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No, I just started playing Persona 5: The Royal. No real reason, just “Oooo fun!” I’ll probably stop playing Persona after a few days and go back. Idk.


“Oooo fun!” is a real reason, especially when it comes to playing games. I’m usually half-asleep when I’m reading people’s updates so I thought I missed something :sweat_smile: I don’t think you’ll be able to put P5 down easily though, it’s really good.


I’ve put it down many times xD

I love 4 but 5 has been harder to finish for me. I just finished the 2nd boss (for the 3rd time). So from here it gets iffy about how long I will play it before putting it down again haha.


LOL :rofl: I haven’t played 4, but I’ve heard the complaints about needing to pick the right dialogue to get the good ending.




I got distracted today, so unfortunately I didn’t do much reading today either. But I found out that 気になってる人が男じゃなかった is being released as a volume later this month! I preordered it. I think this will be the first f/f manga I’ve obtained.

  • preview for 部活の後輩に迫られています. It looks cute.
  • 21 pages of サマーサイダー, finishing ch 4 and leaving off on pg 230

In non-reading news, I watched 竜とそばかすの姫 to see if I wanted to get the novel. It wasn’t exactly bad, and I liked the characters, but the pacing definitely felt off, and it seemed like it used its Beauty and the Beast inspiration sort of as a crutch rather than properly developing some things, contributing to the poor pacing. The book could be handled better, but eh…

Some vocab of note:

鳥目 (とりめ) [n., の-adj.] night blindness


4月10日 :cherry_blossom:

Read: 准教授・高槻彰良の推察2 (50% → 68%)
Finished up the second chapter. This might be one of my favorite cases so far, up till now the cases have had the pattern where they seem like something supernatural might be up but in the end were actually caused by humans. That was the case this time as well but mixed in with the lies was actually some amount of truth about some genuinely supernatural experiences for the first time since the main two’s cases. I also really enjoyed the interactions between 尚哉(なおや) and 高槻(たかつき) in this chapter.


April 9 & 10 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

I’m getting worse :joy: yesterday I was still in kind of a weird mood so I just did some reading for class. Today I remembered that マッシュル started airing so I watched the first episode (with Japanese subtitles, it counts :laughing:). It’s a lot of fun! I’ll probably be watching it with my partner so English subtitles from now on, but it was fun watching something in Japanese again, went pretty smoothly :grin:


All the LGBTQ ones got the most votes. xD 花のみぞ知る is BL too. And 不可解なぼくのすべてを is LGBTQ. So yeah, top four!

Most of my manga is in boxes and apparently I’d already shuffled Girl Friend to a more easily reached box, so I didn’t even have to do more than check the two most easily reached boxes for it.



Possibly sosekproject.org ? The public domain ones are on aozora too, of course, but where sosekiproject has a text it has audio recordings, full-furigana versions, English translations, and a built-in click-for-definition dictionary.

(I’m tempted to read his nonfiction essay about his visit to the Tower of London, which the site just reminded me about.)


Level 0 stories: いいです、おでん、たいへん、たまご、よむ、ゆきだるま、TKG


Yes it was this, thank you so much for finding it! This will be the goal! :sparkles:

That does sound interesting, I’ve just found that on the site and bookmarked it. I’ve read a few of his books (translated to English) so I’m definitely intrigued by anything non fiction.


11th april

home post

fnished another chapter of kiki’s delivery service! more action-packed than i was expecting, with a tense attempt to get into a moving train, again had a lot of fun! only one more chapter left now!!

words that stood out: 野外(やがい) (open air, outdoors), 蹴飛(けと)ばす (to kick off (hard) from), and 弦(つる) (bowstring, as in for a musical instrument)


Apr 10
I read 17 pages of ボッコちゃん some pages in magazines and finished Mysteria Occult Shadows. Yay I already finished six video games in japanese this year just four more and I have accomplished my first goal.

The games is full of bugs but the art was nice. It has awesome japanese voice acting and a cat girl heroine. There is no way I wouldn’t enjoy it. It even has a yuri version of that mini game from God of War.

some pictures from Mysteria Occult Shadows

Cat girl heroine にゃん

Even Hatsune Miku is in the game.

If you were a naughty girl you need to be punished.

It’s time for a yuri mini game

5968 pages read


Apr 11, Tue of Week 3 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

  • うらら迷路帖 Vol.6 (0-29%)

Feels like gonna end soon. (Vol.7 actually.)

  • うたわれるもの : 二人の白皇
Words of the day
  • 携(たずさ)える = to hold in hand. The pairing 携(たずさ)わる is seen for time to time, just can’t remember the reading. Help to touch / help to support the weight?
  • 是(ぜ)が非(ひ)でも = by all possible means; rightly or wrongly. Well, 是非(ぜひ).
  • 夜逃(よに)げ = running off in the night (e.g. with debt). Something to pair with 家出(いえで)?
  • 別途(べっと) = separately
  • 新鮮味(しんせんみ) = freshness
  • 命名(めいめい) = giving a name
  • 黒字(くろじ) = black-letter balance; trade surplus. Opposite being 赤字(あかじ).
  • 豆知識(まめちしき) = trivia
  • 手相(てそう) = palm reading
  • 所望(しょもう) = request; requested
  • 目録(もくろく) = a list; a catalog
  • 担保(たんぽ) = a guarantee. I don’t think it is related to たんぽぽ (though may help remember handakuten).
  • 卑屈(ひくつ) = servile; subservient
  • 慇懃(いんぎん) = polite; courteous / friendly; intimate. Has Furigana. First meaning in context.
  • 朝貢(ちょうこう) = giving tribute (貢物(みつぎもの)) to the Imperial (朝廷(ちょうてい)).   è²¢(みつ)ぐ is spoken in context. Otherwise, the Kanji is probably well known in 貢献(こうけん).
  • 口(くち)を割(わ)る = to confess; to spill the beans
  • 抜(ぬ)け目(め)がない = shrewd; no oversight
  • 目処(めど)をつける = to give an estimate


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  • è²¢(コウ) (Level 43)
    • コウ
      • 貢献(こうけん),     朝貢(ちょうこう)
    • グ
      • å¹´è²¢(ねんぐ)
    • è²¢(みつ)ぐ

11/04/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

Too burnt out after work today, so I continued with Sakura and Suzuki’s story from Satori Reader, ep 4.

This series has an ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ version with the same content, so I tried them both this time. The hard version had more nuance to it, and the grammar was a bit tricky too. But then again, it’s still beginner level grammar (N5 & N4) so I didn’t have any difficulty understanding!

  • 行動力 - ability to take action; energy; fire; dynamism; leverage [noun]
  • ばっちり- perfectly, properly, sure thing
  • 振り- after (period of time), again (meeting after so and so time ig)
  • 惚れる - to fall in love, to be in love, to be charmed




:cherry_blossom: :tulip: :blossom: April 11 :blossom: :tulip: :cherry_blossom:
Home Post

:dango: Girl Friends : page 5 → 11(I think)
:books: The Practice by Seth Godin : 3-4 pages

There we go guys! Since the majority voted for Girl Friends in my little poll. I decided to start reading it today. Technically I guess I was trying it out.

So what are my first impressions? (No spoilers, not talking about the story)

  • No furigana—thankfully not a problem since it is fairly common vocabulary and I’m used to it from reading VNs, so I’ve gotten pretty good at looking up things quickly anyway.
  • Seems to be kinda +1 in difficulty too, because I felt like I understood the nuance if I took the time to think on it a little. Too often I know I’m missing nuance but I’d have to dig into grammar to understand it and probably ask for help, so I stick with understanding the gist. But it seems for this I get to tease out a bit more than that. :smiley:
  • My reading speed felt so slow. xD Each chapter is about 25 pages and I expected to be able to read the first chapter fairly quickly. I forgot the “learn an author’s style” part, and getting to know the characters well enough that I don’t have to think about every word in everything they say, instead I can kinda anticipate the meaning a couple of words into each sentence.
  • Seems fun and quite girly (not a negative or positive, just an observation)
  • I had real problems picking an emoji for this, because I already have a pink and a red emoji for other reads and girly stuff is always portrayed with pink… And the cupcake emoji they have is boring: :cupcake: So ended up with :dango: (One would think I had a style guide for picking emoji since they are all pink/red/green or black/white/gray. xD But I wish they were more diverse in color, but I’m also picky in them feeling like they fit. -.-')

So yeah, good choice everyone. Will know better if it truly fits the reading slot I need it for after a get used to the author’s style, but right now it seems like a really good fit. :smiley:

Also read a few more pages in The Practice. Keeps being Seth Godin goodness.


Home Post

Day 10 Progress:
〆切前には百合が捗る - 71.47% → 99.49% 完成!!

You can probably tell today was a bit better of a reading day than the last few because I read almost as much in one day as the last four combined. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, pretty good read! Probably my favorite novel since I started putting my nose to the grindstone with reading Japanese some seven months ago. It’s actually comparatively short for a LN volume but the SOL pacing is good and it actually feels fairly substantial with great relationship progression. I was hoping that there’d be more introspection on LGBTQ matters which is what it seemed like at the beginning but they avoided making the tone of the novel too serious in the end. Excited to peep the second volume today or tomorrow.

Word of the Day: 醍醐味(だいごみ) - flavor of ghee; delicious taste; more figuratively, the real pleasure (of something). I’ve actually never tasted ghee on its own before but now I’m curious as to why it’s considered ‘the ultimate flavor’…


:cherry_blossom: Day 11, 4 月 11 日 :herb:

:open_book: Back to my Home Post

Today was just book club stuff. I like how people give their own reading picks some sort of emoji to indicate it, so I might start doing that finally.

:white_flower: ADoBJG - Characteristics of Japanese Grammar p.50-56, Sound symbolism
:deciduous_tree: Tobira - 日本語のスピーチスタイル part one, politeness levels





何が悪いか、何が良いかは立場によって変わる、、、よね :sweat_smile:


Tired of reading in Japanese? English version here~

Read Everyday Challenge • Days 6~11

I’m still reading everyday. I’m working through the Shinkanzen Master Reading textbook. I didn’t expect it to be much by way of entertainment, but there is one story that I think was pretty interesting.

At the foot of a mountain there is one family that is raising a hawk, and another that’s raising a turtledove. Once both the hawk and the turtledove are big enough, they become able to fly. One day, the hawk eats the turtledove. Of course, the family of the eaten dove are saddened. But the family with the fully fledged hawk are so happy.

What’s bad and what’s good depends on your position… right? :sweat_smile:

I’ve made a collection of all the unknown words and grammar on my home page, so please take a look if you’d like.

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