didn’t even think to check if there was a movie :0 I first tried to read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in Japanese, since I was already familiar with the story. While it made reading easier, it did take away the intrigue and I eventually put the book down and never went back. Because of that, I now lean towards book first, then movie :sweat_smile: But everyone and every book/movie is different. Lemme know if you check out the anime, and if it’s good!!


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June 16 Update

Today’s reading was a lot lighter, just five actual pages from 進撃の巨人’s last chapter. The vocabulary is a little simpler since I’ve encountered a lot of fighting-related words, so that makes the narrative move faster.


Today I’ve read:

  • Today’s NHK Easy News.
  • Some more はたらく細胞 light novel. Reached page 55.

:ballot_box_with_check: Day 17

Finished カラフル chapter 8 today! It made me tear up, which is giving me “this song hits different when you know the lyrics” vibes haha

Today's words:
  • 華奢きゃしゃ = dainty, delicate, slender (奢 not on WK, means luxurious)
  • 自問自答じもんじとう = soliloquizing, asking and answering to oneself
  • 優越感ゆうえつかん = superiority complex
  • わらにもすがる = to grasp at straws
  • コンクール = contest

I saw you posted one link to this shark manga on Bookmeter, and I seem to remember you saying this was the last one? Does that mean you’ve already read this: 『サメーズ』|感想・レビュー・試し読み - 読書メーター? Or is it different? You’ve made it sound so cute I want to try it!


I mostly read bookclub stuff , but made sure to get in some あせとせっけん before bed.

Finished the chapter I started of あせとせつけん and a chapter and a half of 妖怪の子預かります as well as more bookclub stuff. Late shift is not conducive to a good reading mood somehow. This week as well as next is mostly late shift. D:

Today so far I read a chapter and a half of 妖怪の子預かります and I don’t think I’ll read more before work.


I wanted to ask this too, after reading the post by @windupbird I was curious as OMFG those sharks are so cute!

I found BOOK|サメーズ公式サイト|アリムラモハ
It looks like there are 3 books by the same author
サメーズ (2015)
いつでもサメーズ (2016)
サメーズ -サメとアザラシ- (2017)

Does anyone know if these are a related series or reprints of the same book?


Ah yes! I have that one also, haven’t read the full thing yet (so I do still have some sharks in my future :grin:) but it’s definitely a little different in terms of format. The one I just finished was all 4-koma format and stories that spanned multiple pages/multiple 4-koma. The サメーズ one you linked (and this other one, いつでもサメーズ) are more like…picture books, I guess would be the best descriptor? There are some 4-koma sprinkled in, but they’re just stand-alone one-pagers rather than multi-page stories. Each page has a different “theme.”

Some pictures to illustrate what the heck I'm talking about (please excuse the quality, taking pictures of book pages is hard)

This is from the one I just finished, サメーズ -サメとアザラシ-

This is from サメーズ (and いつでもサメーズ follows a similar format, but is more themed on holidays throughout the year!) - majority of pages seem more like the page on the right

Will tag @chrisosaurus too!

I highly recommend the sharks to anyone who enjoys cute sharks :grin:

Thank you for your kind words <3 I am feeling a bit better today - more of an “aftermath of being sick” feeling instead of an “actively sick” feeling hahaha



I went out for curry with friends tonight so only had a little bit of time for birds. I’m getting close to the end of this sad library bird’s story and I find that I’m reading more with a lot less look-up time. Also though this game is an experiment in “I didn’t know they had a kanji for that word! Wow! Thanks!”

I’m really unsure how hard this game is in terms of comprehension, but even I who like birds and work at a Japanese school so I actually know a lot of the vocab already which has been a nice surprise, I’ve had to look up a lot a lot of kanji and words. The grammar is also at least N3 if not N2 level and the protagonist speaks in a very cute casual style.

I fear doing the doctor bird, actual bird bird, and hallucinogenic bird routes because I feel like the complicated word usage will take a steep climb, but I’ll continue on and do a full update when I get there.


Me: Today, I go on a diet!

Book: :notes: Food is good, food is neat
and fried food can’t be beat
stuff your face, all you can eat :notes:

Me: Tomorrow, I go on a diet.


I never thought I’d be part of this group, but all the pictures you’ve been posting are so 可愛い!


Day 9 - June 9th
今日の読書: からかい上手の高木さん.
ページ: 5

Day 10 - June 10th
今日の読書: 日常.
ページ: 7

Day 11 - June 11th
今日の読書: 日常.
ページ: 10

Day 12 - June 12th
今日の読書: からかい上手の高木さん.
ページ: 7

Day 13 - June 13th
今日の読書: 日常.
ページ: 5

Day 14 - June 14th
今日の読書: 日常.
ページ: 17

Day 15 - June 15th
今日の読書: 日常.
ページ: 15

Day 16 - June 16th
今日の読書: 日常.
ページ: 6

Day 17 - June 17th
今日の読書: 日常ん.
ページ: 8

It’s been a while since my last update since life got a bit busier lately, but the most important thing is that I’ve kept reading for the whole time (´。• ω •。`)



Read 5 more pages of Forbidden Scrollery(29/153, about 19%). Completed the first chapter, yay. Also I’ve finished reading at 23:59, almost didn’t make it in time (technically). Gonna take a bath and watch YT, as it been several days without Touhou Mincraft videos. But it will be tomorrow (technically).

Phrase of the day is definitely
その時はその時 【そのとき​‌は​そのとき】[exp] we’ll cross that bridge when we get there; we’ll think about it when the time comes

Oh. That explains why ichi.moe didn’t find anything.
And it seems confusion is quite common as google displays “縁起” when you ask it for “緑起”.


I uh… I definitely don’t finish reading at 3 am everyday :eyes: You should be fine.

I don’t consider it next day until I wake up. Fight me!




Summary post
June 17 Short update

・Read the rest of ch. 10 of Subete ga F ni Naru (90% → 94%). Yay, caught up with book club.
・Read 10 pages of SAO 7 (p. 190 → 200). Wiii, two thirds done.
・I feel like I read something else too, but I can’t remember :durtle_durtverted_lvl1: ? tilts head in confusion