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Day 4 - Calendar

Well, like yesterday I was relatively busy and just so tired. I didn’t do much. But I’m happy that I kept up with the challenge and read a little at least.
I continued on with 夜カフェ and read about 4 pages of chapter 8. As easy as the last chapter was, I somewhat struggled today. Maybe it’s due the lack of sleep though.
Anyways, just learned 板いた today as vocabulary and it showed up in todays reading. Sorta like when stuff like this happens.


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Today I translated 3 pages of よつばと!I finally finished chapter 4, at my pace these things take a while :sweat_smile: onward to chapter 5

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春2022の毎日読みチャレンジ 4日 :heavy_check_mark:

Today, I read 1 1/2 pages to finish up section 2 of 燃える. All translated as well so far, I’m just struggling with one sentence and how to translate it. Probably overthinking it but I thought maybe someone else can tell me more. No worries, not really spoiler-y:

The sentence and my blurred thoughts on it


For a bit of context: Kusanagi (I think he is a detective?) goes with Kanamori, a potential witness to the crime, to another witness called Maeshima because Maeshima is mute and Kanamori offered (kinda) to translate. Kusanagi asks his questions, looks over and sees a difficult book by Ray Bradbury, and they talk briefly about it, and Kusanagi says that he once tried to read it, but did not finish it and makes a self-deprecating comment about it not being in his nature. Then comes the sentence above.

My thoughts:

While I am not sure, I think until the first comma, it’s Kusanagi kinda laughing about his own comment while Kanamori doesn’t get the joke and doesn’t laugh (the middle part) and is instead just flabbergasted (last part).

Some fun vocabulary

突っ込む - to thrust something into something
無愛想 - grumpy, unsocial, short, unfriendly
手がかりを見つける - to find clues, leads
何気なく - coincidentally, innocently
Not per se a word in the pages but interesting nonetheless: 何気なく装う - to pretend to be innocent
きょとんとして - flabbergasted (for some reason I think of a wall suddenly popping up and you running into it so you’re flabbergasted by it)


I’d say you’re on the right track!

笑わせるつもりだったが、(intended to make laugh)

金森は笑わず、(Kanamori, without laughing)

きょとんとしていた。(looked blankly)

Altogether: I had intended to make him laugh, but Kanamori just looked at me blankly, without laughing.

You can jazz it up from there, but I believe that’s the basic idea.


Day 4

こぐまのクーク物語: はじめての海とキャンプ: 31% → 48%

Here’s a somewhat complex sentence I was happy to completely understand:

クークは、かき氷を食べながら、波なみを、あきることなく見つめた - While eating shaved ice, Kuku was tirelessly staring at the waves

æ³¢ - wave
あきる - to get tired of

I’m tempted to start reading another book at the same time, since I have just received a bunch of 10分1年生, but I suspect that if I do this, I won’t finish the current one.


Day 2 :snowflake: :cloud:

The whining section becomes a regular thing, I'm scared

Had an incredibly mediocre day at work, probably should not have stressed that much but oh well.
Today I was planning to jump into the 夜カフェ that lots of you guys seem to read at the moment. Never really touched a book so indeed I was hyping up myself. The moment I opened the first page my god I went hysterical. Never would’ve guessed I had this in me. A sheer amount of words and concentrated information just struck something within me that should not be meddled with. Guess I’ll have to hold back a bit with the ranobe.

So anyways I went with a simpler route and decided to restart reading Death Note. I totally forgot how vocab-intense it was since I dropped it at the start of the year so it’s going a bit tough at the moment. The good news is I also forgot how incredibly sick the art style is, so I’m enjoying it twice as much.

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That can always happen but you may also miss on some super awesome ones if you are afraid to get something which looks interesting. As for me I always get the visual novels with awesome looking art.

Speaking of otome games I think I already played an otome game the crazy one with the pigeons but in english. It was before I started studying japanese.


Booklet 2 in this volume is done. :grin: on to number 3 (or nr 8 if counting for the whole level) tomorrow!

Both stories were enjoyable to read. Which is not always the case due to content. :joy: I’m not a fan of tragedies which makes Japanese fairy tales and folk tales hard for me sometimes. :sweat_smile:


Today I spent a bit more time listening to la quête d’ewilan than usual since there was only a short chapter of around 3 minutes left to finish the first part of the book club im reading it with. I also noticed that that is scheduled for 2 months and not just April, so I have way more time than I thought. I think I’ll keep aiming for ~10 minutes a day and just go over the week’s part again when I’m done. It won’t be the completely passive exposure I was going for, but :man_shrugging:
I also read another chapter of le petit Nicolas. That’s become a thing I can do when I’m tired already, which is great. :blush:

My progress since last time

Le petite Nicolas (87→95/148p)(49→53%)
La quête d’ewilan: d’un monde à l’autre (34→58/334m)(10→14%)
A1 5 Minuten-Lektüren Où est le thym (1/20 stories→NA)


Day 4 / Calendar

Today I didn’t have much time to read for reasons. So I’ve only read 3 pages of Takagi-san in about 30 minutes or so while being occupied with entirely different things. The reading itself went well, didn’t need much dictionary usage and only found 1 or 2 sentences where I didn’t know where to even begin.


April 4th!

Chapter 44 of Yotsuba today - The chapter was called よつばとねつ, which is a coincidence since I’ve come down with a bit of a nasty cold, so I have a temperature too. :face_with_thermometer:

I was sad that she never got to go and see the cows, but the panels of her dad pulling her along in the futon were adorable :blush:

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Day 4

Today I read the third chapter of 透明カメレオン!That puts me at page 72!!

To think, in less than I year I’m be able to read “real” books, and read a chapter within one day. How?!? I’m so grateful for this challenge. It improves my confidence by leaps and bounds.

Having said that though… I felt lazy today. I didn’t want to look up how to pronounce the word if I understood the meaning, or the grammar point of I got the idea. It was a good day for reading, and a bad day for studying :sweat_smile:

As for the story… the main character is just digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole. It’s getting cringy :grimacing: The girl (who may or may not have committed a crime!!) is a big fan of our main character‘s radio show. The main character obviously has some kind of crush on her, but doesn’t want to reveal his face for fear she’ll stop being a fan/talking with him at the bar. Basically what starts off as an innocent taking-advantage-of-a-misunderstanding is now turning into him fully lying to her. It’d be so easy for her to discover his lie! Plus, he’s bringing other people into it… it’s just, unending tension hanging by a thread :see_no_evil:

The words I wasn’t able to guess the meaning of:

• 遮る — (さえぎる) to interrupt
• いい歳して — (とし) to be old enough (to know better)
• 踵 — (かかと) heel (of foot)
• 津々— (しんしん) overflowing, gushing
• 煩わしい — (わずら) troublesome, annoying, complicated
• 頭頂部 — (とうちょうぶ) top area of one’s head

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Day 4 :heavy_check_mark: :cat2:

三毛猫ホームズの推理 ~14% to 17%, chapter 1 section 4

On weekdays it’s harder to find time to read, as I’m finding out. I wanted to finish section 4 but there are still some pages left. I’ll also probably need to start posting daily updates on the day after, because I’m a little too sleepy right now… Anyway, a fun chapter, had me chuckling several times.

Interesting words and expressions

息を切らす - to be out of breath
パクつく - to open one’s mouth wide and eat heartily; to gulp down food
血の気が引く - to turn pale
言いよる - to make advances, to court, to woo
夢うつつ - half asleep and half awake
色っぽい - sexy, erotic (I almost didn’t look it up, thinking it meant “colourful”!)
軽業師 - acrobat
高所恐怖症 - fear of heights
息を呑む - to gasp, to gulp, to have your breath taken away
しどろもどろ - confused, incoherent


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April 4th :seedling:

・Honzuki no Gekokujou 9 (93% → 95%)

Tiny read, tiny update :3 Tomorrow I’ll have time to finish book :eyes:


Life completely got in the way today, so I only got to read two pages of かがみの孤城 🪞 Week 19 :slightly_frowning_face:


Summary Post

April 4
Final Fantasy VII

  • 機動 = きどう a noun meaning manoeuvre, but also mobile, agile or quick to respond.
  • 試作 = しさく prototype, experiment, trial manufacture.
  • 寄生 = きせい parasite.
  • 会食 = かいしょく dining together with someone/people.
  • 多忙 = たぼう very busy.
  • 始末 = しまつ dealing, management, getting rid of (I don’t think I understand this one completely yet, has a few meanings but the context was of someone saying “I’ll deal with you maggots” or something like that).
  • いきなり = all of a sudden, abruptly.
  • 花畑 = はなばたけ a flower garden.
  • 人材 = じんざい capable person, talented person.
  • 素質 = そしつ qualities, genius, character (J-J dictionary defines it as the qualities/capabilities you are born with).
  • 誘惑 = ゆうわく temptation.


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So far this month I read 夜カフェ first part of Chapter two over 3 days (for the beginner book club) and one chapter of Happiness for the absolute beginner book club, though I’m still half a chapter behind the club there. :slight_smile:

I really have been enjoying reading again. I already mentioned that I felt a bit fatigued at the end of the last challenge, so I’m glad this didn’t carry over :heart:



Summary post

There’s a big old confluence of various pieces of bad news and some recurring health problems but truly, what is a Daisoujou update without some variation on “outside of reading my life is a mess” :upside_down_face:

So I’m trying to ignore all that and study harder lol. I did manage ~7100 words and 495 lines in a reasonable enough time, which is at least a new high for this challenge. These routes do repeat their core vocab a lot.

Hiding the image once more for the same reason as last time, very light implied spoilers. Better to be totally safe

Forest talk

Today marks yet another sighting of N1 grammar, に至るまで (にいたるまで, sort of “until” or “as far as”). One website marks it as N2. No one knows; N levels are mysterious. I’ve noticed I’ve really developed a sense for what’s going to be a clustered grammar point like this based on seeing it in the sentence context, so that’s nice.

The word of the day is 人気 which is NOT にんき, but instead, ひとけ (sign of life/human presence or humanity). Don’t we all love it when the same kanji combination can be multiple words? :upside_down_face:

I wanna jazz this post up but I’m tired. もう疲れた


April 4th :cherry_blossom: :cat2: :cherry_blossom: (Day 4)

Home post

Only a very smol update, had little time to spend on reading:
Today I’ve finished reading 夜中の汽笛について, あるいは物語の効用について and re-read some of the passages out loud to myself a few times. I’ve also annotated the text with some readings/meanings where necessary.
I’ve noticed that each time I re-read the story, I understand it a little better - and each time the emotions conveyed in the text become a little more profound and vivid. Yet to read the English translation - will be interesting.
While I don’t want to keep going at this story for too long (because it feels a lil lazy), I also don’t want to move on from it. There is still so much to understand! Damn is this fun :333


Day 4

Had a decent amount of time for reading today, as had to take some long trains for work. As a result, read from 8-14% 三毛猫ホームズの推理 (to end chater 1 part 3) and 67-72% すべてがFになる。Might read a bit more すべてがFになる as I feel like it’s just at the edge of some plot reveals but also I should sleep.

Progress though! I feel like 三毛猫ホームズの推理 felt way more manageable today than it did the previous two days. I feel like every time I start reading something new I have a period of ‘argh, why is japanese hard again!’ but luckily with each book I read that period seems to be getting shorter (helped this time I’m sure by the fact that I’ve been reading other crime fiction). Continuing to really like 三毛猫ホームズの推理. It’s just got a very pleasant tone to it. (More thoughts ahead、no real spoilers but being cautious) I appreciated the little glimpse we got of 片山 and his sister, they seem to have quite a fun dynamic and I’m excited to see more of them interacting. Also very excited to start getting some cat detective!!! :cat2: pretty intrigued about what’s up with 森崎 after that section :thinking:

You see, my bet is that the location is being set up because the book will end with an incredibly dramatic showdown on top of the crane, action movie style.