📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

So it is time for my weekly Weekend update post: Homethread 3/61

I started well into the challenge and completed the first 3 days with flying colors. On Friday and Saturday I finished up my reading from the advanced book club for the week (薬屋のひとりごと) wich I will drop from now on. It was fine but my lack of vocabulary made it more time intensive than I would have liked.

Today then I completed the reading from the beginner book club which starts to get moving pretty quickly. Can recommend it to anyone still looking for something interesting and simple to read to add to this challenge. Join us we are just getting started!

All throughout this time I’m still doing my Anki reviews and reading some news articles, watching some Japanese Youtube. My Anki load is pretty low at the moment so it’s perfect to fit it into breaks every now and then. Since I do full sentence reviews it probably also counts as reading ^^.

Moving forward I will do the reading for the かばいばあちゃん club in the beginning of next week (2-3 days). Also after now having dropped the advanced book club I will probably fill some days in with Slam Dunk again. Additionally I put my Tobira readthrough on hold ever since I started the advanced book club. So my plan is to start slowly working through it again. The reinfocement of the already familiar grammar feels useful and here and there I also find some word I didn’t know yet.

Still enjoying the updates of everyody so keep them coming. I’m reading them intensely even if I only post my update every week!