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:cherry_blossom: Day 41, 5 月 11 日 :herb:

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:jigsaw: Graded Reader: すみません
Extremely little content, though I guess it was good to see how the phrase was also used as a sort of “thank you”.

:princess: Tileworld Chronicles - Markus Ascent Chapter 2, p. 8 - 10
I have never seen father written as 父親(ちちおや) before, you’re telling me there are even more terms to describe family???

Anyway, using the word for “pale” that consists of the Kanji 青 and 白 while having the person it refers to be surrounded by blue and white colors does not teach you the vocab for pale. I truly had assumed that it just refered to his white hair and blue headband somehow. I only noticed when I spied the link name in the address bar.