📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

:joy_cat: I just glanced at the poll and was like, why do all the books have such weird titles? Then I read the text above it…

I think you somehow infected me with your summer-ghost-story-reading, and so I bought 宮部みゆきの江戸怪談散歩 which is 50% discounted right now on Bookwalker, and to my huge surprise it contains lots of connections to today’s Tokyo, even with pictures and maps of where the stories took place :joy_cat:
I think I might be able to slip one or two of these short stories into my reading list for the summer challenge :grin:

I don’t think that’s weird at all because if reading is (still) too hard for you, then it can quickly become demotivating. If it’s only one book out of a bunch, it doesn’t matter too much as you can always read something else. But if your level is still so low that basically every book feels too hard and draining, then of course you will not be very motivated. It was really great to watch you jump that chasm and take on more difficult books! Just keep going, and you will keep learning faster than you think :blush:

Which is to say, the Spring Challenge is over! Thank you very much to all your contributions, it was great fun reading them :smiley:
Here is what I read during the challenge - quite a mixed bag actually. Finished three books:

  • :sailboat: 沖で待つ
  • :pirate_flag: Flesh & Blood 1
  • :older_woman: 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん from the Intermediate Book Club

One each month, to keep my bookmeter stats happy :laughing: