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Once more

Yeah, I’m just very stubborn, haha. Part of the issue is everyone has low energy days and that’ll just happen but if we’re talking specifically the low energy days caused by my inflammation flareups or whatever they are, they kinda ebb and flow. Hence times when I go “oh I’m trying something new, hopefully I’m getting better!” then I’m back a little later feeling terrible. That’ll end up lasting for a week or longer. And there’s of course logic to just taking care of oneself, but at the same time, when I don’t stubbornly fight through it I’m going to be more annoyed at feeling like I’ve reached a point where it’s genuinely preventing me from doing things. Tough situation all around, though I’ll admit to knowingly not always doing the wisest things, heh.

A while back I actually switched f.lux on my PC to be always on, and it was probably for the best, but still seems to at least not be enough. I’m still experimenting with lighting, settings, whatever I can, but I dunno.

It took some struggling, but I managed to get mine set to Japan and it’s worked to purchase things, so no problem there :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I’m jealous; that’s so good!


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Day 11:

日本語: I read a fair amount of ミニスカ宇宙海賊 and a bit of 鋼の錬金術師.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 骑士幻想夜, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.


Summary Post

April 12
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

  • 視認 = しにん confirm by sight, sighting. Context was 視認範囲, the area of vision where you are spotted by enemies. Not good, rings the alarm.
  • 姿勢 = しせい posture, stance.
  • 手裏剣 = しゅりけん shuriken!!! How cool is it to see it actually written in kanji!?
  • 回収 = かいしゅう recovery, retrieval.
  • 疾走 = しっそう sprint, dash.
  • 唯一 = ゆいいつ only, sole.
  • 樽 = たる barrel, cask.
  • 射撃 = しゃげき shooting, firing.

Started Shadow Tactics today cause why not. Though for sure I won’t be understanding everything: the game is set in feudal Japan and there’s a lot of samurai, ninja and old-men talk, so yeah, not a chance. But it’s fine, the game alone is fun and I can at least get what’s going on or what I have to do. I was tired today and wasn’t looking forward to starting something new, so I’m not sure how long I will be playing this one. I miss the Switch already ;-; .


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\huge\color{ #AAF6FF}\mathrm{☘️Day 12 ☘️}

\small \color{ #AAF6FF}\mathrm{★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★}

Today I translated 1 page of よつばと!but I read and transcribed 11 (before being interrupted by a offer of alcohol which derailed my late night studying:p).

\small \color{ #AAF6FF}\mathrm{★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★}


The flowers above the “Day #” links to my post for the previous day, and the flowers below link to the next day, except for the latest day ofc, they link somewhere special :wink:


I’ve been Rickrolled so many times on this forum I decided to start doing it myself. I always listen to the whole song tho, I like it:p

The trick in my experience is not to go on a celebratory spending spree after deliberately abstaining for a period of time, I find that part harder than the lent period :sweat_smile: Good luck :+1:


I think there was someone who created a script that uses a template that can be automatically updated but I didn’t save it because it looked too complicated to my non-tech savvy brain. I think it was in this thread. Perhaps, search the thread or the API forums for it?


Summary Post

Day 12: April 12th
What did I read?: ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 Vol 2
How much did I read?: 16 pages(!)
How long did it take me?: 54 min

Felt much more alert today lol. Reading this felt so…smooth??? Like I was just…reading it?? With ease?? I don’t usually feel like that with Japanese (and never with an actual book), so that was very cool.

I finished this chapter today - I love how the first thing Sanae does with her new fortune-telling instrument is get it to tell her the answers to her math homework :joy: The utter mundaneness of her inquiries kills me xD Like, you’ve got this tool that will tell you, accurately, whatever you want to know, and this is what you come up with :joy: Anyway, the chapter ending was rather abrupt :flushed:

Favorite word of today: 百発百中 (ひゃっぱつひゃくちゅう) - always hitting the bull’s-eye; infallible

More words
  • 有頂天 (うちょうてん) - ecstasy
  • ずくめ - entirely; completely; all; nothing but
  • どぎまぎ - flurried; flustered; upset; nervous; embarrassed
  • ぶかぶか - too large (clothing); baggy; loose-fitting
  • よみがえる - to be recalled (e.g. memories); to be brought back
  • とりかこむ - to surround; to crowd around
  • 見せびらかす - to show off; to flaunt
  • 向きになる - to become serious; to take something seriously (joke, teasing); to become irritated or angry (usu. at something trivial); to get worked up​
  • 勾玉 (まがたま) - comma-shaped bead from prehistoric Japan, usually made of jade​

I love these police stories! They are hilarious.
I only read 6 pages today. I probably could finish this book tonight, but I am in the track of the severe storms in the S. E. U.S., so I have to go put up my tornado safe space.


Oof, stay safe! I grew up in tornado alley and I hated it. I finally moved away from tornados last fall but my final summer I was out walking home with groceries when the sirens went off. Quite scary :sweat_smile: :grimacing:


Thanks! I have everything I could possibly need for safety except a basement. Now it depends on the storm. Last week a tornado came right down my street, but luckily it didn’t touch down. That should be enough for this year!


First time doing this, I am unsure how to add myself to the username board so I’ll just post this here for now and hope I have done this part correctly at least. I am going to try read a news article or something along those lines everyday. Really excited for improvement.

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Looks good! Though you have one insignificant hanging quote tag, not that it matters much! If you’d like, you should be able to hit edit at the bottom right of the list post to add yourself.

@pocketcat Well, you got me, on a whim I just got スマホを落としただけなのに and its audiobook. Not 100% sure how soon I’ll start it, but it might not be too long. Despite some missed words, even in pure audio, the preview given on audiobook.jp sounds reasonable enough for my level. Thanks!


㋃12 – Day 12

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険

146-end (185ish?)
Whoot! Volume 2 finished!! It was a lot of fun to see the kind of changes they made manga to anime.

Some I found interesting
  • The whole knife thing kinda cracked me up. In the manga, it seemed like Jonathan was searching for what he wanted to say, but in the anime, they play it off like he’s making a bunch of different statements about the knife.

  • Joseph classic “run for it!” strategy seems to have a predecessor with Jonathan yelling it at Speedwagon after he throws him lol

  • Speedwagon is goofier than I thought- jumping out of a… car… while injured and then scaling a building

  • Erina is kind of a jerk, wow. What a rude nurse.

  • Jonathan is less polite than I thought lol. “Erina, you got big!” Bro, broooooo…


April 12
Stayed up too late last night, so didn’t feel so great today. Gonna head to bed after I post this and do some reviews.

Met with my tutor and went over the corrections she made to my essay. I didn’t fully understand it all, but we got through it :sweat_smile: I’ll take more time tomorrow to read through her edits and compare notes. There didn’t seem to be as many as I feared though, which is nice. Mostly it was word change suggestions to be more natural. That’s what I get for blindly guessing from a dictionary though, makes sense.

Read the remaining two level-one readers. Both about Japan in the fall.

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
12 / 12 level-ones
x /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes

sorry, audiobook.jp struggles that I don't have anywhere to post

@pocketcat Hey actually, I got the files for that audiobook and there’s a very headache inducing high pitched whining in the background, like a mosquito tone kinda thing. The preview on the website is definitely clear, but I’ve tried downloading the files straight and playing them on my PC and my phone, and then also getting their phone app and download and playing them through that. All of them seem to have this sound. I… don’t suppose you’ve ever encountered this?

Thoughts on audiobook issue

Just pulled up my audio files and if I listen for it there is some sort of ‘whine’ like sound behind the audio. I never noticed it before though and quickly tune it out if not listening for it, so my guess is
a) I’m just delightfully oblivious to it
b) The audio mixing on your devices is different than mine and it’s amping up that background noise
c) I think when you download you get a choice of audio quality? TBH I never understand what difference was meant by the 倍速一括ダウンロード vs 通常一括ダウンロード options but I always go with whatever button is green

If a or b you might be able to tweak the settings on your audio player to tone it down. It’s weird that it’s not present at all in the preview clip though :thinking: Also weird that I’m literally relistening to this book the past week or so and never noticed it. :exploding_head:


Oh I hope you don’t have problems tuning it out in the future now that I pointed it out, haha. I know I tend to be frustratingly sensitive and attentive to this stuff; it’s been a problem for me with various copies of movies and stuff before too. There’s definitely a point to the device mixing because it sounds practically as loud as the real audio to me on my phone, so I thought it was a phone issue until I checked everything else and realized it’s on the computer too. Of course now I’ll hear it forever on the computer too haha. I’ll see what I can do, appreciate you checking.


April 12th (Calendar Post)

三日間の幸福 => 7 Pages (86 minutes)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a less chaotic day and I’ll be able to read more.

Fun word I’ve ran into today:


April 12 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

More VLR of course! I mostly just did the puzzle room so that was a lot of fun as always :blush: I wanna play more but it’s sleepy hours sooo tomorrow!

VLR is wild

Hmmm the treatment room… I’m not really surprised that cold sleep came up, it tracks with all of the weird time implications so far, but there’s some more concrete proof. Though they’re also implying that only three people were frozen? So that’s another complicating factor to say the least, like… who? But yeah the more time passes the less confident I am there’s really an outside word to go back to, definitely getting some vibes that remind me of uh… similar situations :joy:

Alright it’s time for a crackpot theory: so 天明寺(てんみょうじ) yeah? Something’s obviously up with him, he knows too much about things, he has a picture of (あかね) he keeps with him always (a picture of her on that flashback sunset hill no less :eyes:), he knows and trusts 四葉(よつば) and seems upset that she doesn’t recognize him, lots of things. Also considering that some people were likely in cold sleep, potentially including 四葉(よつば), perhaps 天明寺(てんみょうじ) is 淳平(じゅんぺい)? クォーク even joked about the girl in the photo being his first love and I’m just like… maybe he’s right :joy: It’s be absolutely wild but not unheard of for Zero Escape, and it’d explain some things :eyes: including like why he’s even here? If he’s not 淳平(じゅんぺい) then he’s definitely someone else relevant, there’s a lot of mystery there.

Nightshade! I barely got anywhere but it was pretty interesting, just… historical :joy: I remember wading through the opening section of like “this clan fought this clan and then they reconciled and some people got married but people were mad maybe” kind of stuff and just being like what is happening lmao. It’s super pretty too though, perhaps once I finish Zero Escape I should take a look at it again :eyes:

Oh very relatable, truly an everpresent phenomenon haha. At this point barring exceptional situations like Kansai robot I’m usually just like :man_shrugging: close enough

I’m sorry you’re having a rough time though, it sounds like life and Summer Pockets are both putting you through it in their own ways (that chain of kanji you posted earlier? terrifying until I looked it up and still terrifying after actually). You’re still absolutely crushing it though; I hope things get easier for you :grin:

It’s interesting actually, I absolutely feel like manga should feel easier for me but like… no? It’s usually more exhausting somehow; my theory is that it’s a psychological thing bc I feel like it should be easier than it actually is? But yeah it’s interesting to see how different people work with this stuff! :sparkles:language :sparkles:


Oh truly! In the intermediate book club book right now, the Saga dialect just has me like… “yep, those are the words I know, and this is probably what she would be saying right now given that.” Part of it’s also that I treat the non-VNs slightly more as something to try to read without puzzling as hard over every character like I end up doing with the VN (though I do still look up practically everything in the built in dictionary when I can), but yeah. It’s kinda both good and bad that I can do that more comfortably when every bit used to be a challenge, since there’s definitely the risk of skimming over important stuff to notice too.

Much appreciated :heart: Some of the life stuff’s pretty rough and there’s not much of an end in sight, but I haven’t let it stop me yet. And I’ve said it before but yeah I’m being reminded how weird it can be to evaluate visual novel difficulty. It’s not an easy medium. Grammar-wise this one still isn’t that bad I think (though it certainly drifts through all the “higher level” points and stuff), and has plenty of shorter sentences, but for the sake of comedy or off the wall references or whatever, it’ll really pull the weirdest words from absolutely anywhere. The few books I’ve read up to this point didn’t choose their words by partially throwing dartboards at a dictionary like this does, haha.



My new fic has Consumed me. Really doesn’t help that it’s for a pairing (and character) that makes me feral, either. I did still do some reading, though.

I read Seed 11 of GREEN.

And we get the first character in this series whom I actually hate

Ohhhh I figured out something I’d kinda glossed over in the previous chapter. Kayoko wants to buy the vegetables that Wako’s growing for use in her restaurant—that’s what her job is. So now, 「農家のヨメ」というより「農家の人」になっていた——

A high school third-year who seems to have a crush on Makoto, Ooshiba Yayoi, the daughter of the Ooshiba Shiitake Farm, has come down ostensibly to ask Makoto a question for her homework but really to check out what his rumored girlfriend is like. And she starts criticizing Wako on her appearance for things that are literally just… because she’s a farmer?? Like Makoto?? Like, Wako literally just came over from having been in the middle of farm work, and she’s criticizing her for wearing dirty, thick-soled boots, patched jeans, an old shirt whose collar is stretched out, having dirt under her fingernails, unkempt hair (she wears it in two quick braids while farming to keep it out of the way, and they’ve got flyaways 'cause she’s, y’know, been doing manual labor), and not wearing makeup, like??? What else is she supposed to be wearing, five-inch heels and designer clothing? What the frick? Who the everloving flip does this ojou-chan think she is. But oh, of course this girl who refuses to get her manicured nails dirty or let one single strand of her perfectly straight hair get out of place or to look anything other than that she’s just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine and wears five-inch platform heels to go to a friggin farm and looks down on farmers and doesn’t want anything directly to do with the thing Makoto’s most passionate about is clearly a better fit for him. Never mind that she’s far too young for him. This is the first character in this series whom I actually hate, and I hate her with a burning freaking passion.

And it’s not like Wako-chan doesn’t make an effort with her appearance outside of farm work. Sure, she’s not particularly fashionable, especially not compared to Yayoi-ojouchan, but she does dress more nicely off the farm than on. And why the hell are you dissing/making fun of someone for wearing work-appropriate clothing while they work, ah??

The next day, obaa-chan tells Wako-chan that she’s bought something good in town for her today, and she gets excited thinking it’s cute clothes, but it’s the kind of clothing that obaa-chan wears while farming. Makoto laughs when he sees her all kitted out in it, though he says it’s because of the pose she’s struck (and I’m inclined to believe him, for, as his name suggests, he’s not really capable of lying), and tells her that it suits her—or rather, that she looks cute no matter what she wears (which makes her happy lol she’s a simple woman).

Oh wow, and now ojou-chan has shown up again (looking for Makoto again, of course) with her pen stuck down her cleavage.

lol, she’s studying to get into a farming university? Really? With her attitude? And she actually plans to take over her family’s shiitake farm? She does know she’ll have to get her hands dirty, right? What a joke. Oh, no, she’ll just wear gloves. Won’t stop her from getting sweaty and gross, though—in fact, they’ll just make her sweatier! She does know her hair will get messy when she sweats, right? Even if she puts it up. Guess she’ll just have to shave her head, then!

She got to Wako-chan, who then goes out and purposely buys ギャル clothes like what Yayoi wears. She looks cute and they do suit her, but… not so much her unevenly sunburned arms. She also uses a face mask, but it’s 3 years old and just dries out her skin :(

lol turns out Yayoi-chan failed her midterms! Or at least did poorly enough to have her mother get angry with her; I dunno if 48 is considered failing or not, actually. (Isn’t it below 30 is failing? Or does it vary from school to school?)

I read 2 pages of 2.43, putting me at pg 55.


I forgot that their libero Yuuhi is a third-year. I was thinking he was a second-year like Hokao. I’m not sure I remembered that Tomoki’s a second-year, either, though I feel like I should’ve, seeing as he calls Ochi 先輩 in the section I read today.

I guessed correctly that 起 has the 音読み き even though I don’t recall ever coming across it before! I wonder if it’s the oneself radical, since 紀 and 記 are also read き. I didn’t even think about it until afterward, though. I just saw 起用 and immediately, without even a split second of hesitation, went, “Oh, that’s きよう,” as if that weren’t my first time seeing it. (Did not guess the meaning, though. It’s “appointment [to a position, job, etc.]; being used for a role; promotion.”)

And, yup, I was right about this being the scene where Kouhei bemoans about not having a girl manager. K High has two, and one is dating the captain while the other is dating the second-year ace. He says that co-ed schools are weak (“Kouhei, sorry to tell you this, but we’re co-ed too.”) before saying that he wishes they had a girl manager too. It’s all right if they get a little weaker. Ochi, coming up to the table, bonks him lightly atop the head with his lunch tray and tells him that if he wants a girl manager that much, he should go to K High. I’m pretty sure in the anime, he scolded him here saying that they can’t afford to get any weaker. Unless that was a little bit later, past where I left off with Tomoki and Keita heading off together, freeing up a spot at the table for Ochi.

I read the next 3 chapters of Colloquial Kansai Japanese, which, I’m not sure I wrote down when I read the first 3? And I don’t remember when that was anymore so I can’t update it now. Oh well. But yeah I’ve got two more groups of chapters left after this. I had bought this book a while back thinking it’d be the next best thing to having an actual resource for Fukuiben as I haven’t found one thus far, though there hasn’t really been all that much so far that overlaps. Well, it’s not like I’ll never end up reading anything where people speak Kansaiben (hell, I’m in the middle of 極主夫道 right now). Also I’m learning that some things I’d never realized were dialectal are apparently Kansaiben. Like ご苦労さん. And アホ.

Some vocab of note:

逞しい (たくましい) [adjective] burly; strong; sturdy; robust; indomitable; indefatigable; strong-willed; resolute
担う (になう) [ア五, transitive] to carry on one’s shoulder; to shoulder; to bear; to take upon oneself. I had known the 担ぐ (かつぐ) reading for this kanji (which has similar meanings), but today was my first time seeing this one.

Off-topic, but I saw a double rainbow today! I’ve got a photo at the top of my log entry today, linked below (though you can really only see the main rainbow, unfortunately; the reflection was more visible in-person than it is in the picture).