📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

Not really myself but because I already have a separate study log. I’ve had a couple of months of trial and error since I started, and recently came to realise that I’ve been doing better with open and relaxed schedules. I don’t have fixed goals (other than daily SRS reviews), so I don’t feel bad when I don’t complete them, and since I don’t feel bad I end up doing more than when I did impose myself some goals. I have it divided in different categories like reading, listening, grammar… and I just log what I do. As long as I’m doing something every day or at least every week I’m happy about it, it means I’m moving forward. And I can see that visually when the week ends and I see what I’ve logged. The main/summary posts everyone is doing here has the same effect I’m sure. You get to see in the form of checkboxes or whatever how long or how much you did. These are specially useful when you’re feeling down or having a week where you don’t do much; it doesn’t bother as much.

So for this reading challenge it’s more the same, I just log here what I read everyday, as well as in the study log with the rest that I do. I like the relaxed nature of it, “no goals just read” (which ironically is a goal itself).

This mindset can potentially attract heavy procrastination as well though so I’d say try different approaches ^^ .


I continued reading ふらいんぐうぃっち manga vol.1. I plan to finish it tomorrow.

Reading seems to get easier the more I read. Maybe I will become good at reading japanese one day.


Same as @rodan, I’m not sure without context, but at first glance I’d read this as something like, “(subject) thought you (he she they whatever) would’ve been put off of mining by (the bad experience of having had) debt.” Hard to tell without more context, but that is my guess!


Summary post

I managed to not get too distracted :eyes: :sparkles:

June 8
・Finished Honzuki 4 :tada: 86% → 100% Can check off one box in my summary post

I’ll definitely read more Honzuki, though I might start SAO 7 first. It’s one of the books I have on my shelf, so I could pick it up tomorrow when I get home. Perfect! In the meantime, I can read a bit more Subete ga F in Naru if I can’t sleep on the train, but I’m considering rereading one of the scenes that got a bit too technical for me. Thanks to @NicoleRauch for explaining stuff in the book club thread :grin:

Many travelling, many waiting time. It’s been a long day :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:


I read chapter 20 of 赤毛のアン and finished up volume 1 of ぼくらのへんたい and chapter 1 of リゼロ vol 17. None of these were a lot of pages. :slight_smile:


Wiki post

June 8 Update
Today’s reading was ナルト chapters 10 and 11, which covers about 40 pages. It took me approximately 3 hours, and I encountered about 75 unknown words along the way. The first chapter was, for the most part, straight forward to get through, except for a couple of pages of Kakashi’s deductions about Tazuna’s mission. The second chapter is where most of the new words appeared, and it’s because Tazuna explains the Gatou situation. There were many economy related words I had no background for, so it became pages of confusion.

Writing down each and every word I didn’t know took me back to when I first started reading and took 10 - 15 minutes per speech bubble to make out what was going on. It’s painful. I’m happy to move on from it, but I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll encounter this.

My original plan was to read one chapter of Naruto a week to finish by end of July. Since there are 10 chapters in this volume, I realized that wasn’t going to be possible, so I decided to amp up the reading a bit more. My book club picks each have about 3 weeks left before they’re done. If I push myself a bit, I can probably finish both 進撃の巨人 and ナルト by the end of June as well. That does mean I’ll need to find more books to read for July though…


June 8th. Time: 45 minutes. Manga Pages: 3
What: Manga からかい上手の高木さん (Volume 1), current pick of ABBC. Chapter 6, Pages 14-16
Finished weekly reading with two days to spare!
Honestly this thread is why I did it.


What a great compound vocab word, I’ve added it to Anki as it makes me smile, thanks for sharing!


Summary post

Day 8: June 8th
What did I read?: 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない Vol 1
How much did I read?: 6 pages
How long did it take me?: Honestly I have no idea, I thought I started my timer but apparently I did not. Not that long.

And now for something completely different :rofl: Not so fluffy and innocent today.
Reading this with the book club, which is only reading 5 pages a week at the moment (but I read 6 pages, because I wanted to finish out the scene). I’m tired, man. I was thinking of reading something else after I finished the book club reading for the week but my brain wasn’t really having it. If these posts make it sound like I’m constantly at war with my own brain, it’s because I am :stuck_out_tongue: Though it’s more like negotiations than all-out war these days. I actually tried to start reading this manga a while ago on my own, but I found it fairly difficult and stopped after Don’t Stay Gold (which is like…not even the main story, lmao, so I didn’t even really get to the beginning :upside_down_face:). So far, it’s feeling a bit easier this time around, but I’m also still in the part that I’ve read once before, so that might change xD But the book club is definitely helping me get more out of it too, in terms of picking up some cool nuances and details that flew over my head the first time. ^^


Main post

Day 8 :ballot_box_with_check:
Satori Reader: Kiki-Mimi Radio, Episodes 11 and 12.

Today has been easier, either because the story is becoming familiar and easier or because it just happened that these two chapters were more relaxed. I learned some cool words today, one of which I really liked: 半信半疑はんしんはんぎ, half-convinced-half-in-doubt. I also didn’t know 水飲みずの , which is a drinking fountain.

I don’t want to talk much about it in terms of content because I don’t wanna spoil it for any users of Satori Reader or potential new ones, but I’m really liking it so far ^^ . It’s not too long, only 27 episodes and I’m 12 in already.


Glad you like it too! For the pronounciation I think of ベタベタ = sticky, and imagine their tongue is glued stuck in their mouth. Aaaand accidentally disturbed myself with that :disappointed_relieved::rofl:


Oh my that is just perfect! I initially read it as the non-rendaku’d へた and was wondering how I would remember it being rendaku’d. I hadn’t heard of ベタベタ, but that imagery is pretty strong hahhaa. Adding to Anki as we speak =D Thanks again!


Another day down. Opened my Yotsubato and read 2 chapters - took about an hour. Thank you old book club for answering some of my grammar questions. I was a bit surprised how much of the grammar seemed familiar, even if I’m still not 100% confident on what it means. I must be learning or something :wink:


I finished 人馬 yesterday. Since it’s a completed story, I was curious about the current work of the author and he is writing a BL manga. I knew it! (Or, not, I guess).
I was about to write my thoughts about 人馬 here, but I will put them in the 多読 thread instead. Gotta keep some activity over there too.

I also accidentally the whole 3rd volume of FukaBoku (well, the rest of it, I mean). It was 10pm, I was tired, it’s not like I could focus on 天冥の標…


I’m there with you! The rendaku’s get me everytime :’)


+1, finding stories to try explain the rendaku helps a lot, I should make/find more of those.

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Home post

June 9th からかい上手の高木さん finished chapter 3 \o/
Today I was blessed by the manga gods with some shorter pages, combined with today having scheduled time with a friend to read manga together, I was able to read through pages 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. Phewf!


There’s not much context. Reimu finished the mining and headed back home when Marisa decided to be profound.

Looking at the other playlists, it might refer to another LP series マイクラ借金返済物語 地上編.


That jibes with the quotes!

While I’m not… an expert on this video format or group, I’ve played enough Lucas Arts games to know different fonts = different speakers, so I think I understand enough to translate it (very roughly) something like:

red font: it’d been a while since I did branch mining, but it was fun as usual.
yellow font: I thought you would have had enough of mining from the “debt” series.
red font: that was just penance.

I would guess that other LP series was probably like, more of a challenge run type of thing with some kind of restriction (presumably involving paying off a debt incurred at the start, via a lot of mining?).
So the dialogue/joke would be about how that series didn’t turn them off of mining in general, it’s difficulty and restriction was it’s own reward or duty in a way, separate from regular carefree mining.
(at least is my new guess)

Thanks for the context!


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 9

Halfway through chapter 3 of カラフル! This chapter is really challenging for me. There’s a scene where the main character sits and talks with his school guidance counselor, and they have a technical conversation.

The cool thing is that chapter 9 of Tobira covered how the Japanese school system has changed over the years. So I had a surprising amount of context around the whole situation! Still… That vocabulary…

Interesting words for today!

百も承知ひゃく しょうち = knowing full well
象られるかたど = to represent, make or model after (as in painting, sculpture, etc…)
浮き世離れうきよばなれ = Otherworldliness, detachment from the real world