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:cherry_blossom: Day 46, 5 月 16 日 :herb:

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:jigsaw: Graded Reader: 青い

:princess: Tileworld Chronicles - Markus Ascent Chapter 2, p. 14 - 19 and credits
It’s the end! Alright, so Markus and Celestina return to Lisa’s hut. Her father is okay! His name is Leo and he collects juwels from caves. Because of that he knows the caves in the vicinity very well and gives our two adventurers a hand-drawn map as thanks. So they’re off and finally reach a cave entrance. End of the second chapter.

Today I read up on 目, because on WaniKani we learn it as ‘eye’, but it seems that in combination with other words/kanji it can mean wildly different things (like perforation or mesh/stitches). No wonder I keep getting confused what that eye is doing in these sentences.

Anyway, turns out “目の前に” means something like “directly in front (of my eyes)”, so there’s still somewhat of a relation, making it easy to remember.