📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Summary post :bookmark:

June 30th :seedling:

・詩的私的ジャック - Jack the Poetical Private (31% → 36%)

Finished chapter 4! :durtle_the_explorer:

Bob best boi!
Such timing, I came across this word for ‘fan’ :eyes: Maybe not the term one would use to describe oneself tho :joy:


:books::books: End of Spring Challenge :cherry_blossom: :seedling:

Most of April and May went by as tiny read days due to busy preparing for exams. Didn’t read every day during June, but it was kind of refreshing to take a break since the official challenge had ended already.

First time I managed to finish a book within a week: かがみの孤城(下)
Previous record was probably SAO 7 in 11 days (summer 2021).

What did I read?

Title Type Progress Finish date
本好きの下剋上 9 新文芸? :durtle_durtverted_lvl1: 75% → 100% April 5th
お兄ちゃんはおしまい! 2 Manga 0% → 100% May 6
薬屋のひとりごと 1 LN 7% → 100% May 10
SPY×FAMILY 1 Manga 0% → 100% May 13
薬屋のひとりごと 2 LN 0% → 100% May 31
かがみの孤城(下) Book 0% → 100% June 10
この音とまれ! 21 Manga 0% → 100% June 25
Sword Art Online Progressive 1 LN 0% → 50%
詩的私的ジャック Book 0% → 36%
Loopers VN Part 1+2 of playlist

:durtle_durtverted_lvl1: I thought Honzuki was a light novel this whole time ??? douiukoto

Redglare’s tendencies:

  • Gets more reading done the earlier in the day she starts.
  • The start of a book is still the hardest part.
  • Reading out loud is a sure-fire way to keep attention from wandering.
  • Slow, tired days = bigger font to prevent eye strain and to reach end of pages faster
  • Fast, energized days = smol font for going nyoom
  • Seems like it is easier for me to read one book at a time. 没頭するのが好きなんです。
  • Gets motivated by looking at personal book tracker.
  • Spends way too much time on the forum :caught_durtling:

June 30

I would like to say that I read Japanese on this last day of the off month for the spring challenge, but unless I suddenly feel a lot more awake, it isn’t likely. I did play some Aterlier Sophie, so got some listening practice done in any case.

I’m still posting today because LAST DAY!

With today, I will have missed one day, and (see next post) I decided to take a break for 3 days during June. Feels right to take a break during the off month, and just a few days fit perfectly for me.

I wanted to once again thank everyone for their updates, encouragements, grammar help! and the interesting discussions we’ve had here.

It is due to this thread that I’m leading a book club. :scream: And I think without this, I wouldn’t have considered joining the VN club starting up July 15, but I will.

I’m so much more enthusiastic about reading which feels a bit weird to say from a self-proclaimed bookworm, but true nonetheless. I also feel more confident that I will eventually see the end of my current collection… well, in a couple of years perhaps. :joy:

I’ve had a great time, and I’m looking forward to starting the summer challenge with you all tomorrow! :orange_heart:


Well, got less tired and decided to peek at one of my new purchases and ended up reading the whole first chapter of ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ. I only meant to check out a couple of pages but before I knew it the chapter ended.

I did no look ups partly because no furigana and I was only gonna check the first few pages anyway. Probably won’t keep reading it right now since I have enough on my plate but it was a lot of fun. :star_struck:


It’s not just you, I think using the word “bias” like that would sound weird to the majority of native English speakers too :joy:

A discussion on the k-pop fandom lexicon that literally no one asked for xD

I think this particular usage of “bias” has to have originated in the k-pop fandom, because I’ve never heard “bias” being used like that in really any other context, but I don’t think that Korean uses “bias” in the same way, I think it must have come from non-Korean k-pop fans somehow? xD I got curious and I learned (from Google) that the corresponding Korean word seems to be 최애 (choi-ae), which stands for a longer phrase that basically means “the one I love the most.” So nothing really to do with the term “bias” per se. I think the use of the term “bias” in the English-speaking part of the fandom probably comes from the idea that you’re “biased” toward that person because you like them the most. So you’re [member name]-biased. That person is your bias. You bias them. [Group name] is your bias group. “Oh you like that group too? Who’s your bias?” “Definitely X, I love him so much lsdhflsdhjkflsdlkfhjlskn” :joy: It sounds really natural to me now in a k-pop context (maybe because I’m in too deep :eyes:) but it does sound supremely weird outside of that context imo :joy: Like I don’t think I would ever use it toward a member of a Western group, and I doubt that any English speaker who isn’t tuned into k-pop (or I guess maybe j-pop) would ever use “bias” like that. (Hence why “Bob is my bias” sounds extra funny to me lmao, like is there any name that a k-pop idol is less likely to have than Bob? Bob is an elderly/middle-aged white man living in Nebraska who’s never heard the word ‘k-pop’ in all his life :joy:) If I’m talking to non-kpoppers, I’ll usually just say “oh, he’s my favorite” or something. It’s sort of an in-group only slang kind of thing imo.

Sorry, idk if this is even interesting for anyone else to read but I’m having fun rambling about biases :rofl:
Meanwhile I just realized that I forgot to ever do a summary post for this challenge, whoops
My priorities are obviously in order


june 30 :cherry_blossom: home post

Finished off the spring challenge with 少女終末旅行1!

June/Spring 2022 Recap

Here are the all the books & Satori stories I finished these last 3 months:

Book Type Completed Apr 1
コナの大冒険 Satori Apr 13 91%
極主夫道3 Manga Apr 17 20%
三途の川 Satori April 30
隣人 Satori May 2 42%
ふらいんぐうぃっち1 Manga May 16 25%
極主夫道4 Manga June 15
ゆびさきと恋々1 Manga June 20
神々のトライフォース Manga June 21 23%
少女終末旅行1 Manga June 30

And not shown here are 夜カフェ (which I read quite a bit of in June) and 極主夫道5. I barely read in May, but I kind of went a bit overboard in June (is there such thing?)

Plans for Summer 2022 challenge

I wanted to start the summer challenge with completely new things other than 極主夫道5, but it looks like I’ll still be reading 夜カフェ as well. I just couldn’t finish it by today.

So here’s what I’m reading these next few months:

  • 極主夫道 - continuing from this challenge
  • 夜カフェ - continuing from this challenge
  • Orange - July 2
  • ルーパーズ - July 15
  • シャドウハウス - July 16
  • 時のオカリナ (manga not game) - whenever it arrives (hopefully soon!!)

As for Satori, well, I don’t know if I’ll continue reading those. I’d rather focus on these other things

See y’all tomorrow in the summer challenge thread! :smiley:


I just found out about this. I’m excited for the idea of reading the novel in time for the movie to come out in November.

I wonder if anyone would be interested in joining me in this challenge! It’s a little longer than I expected at 384pages though … It might be a little tricky to finish in time. (384pages/80days = 5pages/day = 34pages/week)
I really need to improve my reading speed.


June 30 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

I didn’t have a lot of time to read today, so I just read a bit of the next manga in my backlog, やがて(きみ)になる. I’m enjoying it so far! And with that it’s officially onto the summer challenge; hopefully I’ll have more time tomorrow to get off to a good start :grin:


:joy_cat: I just glanced at the poll and was like, why do all the books have such weird titles? Then I read the text above it…

I think you somehow infected me with your summer-ghost-story-reading, and so I bought 宮部みゆきの江戸怪談散歩 which is 50% discounted right now on Bookwalker, and to my huge surprise it contains lots of connections to today’s Tokyo, even with pictures and maps of where the stories took place :joy_cat:
I think I might be able to slip one or two of these short stories into my reading list for the summer challenge :grin:

I don’t think that’s weird at all because if reading is (still) too hard for you, then it can quickly become demotivating. If it’s only one book out of a bunch, it doesn’t matter too much as you can always read something else. But if your level is still so low that basically every book feels too hard and draining, then of course you will not be very motivated. It was really great to watch you jump that chasm and take on more difficult books! Just keep going, and you will keep learning faster than you think :blush:

Which is to say, the Spring Challenge is over! Thank you very much to all your contributions, it was great fun reading them :smiley:
Here is what I read during the challenge - quite a mixed bag actually. Finished three books:

  • :sailboat: 沖で待つ
  • :pirate_flag: Flesh & Blood 1
  • :older_woman: 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん from the Intermediate Book Club

One each month, to keep my bookmeter stats happy :laughing:


Oh good, my evil scheme is starting to work then! :smiling_imp: :joy:
I hope you enjoy it! Let us know how it goes! I had looked at that book too, but actually the pictures and maps put me off a little. I like my ghost stories to not be connected to reality too much! :sweat_smile:
From what I can see it’s not 50% discounted, but 50% coins back, no? It amounts to the same thing in the long run, just making sure.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Methinks that your vote was not entirely based on the opening sentence alone… Surely it must have reminded you of something? :grin:


確かに, it reminded me of something :joy_cat: How’d you know? :thinking: I’m still not sure whether that’s actually the opening sentence of what I have in mind (I thought they mentioned the move a tad later) but even so I still think it’s a great first sentence, because (a) it indicates that there are normal grown-up people in the book and (b) it feels so innocent-naive, and at the same time something dark is looming overhead. But yeah, if it’s really the first sentence of 穴, then I should probably change my vote because I said I’m not sure whether I’d recommend it.


It is, but don’t change it! It’s obvious you really were evaluating the first sentence only, so you played by the rules :smiley:

By the way, poll maths are funny. Maybe the poll itself has an opinion on what I should read? Because otherwise I don’t see why 3 people out of 9 count as 33%, but another group of 3 people out of 9 count as 34% (sure, rounding up, but why those 3 specifically? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


I am guilty as well! :smiley: I’m actually starting to think it might be the type of book you’re looking for, so I’d be interested what you think of it


June was really productive for me! I also managed to experience the “reading 100 pages of a braindead book/light novel a day”, which is a new daily record for me. I started reading ifの悲劇 and it’s been very whack so far, but somehow very easy to read. I read 40% of the book yesterday, which pushed my daily average for June above 20 pages a day!

I also finished 3 books this month:

  • 島田洋七『佐賀のがばいばあちゃん』
  • 柳美里『JR上野駅公園口』
  • 小山田浩子『穴』

Let’s see what books I’m gonna read in July!


Now I need to show off my pretty June stats as well :rofl:

For me the “read x pages of braindead book” moment was with がばいばあちゃん :grin: I mean, it’s a bit unfair since the pages contain so little text, but otoh the publisher decided to release it that way, so there’s nothing I could do about it :laughing: :innocent:


Thank you. :blush:

I wasn’t really thinking about motivation. More excitement and anticipation about reading. And in many ways, I think it is because it proved less hard than I thought it would be to read.

Well, Zenitendou is perhaps a bit of an outlier, because while the language hasn’t proven too hard (although switching to narrative text again did take a bit to getting used to), I seem to have very little stamina for reading it. When I can easily gobble up a 50-page chapter of manga but 3 pages of a book (that isn’t that hard) is tiring, that seems to be some kind of stamina problem.

So anyway, being enthusiastic more about diving into more reading and trying new mediums, and being willing to lead a book club, and so on. All that stuff. ^^



I passed out yesterday before I could even think about posting lol. I was finally able to do the first coat of paint on my shelves, and it’s more exhausting than I thought, even with a roller brush, and even with being able to use it with either my right or left hand.

I read 4 pages of 明日をくれた君に, leaving off on pg 51. I’m almost done with ch 1!

I kinda miss how in 2.43, each chapter is further divided into subchapters. Granted, the chapters are about twice as long as in this, and yeah, there are still sections demarcated by asterisks and/or a blank line, but the satisfaction of coming to the end of a subchapter is only a little less than that of coming to the end of a chapter, a.k.a. way more than coming to an asterisk or a white line break, or whatever the hell those are called. Need me the serotonin.

Some vocab of nore:

錯覚 (さっかく) [noun, する verb] optical illusion; hallucination
靄がかかる (もやがかかる) [expression, ラ五] to be hazy; to be misty. Usually used as 靄がかかって or 靄がかかった.
全方位 (ぜんほうい) [noun] every direction
何食わぬ顔 (なにくわぬかお) [expression, noun] innocent look; nonchalant look; look of innocence; air of innocence


Do you mean that you’d like to start a book club for it? (If so, I’m totally in, and I’ll definitely be getting it once it comes out, then)

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Post Mortem!

This challenge really got me to increase my abilities and read more than before. I think it’s helped me to be able to potentially reach my goal of reading 50 books/volumes this year as well.

It’s been a pretty challenging year for me and I’m realizing that I’m not one of those people who can fall back on routine when I’m not doing well. I need time to process and recover. That’s super clear when you look at my data in graph form.

Mid to late May held several health problems in store for me and I just didn’t have energy to do much. Then you can see I was getting back on track while trying to also catch up with work and something happened. Physically I’m alright and nothing happened to me, but it’s something that I’m still working on processing.

Other than that, I wanted to finish strong last night, but I ended up pulling an all-nighter for work :joy: I got the work done at least.

Without the days where I didn’t read (6), my graph would look like…

I went from reading an average of 15 pages per day to about 25 pages per day. I hope I can push that even further this summer!


Oooh :exploding_head: I recently happened across 頸部 (neck (region)), so that suddenly makes a lot of sense.