📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Today I wanted to read something fun, so I read a chapter of ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 🛵 Volume 5.

Nice words:
素茶 - just a simple cup of tea
ウケねらい - playing to the crowd


Lol, same. Just caught up to end of 2.4 to not be too incredibly far behind the spoiler talk. On that note -

Mini spoiler talk

I also currently suspect the person that you all seemed to suspect at this point. Though if we are playing by normal murder mystery rules then anyone you suspect at the half way point definitely isn’t the murderer, so maybe it’s not him :thinking:
It is also probably not 大中 but I want him to get some comeuppance for being terrible so it would be nice if it was him (I do find it a bit odd that he hasn’t got on more trouble. Like there was some comment from 森崎 that he couldnt do anything about him because the head university guy likes him but still, he got caught by a police officer trying to break into the student dorms to get to a student he has some crush on and has had no repurcussions at all apparently??? Also how on earth does watchman guy that is always asleep drunk when people are breaking into the dormitories still have his job now there has been an actual murder on his watch?? This university is not a good university)

I also am rowing back a little from my “片山 is too competent” complaint because he was pretty incompetent at quite a few points in my reading today and yesterday, especially when questioning 大中. It’s still a lot less pronounced than I thought it would be based on the start though, and everyone else is incompetent too, except from Holmes :cat2:

In my reading today the idiom/saying 犬も食わない came up and I hadn’t heard of it before, so I also read this short kotobank article on it: 犬も食わぬとは - コトバンク


Some of those children’s stories are really funny! My Level 0 Graded Readers are on a kid’s level, but the stories are very entertaining. Maybe because I am a retired 1st-2nd grade teacher, and my brain is on their level?!


やった! Despite my day being pretty packed with uni and sports, I still managed to do my Wanikani, Bunpro Reviews and to read chapter 9 of よつばと!
I think I understood even less in this chapter than in the ones before, maybe because the vocabulary is (probably) usually used in action movies etc.
Ive also noticed how useful kanji can be to read a sentence correctly. it said はなから and i just could get it. When i looked at the translation it said “out of your nose” and it made perfect sense, but it would’ve been easier to understand if it said 鼻から ^^

Looking forward to chapter 10 for tomorrow :))

Mini spoiler talk

This “university” is a joke, definitely. Morisaki did speak of corruption, though, and while I had initially dismissed the 学長 as a suspect because he was too obvious, we haven’t heard of him since, which is suspicious. And he was in favour of everything Morisaki opposed, 大中 and construction company included.
As for Katayama, ha, I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s competent, but he’s at least functional around dead bodies and women, and I expected him not to be. :grin:


April 11th!

I read chapter 48 of Yotsuba today, which was the final chapter of Volume 7.
It was an especially cute chapter since it had lots of animals.

The panel on page 197 where everybody was applauding the cow really made me laugh. And the whole of page 191 where she’s befriending the cow was super sweet.

I also read 3 chapters of Shirokuma Cafe. I’m enjoying the sound-alike puns even though they are almost always vocab I don’t know yet.

(Home Post)

Ooh, this looks adorable! I’ve added it to my to-read list!

more 三毛猫 chat

Yeah! I’m actually a bit unsure how much were meant to be like “oh wow this place is terribly run” and how much of it is just part of the general kind of farcical humour/tone of this book where everyone is a bit of a blundering cartoon character (which I am enjoying :smile:)

ooooh yeah, I’d done pretty much the same thing and then forgotten him when new shiny suspects turned up, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t come much more into play in later chapters (I’m not sure I suspect him of the student murders but he has to be on the suspect list for morisaki for sure)

aaand even more 三毛猫 spoiler chat (spoilers up to 2.4)

Yeah, the student murders seem to be more of a mystery, because in my mind we probably haven’t seen the killer yet - who do we even know that the students wouldn’t recognize by sight?
Morisaki on the other hand had his share of enemies, at home and university both. Now why would someone go to all the trouble of staging a closed room mystery is the question. 大中 must be at least indirectly involved in this - his ridiculous distraction was way too well timed.
Also, what is it with Morisaki reportedly pushing people away? I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily take 富田 at his word, but Morisaki did seem intent to push Yukiko into Katayama’s arms.
And what is her role in all this, exactly? :thinking:
And of course there’s Hayashi’s mystery, and Harumi’s mystery. Too much for a small cat to solve (because I’m sure no one else will). Can it be that it is all connected? Maybe the key to the mystery will be Katayama’s お見合い? :joy:


Summary post :bookmark:

April 11th :durtle_durtverted_lvl1:

・薬屋のひとりごと (17% → 19%)

Finished chapter eight. Was hard to focus today


Day 10-11 / Calendar
Didn’t write a post on the 11th, because I basically fell into my bed and then it was morning already, so I’m combining them.

Didn’t get much reading done, barely read a page or so spread across both days, so there’s some reading to catch up with. But 仕方がない eh?


I’ve heard that one before and honestly have been tempted to bring it into English. :joy:

Spoiler talk reply 三毛猫ホームズの推理

I personally don’t suspect 林 and am waiting for an ultracurveball of someone no one expected, but that’s just me. I want it to be like some jilted ex-professor or something. TBH even where I’m at now (almost 70% done) there’s not been much movement on that particular case although other pieces of intrigue have unfolded. I think it’s (kind of predictably) being saved for the very, very end.

Edit: Also I didn’t reply to the rest of the spoiler talk…because I’d spoil it :sweat_smile:


I’m reading every day it’s just that I don’t have time to post. Today I read 50 pages and finished the first volume of The Quintessential Quintuplets. It took a long time but I found some characters in a manga I can relate to. Lol it would be awesome having four twins sister we could learn japanese together and go to the JLPT and fail it together.


It would sound perfectly natural I think, no one would question it at all. Let’s start using it! :grin:

I’m choosing to believe that it’s based on the fact that a dog - unlike most cats - will eat anything, and not on the fact that some people used to (and still do) feed dogs the most disgusting leftovers no one else would touch.


Summary post

Read about 6600 characters today, so not bad! Not a lot to say – it took ages but I got distracted by a friend asking me about other stuff written in Japanese so I wasn’t totally wasted time, haha. I actually managed to go back and read a lot more last night so even that shorter day didn’t end up being so short :slightly_smiling_face:

He has a point here!

Two new wonderful words today. First off, 肩車 (かたぐるま), giving someone a ride on one’s shoulders. It’s shoulder car! :oncoming_automobile:

The second is 石鹸 (せっけん) which is just soap, but… look at it. They put a whole soap dispenser in the kanji. Very nice of them.


Day 11

なぜ?どうして?かがくのお話1年生: 31% → 35%

Read two stories: one about why cats’ tongue is rough as daikon grater, and another one about why dogs piss here and there when going for a walk.
I didn’t manage to understand some phrases in the dog story, but here are some I’m happy to have cracked:

おしっこを かける場所は、他の犬たちに、自分が 来たことを しらせる 「けいじばん」のような ものです - As for the place where piss is sprinkled, it’s like a bulletin board that notifies other dogs about one’s passage.

また、おしっこの においが、三、四日で きえて しまうので、犬は においを のこすために、毎日 さんぽに 行きたがるのです - Because piss odour ends up disappearing after 3-4 days, dogs seem eager to go for a walk every day in order to leave behind the odour.

This one phrase I almost understood, except for the last ようになる part:

所で、おす犬は 大人に なると、かたほうの 後ろ足を たかく 上げて おしっこを するように なります - “At this place (from 1st sentence), when male dogs become adult, they raise hind leg of one side high and reach the point where (???) they piss”. I’m not sure to what ようになる refers here. Could anyone knowledgeable clarify this? :bowing_woman:


I’m about to step away from the computer so can’t reply to all of this, but ようになる is a grammar point by itself

edit: かたほうの 後ろ足を たかく 上げて おしっこを するように なります → to be able to pee by raising one back leg / to make to pee? In English I guess we’d say “in order to pee, they lift one back leg”


Home post

Day 10:

日本語: I read a lot of 三毛猫ホームズの推理 (finished chapter 1) and some of TUGUMI.
Read-aloud: We read two chapters of 7SEEDS.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 骑士幻想夜, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.

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Locked and loaded with books, I will start reading a book about how enviroment affecs us, that genetics is not the end all be all in a person while using twins as evidence. Forgot name, don’t have book on me now, but for now my opinion some people are screwed by by it so I guess they would not like this book jaja.


Summary Post

April 11
Final Fantasy VII

  • 視点 = してん visual point, where you look. The context was 視点の切替 , changing the camera angle in the overworld map. It also has other meanings like point of view or opinion.
  • 切り替える = きりかえる to change (something for another thing), to replace, to switch over.
  • 草原 = そうげん meadows, grasslands, grass-covered plain.
  • 野生 = やせい wild (animal, etc).
  • 用心深い = ようじんぶかい wary, watchful.

I’m lending the Switch to my brother this week because he has a long flight and asked if he could borrow it, so no more FF7 until next week. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing yet, I guess I’ll see tomorrow, but either continue the ever-forsaken Tobira or start a new game. So far FF7 has been really great, I’m very grateful it just seems perfect for my current level. I guess I’m used to trying my luck with hard resources I’m not ready for and this is what it feels like when you find something that really is suitable for your level, and honestly it feels super good. It’s hard finding something that matches your level and that you find interesting at the same time, because sure you can pick whatever only for its level alone, but if it’s boring then what’s the point. I think usually I’m into things that fall into the harder side of language; I guess that’s super easy if you’re into something like RPGs and whatnot. It’s honestly a constant challenge, balancing difficulty and interest.

Also, do you ever review a word for some time in your SRS, and then after a while you get it again and think: I’ve never seen this word in my life. Then wonder how it even made it into the SRS in the first place :joy: . Funny when that happens.


㋃11 – Day 11

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険

I think the small print speech bubbles will be the death of me. They’re physically painful to my eyes. At least between the furigana and my kanji reading abilities, I can decipher what’s actually there.

On the bright side, this is also one of my favorite parts of Part 1 and now I feel like rewatching the anime to enjoy it in motion. When it wasn’t physically difficult to read, I was able to read at least Dio’s lines in his voice actor’s voice in my head.

some of my favorite panels. They’re mainly used in the opening so soft spoilers?

I love wall Dio. I should commission wall Dio. That smug look and model walk is :weary: