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Aprill 11
Wasn’t feeling up to much today. I read partially through a transcripted podcast, Nihongo Switch, in order to learn words related to covid for my paper.

COVID vocab

在宅勤務, ざいたくきんむ, noun. working at home; telecommuting
自主隔離, じしゅかくり, noun. self-quaratine/isolation

Then felt like that wasn’t enough so I read a couple of level-one graded readers. One ended up being a copy of a level-zero, so I skipped it. The second was about Floyd Schmoe, a Quaker pacficist who built homes in Hiroshima after WWII, as well homes in Korea and Egypt. He lived until he was 105! :exploding_head:

I’m meeting my tutor tomorrow to review half of my translated research plan. She says there are a few places where corrections would be good, but I’m prepared for that to mean there are a lot of places :sweat_smile:

Food, meat In non-reading news, I slow cooked my first brisket all day and my place smells amazing but I’m not done cooking it yet. It has to chill and then roast.

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
10 / 12 level-ones
x /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes



I finally looked up ドジ today and found that it means “clumsiness.” So クールドジ男子 is “Cool-Clumsy Guys.” I kinda really feel like I shoulda guessed that lol. Anyway, I can’t wait until I can read it; I adore all the main characters so much. I think I’ve still got like 9 chapters left of GREEN though, so it’ll be a bit still.

I read 2 pages of 2.43, putting me at pg 53.


I think Fukuiben uses な for ね like Kansaiben does. Which would explain why, when I saw the explanation on their usage on BunPro a while back, I was like, “Oh, huh, really?” because I’d seen な being used both ways lol. Because I’m pretty sure in Standard Japanese, it would be ね following すまんかった, not な, which is what clinched it today. (And すまん itself is Kansaiben too, isn’t it? So would it be “すまんかったな” = “すみませんでしたね”? Is there even a less formal way of saying it that’s not dialectal? I’d always thought すまん was just more casual, but apparently it’s also dialect, so.)

Though it’s common the third-year players not to retire until after HaruKou in January, the manager is still expected to retire after InterHigh in the summer, when the third-years in other clubs do. So Ochi’s feeling depressed about the prospect of handing over the torch already when Subaru still hasn’t taken him to the center court at HaruKou as promised. As long as Subaru’s still playing, he still wants to be the manager. (Hata does let him stay on, and he retires in December with the rest of the third-years when Seiin beats them in the qualifiers.)

We also learn that a significant number of the student body belong to sports clubs. It’s a powerhouse school not just for volleyball, but in general. And we’re reminded that even though it’s co-ed, as it’s a technical school, there still aren’t very many girls. Which I believe will become relevant in the next scene when Kouhei says that he wants a girl manager. Which, if I am remembering correctly about where that scene is and it’s coming right on the heels of Ochi feeling down about having to give up the managerial position already, ouch. (And since I like headcanoning Ochi as a trans guy, double ouch. Though even if Kouhei knows, he doesn’t mean it like that.)

It’s not that Kouhei doesn’t appreciate Ochi as their manager. They all agree that he’s really good, and they couldn’t ask for a better one. He’s just jealous that other schools have girl managers and they don’t, and he’s sad about how few girls there are at Fukuhou. He wants a girlfriend.

I read Seen 10 of GREEN.


Wako-chan’s now growing various Italian greens and herbs in the greenhouse since Italian dishes are her specialty and it’s difficult to find all the ones she needs to make them in stores around here.

Also, she still hasn’t told her parents about where she’s running off to all the time, so now her father has tailed her down here to spy and see what she’s getting up to. And to check out the guy she’s apparently dating (her little brother found Makoto’s photo in her wallet the chapter we first met them) to make sure he’s not shady. (Like you? lol) The most Wako did was leave a note saying, “Please don’t look for me –Wako”

He overhears a convo between Makoto and obaa-chan where Makoto says that he really likes Wako-chan, so he wants to go and properly introduce himself to her father no matter how scary (or what kind of person) he may be, which moves her father to tears. Meanwhile, Wako is off playing pachinko. And then she goes to a ramen place for lunch (Without making lunch for those you’re indebted to… even though cooking is your one redeeming quality!!) and a cake place (Dessert?! Without even helping out in the fields?) and then gets picked up by Nozomi (Wh—Why with another man—?!)

lol they censored out the ク in ヤクザ

Well, now we know why they had handcuffs to chain her to her bed with last time: her father’s a policeman. He finally catches up to Wako and Nozomi shortly before they walk out of the karaoke box they’d gone to, and he handcuffs himself to her while commandeering Nozomi’s car (I hope he’s not the one who drove to the Ono house).

It seems Wako had wanted to make money at the pachinko parlor so she could be useful and not have to look for a job in Tōkyō, in which case she wouldn’t be able to see Makoto very often. But Makoto has found her a part-time job at Kayoko’s restaurant (she’s the woman who’d whisked Makoto off to taste-test her new menu a few chapters ago) (actually, I think it was less that he found it and more that Kayoko approached him about it).

(Also, we learn obaa-chan’s name! It’s Tama! 小野タマ)

lol Wako’s father forgot the handcuff key, so he prepares to cut the chain with a hatchet, but just then, her mother rushes up, bringing the key he’d forgotten at home. She then squeals over Makoto and takes a picture with him while he’s still too surprised to give permission to take it or not. Then after the two of them leave, Wako despairs that Makoto thinks she and her father are alike in spirit. (お父さんとは似てないもん!!)

I also read ch 4-12 of 壁の穴.

Some vocab of note

遠のく (とおのく) [カ五, intransitive] to become distant; to recede


Day 11 :heavy_check_mark: :cat2:

三毛猫ホームズの推理 ~42% to 48%, halfway through chapter 2.5

I wanted to finish 2.5 so that I could read more spoilers, but it wasn’t to be. I’ll do it today, but then I’m sure I’ll find there will be more spoilers from further on taunting me. :sweat_smile:

I also really need to make time for the rest of 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん, chapter 2. I had read about half but then started to reread it more carefully, as I had sort of skipped over the dialect parts. Of course the main character doesn’t understand those either at this point, but I’m not at the stage where I can confidently tell what is okay to not understand and what isn’t…

Words and expressions of the day

面食らう - to be bewildered, to be taken aback
狐につままれる - to be bewitched by a fox, or just to be confused
優柔不断 - indecisiveness, indecision
影も形もない - disappear without a trace, nowhere to be seen
不能者 - impotent person
仇を取る - to take revenge


Oh, I love this. So cute to call it a shoulder car.

I’ll do a reading update soon, just been super busy. But read some fun bits today I look forward to sharing.


(Replying to you even though I know you probably can’t even answer, as you’ve nearly finished the book by now…)
Are we taking for granted that Harumi was meeting Hayashi? I mean, Shinjuku is a big and busy place, and Katayama never actually followed any one of them further than the station. He never saw them together, yet he jumped to conclusions and bored poor Holmes to death with his wailing. :joy:

This is such a cliche, it’s bound to happen. Although I’m getting the impression that none of the women in the story (at least not Harumi or Yukiko) need rescuing from Katayama. They seem perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, much more than Katayama himself. :grin:

As for the end of 2.5, this was by far the most ridiculous funeral ever! :rofl: .

General Japan culture question that may be a slight spoiler for 三毛猫:
Is it common to hold several funeral services for the same person? One at the workplace, one at home, etc? I guess it’s more a memorial than a funeral.


:shamrock: :blossom: :seedling: Link to Home Thread :seedling: :sheep: :shamrock:

I went ahead of the book club on ハピネス the last few days and have finished volume one and already read a bit into volume 2. On the one hand I feel like that was a pretty good pick for me for this challenge, as the text density is pretty low and I can manage a chapter even when I’m exhausted from the day. I’m also pretty invested in the story and really wanna know where it’s going, which is great! On the other hand I’m a bit sad now that I’m ahead of the ABBC I don’t really have anyone to discuss what I’ve been reading all that much Q.Q Especially future speculations and such only really make sense, when you discuss it with someone who read just as much as you (not much more or less) so regarding that I’m a little sad :broken_heart: Can’t have it all I guess. I’m still reading through the ABBC threads though, because they discuss language much more than I usually do for myself.

I also read 夜カフェ this weeks assignment from the Beginner Book club. I read it in one evening (yesterday) but might read it again just because I probably rushed a little too much. Oopsie!


Update 4月12日

I did read a page every day except Friday and Sunday, I just didn’t post because I wasn’t in the mood :sweat_smile:
I had to work on both Friday and Sunday and work decided to be a bit more exhausting than I thought. I both hate and love working the weekend shifts at the Hostel - it’s busy but it usually is a good busy but it is exhausting to keep up with all the work that happens and which has to be done. This Friday a few complications happened - a lot of people had weather-related delays so I had to wait for them and then someone didn’t check out so I had to make a room real quick. At least the people affected were very nice about it, especially after the round of free drinks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I… might have partaken as well.

And I decided to change some things up a bit.
First off, I decided to just read without obsessively looking up every word while I read. It’s a bad habit I am trying to break out of. Secondly, I decided to try and read part 3 to the end and then go back to look up the vocabulary and then do the translation. So, I will probably double my speed and snail along at the astounding pace of two pages before doing the translation at the end. Maybe I’ll even chicken out and do the translation after I finish reading (and I will totally count my translation days as days read - I mean, I am reading something again). We’ll see how I feel.

Added by EDIT: I also will do a mind map/vocabulary list with crime and law connected vocabulary I came across after I finish reading. Might take a while until I am done with that though :laughing:


:tulip: Day 11 :tulip: :house:
Read: 終遠のヴィルシュ -Error:salvation-
Finished: 1 ending
Time: 1 hour 49 minutes
Finished the next ending, just 2 to go now. …? …?? It really ended like that? I knew it would be something along those lines but… :sob:

New Vocabulary

抜け目のない (ぬけめのない)shrewd; astute; cunning; alert​
大量虐殺 (たいりょうぎゃくさつ)massacre; genocide
硝子 (ガラス)glass; pane (never seen the kanji for this one)
とどめを刺す to finish off; to ensure (something) is dead; to deliver the coup de grace
半端者 (はんぱもの)halfwit; blockhead; fool
遺族 (いぞく)bereaved family; surviving family; family of the deceased
見計らう (みはからう)to choose when to do something; to estimate (the time for something)
手にかける to kill with one’s own hands
裏腹 (うらはら)opposite; reverse; contrary
遠からず (とおからず)soon; in the near future
妖しい (あやしい)mysterious; bewitching; alluring; enticing; enchanting
側から (そばから)as soon as; right after
独りよがり (ひとりよがり)self-conceit; self-satisfaction; self-righteousness; self-importance; complacency
指名手配 (しめいてはい)(the police) wanting (someone) for questioning; having (someone) on the wanted list
端ない (はしたない)improper; immodest; disgraceful; shameful; vulgar; low
動脈 (どうみゃく)artery
首謀者 (しゅぼうしゃ)ringleader; mastermind; leader (of a plot)
織り込み済み (おりこみずみ)taking something into consideration; making allowances; discounting
末路 (まつろ)last days; the end; one’s fate
外道 (げどう)demon; devil; fiend; brute; wretch
命乞い (いのちごい)begging for one’s life; pleading for one’s life

I did something similar once and gave up after two lines :joy: What game did you try?


Last night I read 32 pages, finishing chapter 3 - 78% done. A lot has happened and I don’t want to ruin any of it so I will keep the major event to myself, but a development did happen that made me think of a possible solution to 森崎’s death. If you’ve read all of 3.4 you’re safe:

Couldn’t the exploding cigarette case totally explain how 森崎 died in a locked room?! I kind of feel silly for not connecting the dots sooner.

I have 78 pages left which is a lot for a weeknight, but I have a habit of burning through the last sections of books in my need to know so who knows.

You are correct, I cannot reply :joy:

I don’t think that’s a spoiler given the overall plot of the book :sweat_smile: I’m not sure. I’ve gotten the impression from TV shows and books that yes, multiple is a thing, but also, in TV shows and such the deaths are usually tragic and the services often serve as plot devices. I’m not sure what I would best google to get the answer to that, but perhaps someone living in Japan might know? We have a handful of folks in the forums living there


Exactly! The variety they have is so great! I’m at the phase of reading the first volume of the different series they have to see which are the ones I want to continue further.

What’s this? Did I hear you say that you wanted to do even more browsing spree? Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko also has a nice variety to select from :rofl:


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220412 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XII: きんぴかのやかん :raccoon: :teapot:

Read today’s folktale, about a bald tanuki that lives under the floor of a temple. Who helps a shop keeper out with his monetary woes by turning into a shiny, golden kettle.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

金ピカ「きんぴか」ー Gold and shiny; gaudy; brand spanking new
年の暮れ「としのくれ」ー Year end; the end of a year

New Kanji
禿 - The kanji for はげ, which means bald or baldness

Some additional things from earlier
獬豸「かいち」ー Xiezhi, a super cool mythical creature of East Asian legends

薔薇 ー The kanji for Rose「ばら」
鼯鼠「ももんが」ー Japanese flying squirrel
啖う「くう」ー An outdated way to say「食う」- to eat


4月12日 - Day 12

After two-day break I came back to 博士の愛した数式 and read up to 34% (3分の1 of the book past me, yay!).

New vocab

双子素数 - twin prime (a prime number that is either 2 less or 2 more than another prime number)
連帯感(れんたいかん) - feeling of solidarity


Day 12 :heavy_check_mark: :cat2:

三毛猫ホームズの推理 ~48% to 50%, end of chapter 2.5 (and halfway through the book!)

Didn’t read much 三毛猫 today, but I did at least reach the point where I could look at those spoilers that aren’t a week or so ahead (ahem…some people read fast). I wanted to go on reading, but after also finishing chapter 2 of 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん my brain decided it had quite enough reading for today, thank you.

words etc

怪奇映画 - horror film
拝金主義 - mammonism, which I had no idea means “the greedy pursuit of riches”
木が気でない - feel uneasy, on pins and needles
振り付ける - to choreograph
寒気 - chill, shivering
いても立ってもいられない - unable to contain oneself, itching to do something
いい気味 - it serves you right


Rickroll? Brilliant


Read two more chapters of ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 🛵 Volume 5.

The カマス is still as cool as ever and another photograph was taken (and contemplated)!

Cool word of today: 月夜見[つくよみ]- could be ‘moonlit night viewing’ or could be Tsukuyomi the Shinto god of the moon :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d probably think it was “By the way, when male dogs become adults, they start to raise one of their back legs high up to pee.” (which is pretty close to what you wrote)

You can see here that ようになる means “以前は〜じゃないが、今は〜である。状況や能力の変化を表す。” “It wasn’t that way before, but now it is. Expresses a change in ability or situation.”

Here’s a kinda similar example sentence from the website

(After becoming a college student, I began to make my own lunch boxes)

And here is a random example from a part of a website (website is here, see 生存戦略せいぞんせんりゃくとしてのモフモフ・真っ白 section) talking about how animals will adapt when they molt to match the climate and daylight hours of whatever place they’re in

Note: 固有種 are animals native to the country, 日照 is daylight, 換毛期 is molting season


I actually saw that one today while reading the preview of a book a friend recommended me


The book was カラフル



Today my reading was the preview of カラフル, a book I might be reading with a friend

Now I’m going to go do the translation I’ve been delaying for ages. That’s also kind of reading
Lol let’s pray I at least get past the 50% mark help my grades


Summary post :bookmark:

April 12th :seedling:

・薬屋のひとりごと (19% → 22%)

Finished chapter nine. Thoughts: Very influenced by Chinese culture. Baozi, would eat :chopsticks:

(Spoiler I guess but also word of the day) Maomao reveals she’s a strong drinker from having tried various medicines and concoctions with lots of alcohol. Was described with the word 酒豪(しゅごう) which means “heavy drinker” BUT the furigana was actually ざる, which can mean "draining basket, sieve, strainer "… So Maomao when she’s drinking is basically like pouring alcohol through a strainer. Just thought that was hilarious.


By the way, we talked about that meaning of ザル in this thread a few days ago.