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Well, eventually, yeah. But I found also I reached a sort of plateau where I had enough vocab to understand the genre and level of the books I was reading, and where I could just kinda ignore words I didn’t know because the overall meaning of the sentence was clear in context and a few descriptive adjectives and adverbs didn’t matter that much. At least this is how I interpret the fact that when I pushed up the SRS again recently I started seeing the words I was learning all over the place…


I haven’t quite been reading for 2 years yet, but for the most part, I can read generally pretty comfortably by now. For me, my vocabulary building was very gradual. I didn’t realize it was happening while it was happening, only when I looked back and realized, hey, I’m reading faster now than I was back when I first started x book or series and I’m making fewer lookups, and not because I’m letting more unknowns and semi-knowns slide, and not only because of my progress in WK. Heck, I’ll do lessons for words and go, “Hey, I learned that!” So, yes, you will pick up vocab just from reading, even if it’s slow-going.

(I also don’t really use SRS outside of WK, though I’ve tried a few, but either they simply didn’t work for me or I was terrible about remembering to do it.)

Sticking with one series and/or one author (or even just genre) for a while probably helps more since you’ll get used to their style and word choices (and for genre, the words that commonly appear in or are specific to it), and it works as a natural SRS better than skipping around and reading a lot of different things, though that’s good in its own right too and exposes you to more words and styles. Plus seeing the same word in different media could help it stick better since your brain has more and different context.

But actual SRS is gonna be the fastest/most efficient, and whether you want to focus more on reading or SRS depends on your priorities, and how much you feel your lack of vocab is holding you back from reading.


May 16th!

Chapter 82 of Shadows House today.
I read this chapter pretty smoothly!

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Day 42: May 12th
What did I read?: グリーンフィンガーズの箱庭 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 18 pages
How long did it take me?: 43 min

Day 43: May 13th
What did I read?: グリーンフィンガーズの箱庭 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 8 pages
How long did it take me?: 32 min

Day 44: May 14th
What did I read?: グリーンフィンガーズの箱庭 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 7 pages
How long did it take me?: 26 min

Day 45: May 15th
Missed - good old work :upside_down_face:

Day 46: May 16th
What did I read?: グリーンフィンガーズの箱庭 Vol 1
How much did I read?: 10 pages
How long did it take me?: 24 min

Man, this manga is slow going :upside_down_face: I am enjoying the story but it’s just taking me forever to read. For one, it’s a fairly wordy manga, and then you have my man throwing out words like “cultivar” (園芸品種) and “selective breeding” (品種改良) with zero furigana so I’m spending quite a bit of time on look ups :smiling_face_with_tear: Debating setting it aside for a while, but another part of me is like “be real, more time is not going to magically help you learn these words, if you want to read it you might as well fight through them now” :joy:


:tulip:May 16:tulip:
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Back to 二ノ国, been feeling a bit burnt out these last few days so taking it easy.


15/5 10 page シャドーハウス, 7 pages Spy Family, 14 pages ロジカとラッカセイ (read chapter 2), aDoBJG はず

16/5 38 pages シャドーハウス, 2 pages 夜カフェ, 8 pages Spy Family, aDoBJG ほど and ほうがいい

Lazy day 2 days ago, then travel day yesterday. Have caught up mostly with the clubs. It’s very hot and humid where I am today so feeling a bit sluggish.


After how long and how much reading did this happen? I hope to reach this stage through reading eventually, it would be extremely satisfying and also allow me to shift on more complex reading where I can focus on grammar maybe, like a real book.

My english is lacking, what do you mean here?




This makes twice recently that I read a novel in English that wasn’t as good as I was expecting but I was just curious enough about what would happen that I couldn’t drop it. Ugh, it’s exhausting. I hope the next one isn’t like that.

  • となりに ch 2 thru end. This story has kind of a soft feeling to it that I like. Also, the art’s a little weird, but it’s charming. It grows on you.
  • 12 pages of ステップファザー・ステップ, finishing the last 2 sections of ch 1 and leaving off on pg 68
  • 9 pages of 2.43, starting ch 4 荒海と四十人のバレー部員, leaving off on pg 18. I remembered that part toward the end (it’s probably gonna be in the epilogue) where Chika calls Yuni his wings and Yuni’s like, “I dunno what you just said to me, but I know it was an insult” (no, honey, it wasn’t), so I ended up picking this up despite that I don’t need to be starting another novel right now. Ay. Anyway, this is the first chapter this series, aside from the intermission, that wasn’t divided into subchapters. It’s only 25 pages long. It doesn’t feel right lmao. It starts with a flashback to MS, and turns out Issei didn’t like Jun in MS, which I kinda find funny since in HS they’re best friends. They’re not quite Matsukawa and Hanamaki, but I think those two subconsciously influenced me when I wrote Issei and Jun before.

I thought about playing Eternal Radiance today but was too tired :( Maybe if I was still in exploration mode, but I made it back to the city yesterday and thus it’ll be VN mode again for who knows how long. Not exactly a game to relax and play lol

Some vocab of note:

息がはずむ [expression, 一] to breathe hard; to pant; to be out of breath
引っ張る (ひっぱる) [他ラ五] to delay; to prolong
棚からぼたもち (たなからぼたもち) [expression, n.] sudden windfall; unexpected bit of good luck; botamochi (azuki-covered mochi) fallen from a shelf
歯磨き粉 (はみがきこ) [n.] toothpaste; tooth-brushing powder
菓子折り (かしおり) [n.] box of cakes
物色 (ぶっしょく) [n., する v.] looking for a particular person or thing; searching high and low; hunting for; rummaging; scouring (a place) looking for (something). picking out; singling out.
太鼓判 (たいこばん) [n.] seal of approval; guarantee; endorsement
鼻につく (はなにつく) [expression, カ五] to be sick and tired of; to be fed up with; to be disgusted with; to be cloying; to get up someone’s nose
鼻っ柱 (はなっぱしら) [n.] competitiveness; aggressiveness; fighting spirit. From 鼻柱 (はなばしら) “septum; bridge of the nose.”


Wow :exploding_head: how long have you been studying? I had a 6 months break (started april 2022, stopped August, came back Jan 2023) and I remember I had forgot almost everything but comeback was still easy

That’s the best :smile: when I’m about to do some WK lessons and I just realize that 2-3 of them are vocabs I already known. 'Aight, I’m gonna do some lessons more :joy:
How slow was it for you exactly?

Apart from WK, I do nothing as well. I used to do Kitsun reverse deck at first when I had just started studying and was into perfectionist mode but if I imagine putting all that time into reviews and less into grammar and reading, I’m just happy I ended up leaving it. WK and reading is enough :ok_hand:

I totally see what you mean and I noticed it as well. I’m reading Demon Slayer manga which is 23 volumes atm and I plan sticking with it, I guess this is enough

Not at all, I wwould simply go faster overall and better understand some complex sentences but I’m still loving it :blush:


16/05/2023 :fairy:t5: Home Post Link

One smol chapter from Sakura and Suzuki


I wouldn’t exactly call it studying, but I taught myself hiragana and katakana in high school and used an app (which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore; I liked it better than Duo) for a bit, then picked up some here and there over the years (actually quite a bit from song lyrics in college). I started all that about 10 years ago. I had a break of a few years (I wanna say 3 or 4?) where I didn’t engage with the language at all, but then I started watching anime again in 2020 and what I had known came back pretty easily and I even started picking up a bit more.

I started reading in August 2021 and then started properly studying when I found WK two months later. So, a year and a half actual studying, with some scattered pre-existing knowledge. (And a lot of free time and even more determination to become able to read.)

Hmmm, actually it depends on the word? There are some I picked up pretty much immediately, some that I kept forgetting for a while until I saw it in another piece of media and it stuck, and some that I still just can’t seem to remember no matter how many times I see it and should probably SRS. I have a bookmark folder in Shirabe Jisho, the dictionary app I use, of ones I wanna add to KameSame, but that’s one of those SRSs I never remember to use…

I honestly feel the same way. Sure, I wanna know more words and grammar, but I’d rather spend that time reading with lookups as necessary than SRSing, though my priorities could well change in the future. Maybe after I finish WK and my review queue starts dwindling it’ll be easier to do other SRS. Instead rather than at the same time.

But even if you decide to just stick with what you’re doing now, you’ll still get faster at reading and become better able to understand more complex sentences as you read more and get used to reading and the feel of the language, as you build up more stamina for reading, and as you acquire more of the language through reading, lookups, and WK. When I first started out, I could read maybe 2 chapters of manga or like 8 pages max (though usually more like 4 or 2) of a novel, even when I had a lot of time that day. But I kept at it and gradually started building up, and now I can read 3-4 volumes of manga or 40+ pages of a novel a day, although of course it depends very much on the book and also the day. That’s more like on a good day lol


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May 16

16 - 18

start - 8

131 - 144

I just realized I’ve been forgetting to change the date whoops

Seasons was about 剪定(せんてい). I don’t think I understood the suggestions well, but I don’t have the need to prune anything but one of my flowers atm lol

I got confused where I left off in Dracula, so apparently I reread some stuff :smiling_face_with_tear:

I almost tried to read Ouran for my other chapter last night but I realized it didn’t have page numbers so I quit while I was ahead and swapped to a chapter of JoJo lol. I’ll double check the if the thread has a pic of the stopping spot so I don’t have to guess.

Words found in the spaceship and other places

(もう)(ぶん)がない wonderful, lit. has no shortcomings
剪定(せんてい) pruning
ネズミ()speed trap, lit. mouse trap. I wondered why everyone was driving so fast today lol. Apparently police did their seasonal roundup yesterday lol


Nice! Thanks for sharing your journey :grin: where would you say it’s your current level?
About music, I noticed that (for me) it’s an incredibly strong aid to learn vocabulary. I have good memory for songs for some reason, that is how I begun learning english back then. Today if I hear some words in a japanese song just a couple times it gets stuck in some corner of my brain and never leaves :joy:

When I first started out, I could spend 3 hours on a speech bubble :rofl: I’m not onto light novels and books yet but I got a copy of 君の名は and also bought the book 雪国 (just realized it’s 雪國) and can’t wait to begin with it!

Sounds great! Yeah I can imagine if what you’re reading has not too many niche words and there’s plenty of free time. That would be for me a volume (190pg) in 2 days but I feel like I’m improving - this is just a random observation, I don’t look at reading speed at all, I just merge into what I’m reading


Whoops, sorry. What I mean is: before I started using jpdb I didn’t feel like there were a lot of words I didn’t understand, and I wasn’t doing many dictionary lookups. But when I started adding new words to jpdb, I started to spot them in the books I was reading. So I think there were words like that in my reading all along, that I wasn’t learning but wasn’t even noticing that I was skipping over without really reading them.

Anyway, having thought a bit about it overnight, my take is:

You’ve got to a point where you can use Japanese to do something you enjoy, i.e. reading manga. So you should keep doing that. And if that’s all you feel like doing, that’s fine – it’s maybe not the theoretical most efficient approach, but if you don’t have specific goals that require faster progress I think it’s more important to enjoy yourself along the way. But if you do have the time and don’t hate SRS, adding some of the words you encounter in your reading to an SRS is probably going to help with how quickly you remember them.


17th may

home post

finished the remaining chapters of 殺し愛 i have, and it’s okay. not in a hurry to read the rest of it, but i see why people like it. son ryang-ha carries the first chapters, easily. also read this nhk article on the rapid growth of AI and how a lot of creatives are worried about it (with more than half worried they’ll lose work because of it).

the only word that really stood out was 美人局(つつもたせ) (badger scheme) cos i’m 90% sure i’ll never see this again. i think i’ve only seen it in english once or twice.


This is exactly what I’ll do, thanks for your advice :man_bowing:t2: I will keep using WK only tho because I feel that all I need on that aspect is the usual lessons. Maybe push a bit more and do more lessons per week would be something


Maybe on the lower end of intermediate? I dunno how to judge it so I’m not entirely sure. (Listening and production are much lower, though, but my main priority is reading. So while I would like to improve the rest, I’m not too bothered about it right now.)

And look how far you’ve come already! From that to half a vol of manga in, what, 8 months? That’s really good!

When you do start with novels, your reading speed will probably slow for a while as you get used to the format, and you may accidentally skip lines unless you use a bookmark or something to keep track of which you’re on. Since the lines are longer than in manga, it’s harder to find the next when you reach the end of one. But if you keep at, you’ll get the hang of it, just as you are with manga. I wish you luck when you decide to start those!

Also text density with manga and accessibility of the prose in novels, as well as how used you are to the writer’s style. I’ve read a fair bit of Kabei Yukako, so I could probably pick up any of her books and—as long as, as you said, she hasn’t stuck too many niche words in there—read 40+ pages off the bat, as long as I have the time and energy. Pretty much any other author though will take an adjustment period. I might read closer to 10 before getting exhausted, and I’ll be able to read more at a time as I progress through it.

I mostly do that too. I am curious about my reading speed, but I’m bad at looking at the time (and remembering it when I do), so I can really just make guesses. I suppose I could set a timer for an hour or maybe 30 minutes and then count how many pages I read after it’s up, then I wouldn’t have to worry about it so much while I’m reading. I like being able to just merge into what I’m reading too.


May 15
I read six pages of Vampire Hunter D book and some pages in manga magazines. Maybe it would be better if I read an easier book but it’s interesting and I always wonder what happens next.

8374 pages read


17 May

告白 27% - 28% (4 pg)

Missed two days, and only managed a short read today.