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What about 厚顔無恥?


17/04/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

Read one chapter from Kona’s Big Adventures. It was a cute and fairly easy one about Kona’s life in the animal shelter.

I’ve been reading All the Lovers in the Night by Mieko Kawakami (in English) all evening, so I didn’t really find time to do much Japanese today TT


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・薬屋のひとりごと 4 (94% → 100%)

Woo! I finished the book :eyes: :sparkles: I feel like the style of this book is different from the previous ones because the story is becoming more and more tied into one big story rather than those episodic chapters from the first two books. I really like this series right now, I can’t wait to read more.

Word Reading Furigana Meaning Note
貢物 みつぎもの プレゼント tribute
露台 ろだい バルコニー balcony
護指 ? ネイルキャップ nail cap? seems like a Chinese thing
危険 きけん リスク danger, risk
円卓 えんたく テーブル round table (not 卓子(テーブル) this time)
飛発 ? じゅう gun gun → 銃(じゅう), setting is Tang dynasty
爸爸 :cn: パパ dad Chinese

Here are some expressions as a bonus:
対岸の火事 = someone else’s problem, lit. “fire on the opposite shore”
溺れる者は藁をも掴む = proverb: “a drowning man will clutch at a straw”

・薬屋のひとりごと 5 (0% → 6%)

I read a bit of the next book too. Now there are so many characters to keep track of, there’s a 人物紹介 list, hehe.


Apr 17, Mon of Week 4 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

  • Death Note Vol.7 Ch.57-59

So, caught up with the club. Ch.57 is a little slow, but 58-59 aren’t much. A part of a big episode, so to be read together.

  • うたわれるもの : 二人の白皇
Words of the day
  • それどころか(.) = on the contrary
  • やっかむ = to be envious of. Like 羨(うらや)む, perhaps.
  • 廃(すた)れる = to become obsolete
  • 太刀筋(たちすじ) = swordsmanship. First two Kanji is 太刀(たち) = Tachi - Wikipedia, a type of saber-like traditionally made Japanese sword (nihonto) worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan.
  • 仕送(しおく)り = an allowance; support money
  • 風化(ふうか) = fading (e.g. of memories); weathering (e.g. of geographical features)
  • 筋書(すじが)き = the plot; the script
  • 一挙一動(いっきょいちどう) = every single move

this!! this would make sense!! thanks so much! :pray:


:cherry_blossom: :tulip: 4月17日 :tulip: :cherry_blossom: (Home Post Link)


  • 四月は君の噓 ch 19, 20, done with vol 5!

Word(s) of the Day:
言語道断(ごんごどうだん)ー outrageous; preposterous; scandalous; inexcusable; absurd; execrable
握手(あくしゅ)ー handshake
不細工(ぶさいく)ー clumsy (work); awkward; poorly made; botched​
途上(とじょう)ー in the process of (development, construction, etc.); in the middle of​
惨敗(ざんぱい)ー ignominious defeat; crushing failure; utterly beaten; overwhelming defeat​
引退(いんたい)ー retirement
渋い(しぶい)ー austere; elegant (and unobtrusive); refined; quiet (and simple); sober; sombre; subdued; tasteful (in a quiet way); understated​


:cherry_blossom: Day 17, 4 月 17 日 :herb:

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:white_flower: ADoBJG - entries あげる¹, あげる² and あいだ(に)

Read several entries to catch up, will try to keep it to one a day.


4月17日 :sunflower:


募集(する) ぼしゅう Recruitment
不問 ふもん not asking・ignoring
閉園 へいえん closing for the day


April 17th!

Today I read Chapter 67 of Mitsuboshi Colors.
It was a cute chapter where they were building snowmen :slight_smile:
I can’t believe there are only 5 more chapters of this series for me to read now. I’m going to miss their antics once I’m finished!

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April 17 :heavy_check_mark: :european_castle: :heart_on_fire:

かがみの孤城, 47-52%
推し、燃ゆ , 40-55%

So I finished the first volume of かがみの孤城 today, and I’m a little perplexed. (no details, but maybe vague spoilers I guess, about the nature of the ending of the first volume): I was expecting some major revelation or twist at the end, something to make readers want to continue to the next volume, but there was…nothing? I don’t get it. Obviously I’m not the target audience for this book, as I was mostly bored through all of it, with only a few parts feeling slightly more interesting. (There’s so many directions I could see being explored, but no. Like so many books, if people just talked to each other this whole thing so far would have been a chapter or two at most.) But still, surely even fans of the book would need a little more incentive to go buy the second volume? A cliffhanger of some sort, even a mild one? I must be missing something.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying 推し、燃ゆ, even though I’m finding it a little difficult at times, and even though halfway through the book there hasn’t been much story progression to speak of. It’s just not that kind of book, and that’s perfectly fine with me. :slight_smile:


:cherry_blossom: :herb: 17 April :books: :honeybee:
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Hello! Today has been a chill reading day, just before going to bed! Goodnight!
:snowman_with_snow: 8 min • :woman_scientist: 7 min, ->42% • :books:


There are a lot of people out there who can enjoy things thanks to translators, so I hope you can find something! Maybe drama/anime subtitling or manga/novel translation since those are popular these days. As someone who reads subtitles and is helped by translated documents frequently, I appreciate all translators do!





April 15 & 16 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Last weekend was weirdly work-busy for me, so really just did the bare minimum and read some stuff for class. I did throw part of an NHK article in as something to count as reading, first time for everything :joy:


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April 17


When I read seasons, I thought, oh, I’ll remember this in the morning. Spoiler: I do not.

I was falling asleep while reading JoJo to the point where the book hit me in the face at least 3 times. I gave up reading further since I didn’t want to accidently damage the book. I better finish this volume tonight lol.


:blossom:April 17:blossom:
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Slowly progressing while leveling up my team here and there. シズク continues to be entertaining.


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チェンサーマン14 The package came earlier than expected! I binged the whole volume right away. Heh. :sweat_smile:

幸色のワンルーム6 (Ch 33-35) The detective is starting to interest me quite a bit now. I’m definitely going to read his spin off sometime.


I haven’t been updating because a lot was Happening last week, I still got some reading every day though so I am a little proud :cherry_blossom: mostly using Satori Reader right now, but I am determined to finish volume 13 of チェンソマン today or tomorrow :fire:



Finished Chapter 1 / 22 of Harry Potter 3 and it felt quite fluent. Probably because the intro chapter typically has nothing too complex going on and lots of words that have been used before are used again.

Recently I rarely check words in the dictionary (mainly because I’m too lazy, not because I understand everything), but if I stumble upon expressions again and again, I might be able to motivate myself to look it up. So here is the one from yesterday:

っぱなし - keep …-ing; have been …-ing; leaving (something) on (often with a negative nuance)

for example:
彼 は、ラジオをつけっぱなしにして寝てしまった。- He fell asleep with the radio on.