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I’m not interested in historical fiction as such, it was more the supernatural element that I was looking for at this point (although I tend to avoid it usually). I guess I’d better leave those books of hers aside then, and put 火車 on my list for later. Thanks :slight_smile:

Both downloaded and ready to read! :+1:
the only question is when…


I have read some of her other Edo-period ghost-story-ish books, but although I know I had fun reading them at the time I can’t remember enough about any of them to specifically recommend one. I don’t think
あやし was particularly atypical, anyway.


June 28th!

I read chapter 75 of Yotsuba today, but found it too sad to leave it without finding out what happened next. (It was the Chapter where ジュラルミン gets washed and the voicebox inside gets broken)
So I ended up reading Chapter 76 too to find out what happened!
This meant I unexpectedly ended up finishing Volume 11 today. :slight_smile:

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June 28

Reread another 7,5 (or was it 8,5?) pages today to finish off rereading the first story in volume 1 of Zenitendou. Felt absolutely fine.

So my hypothesis for why rereading the first part felt harder than the later parts of the story: I (re)read late afternoon (right before dinner), it was hot, I was tired, I hadn’t read Japanese in three days.

It just felt inexplicable at the time, but it was perhaps only a matter of several not-good conditions acting together.

I didn’t end up reading more today, partly because I spent a lot of time on the forum today instead, and opening packages with books. :eyes:

True. :sweat_smile: My wallet is crying tears of blood. :sob: :drop_of_blood: :sob: :drop_of_blood:

Funnily enough, I was looking through these books I bought and only 2 of them (of the same series) are not in any way related to a WK book club. (And the grammar dictionaries obviously…)

Some are past books like Fukaboku, or current ones like Yoru cafe (although I think that finishes soon?), or upcoming one (耳をすませば). Zenitendou 4-6 isn’t technically part of a past book club because I don’t think there is any discussion past volume 2 in the spinoff thread (or not much talk past that anyway), but still technically spinoffs from a book club.

Orange 7 is, of course, a future/upcoming part of the book club I’m leading that is starting on Saturday with volume 1. :tangerine: Obligatory link to club because as shepherd of the club, I gotta recruit, right?

The rest of the books are nominations in BBC.

And then we have the Hotel manga, the only (currently) non-WK book club books I bought. :joy:

The book clubs are too good at recommending books, me thinks. :thinking: (The hotel manga is however a recommendation from the forum, so even that one I didn’t find outside this place :joy: )


I think we should definitely change that :rofl:


Summary post :bookmark:

June 28th :seedling:

・詩的私的ジャック - Jack the Poetical Private (27% → 30%)
・Loopers (Part 1 and 2 of this playlist on youtube)

The VN book club got me interested :eyes: Have only tried one or two in the past, in English, but it was kinda meh, so haven’t really been looking into those since I started learning Japanese. But this one seems fun so far :3 Can’t quite keep up with the pace of the text even if I know all the words, much less when I don’t know all the words, so plenty of pausing throughout the videos.

Leebo for sure would join the grammar book club :smiley:


Maybe @Naphthalene or @rodan could educate us in which book club(s) ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ would fit. It could be my first nomination in a main club. :joy:

Or maybe you meant:


If it would help me read the introduction to all three volumes, which has a lot of dense, and useful, grammar instruction, I’m game. :crazy_face:


I would say the Beginner Book Club.


I haven’t really kept track of either club very closely, but I think either beginner or intermediate would both be arguable.
There’s little furigana and it’s not aimed specifically at a young audience, but all the dialogue is clear and straightforward I’d say, and the only specialized vocabulary I can recall is like… Finnish.


Yes, I was referring to a book club for the dictionaries! So far I mainly browsed them, but it would probably be quite enlightening to read them completely! Or at least the Beginner one.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to encourage you to nominate the manga :joy_cat:

:exploding_head: Is there a way to explain this in a few words? I’m getting really curious :smiley:


Well, I’d summarize the premise as:

Japanese boy with mysterious past winds up at a hotel in Lapland.

So… that’s why there’s Finnish – it’s set in Finland. :sweat_smile:


Haha that sounds pretty hilarious and should probably induce lots of funny scenes :laughing:


Honestly it largely brushes aside any language barrier or things like that (I think he has part Finnish background too? I mostly read it month-to-month so it’s easier to lose track of exact premise details). In practice it’s mostly just about a nice young man being taken in by good-hearted hoteliers and like, learning to accommodate guests and stuff.

But there’s definitely both comedy and drama mixed in!


Oh I see, feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity but maybe the author has other goals in mind after all.
Thanks for letting me in on the Finnish-related secret :wink:


(📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱 - #12 by DIO-Berry)

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 17巻

69 - 94

Once again realized that I had to go to sleep in order to function later lol :sweat_smile: :sob:

Enya says something really graphic that she wants to do and I want to check if it’s “via xyz” or “and xyz.” It’s so gory though, I’m not sure I should ask on WK :joy: :sweat_smile: and I worry I might concern my friends if I ask them :sweat_smile:



If anyone like snails, here’s an adorable one in the rain with an ENG+JP caption.

I read 5 pages of 明日をくれた君に, leaving off on pg 46. I completely forgot Kaito’s surname is Ichinose lmao when someone mentions an Ichinose-kun and the way Midzuki acts in front of him, I’m like, what? It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out who they meant, even though he’s really the only guy she interacts with. I am so bad with names.

I continued with 青年ドリーミー, finishing the volume. No but it’s cute because even though their first meeting since middle school is when Kazunari drops his phone while scrolling through the feed of the idol he stans (uh, what’s it called? His bias? Or is that just Kpop? I don’t go here lol) and Wataru picks it up and calls him キモッ for being an idol otaku, but he still finds him and it interesting, and he supports him and even joins in, like when he goes to a concert with him and cheers for his fave with him, and he also learns the dance for their latest single with him. Wataru likes fashion, so even though he doesn’t particularly care about idols, he becomes interested in the different outfits they wear during their shows. He finds a way to participate in Kazunari’s interests even as a normie. He’s the best boyfriend. I really liked this one.

I also read わたしのかみさま, the third story included in 竜のかわいい七つの子. It’s the shortest story in this collection at only 17 pages, but it’s a good one. It’s set in a world where gods are everywhere, ranging from giant puppy-shaped gods who play around apartment buildings to teeny-tiny humanoid gods living on grains of rice, but only children can see them. Yukie, a 6th-grader studying to get into a good middle school, meets a god of the hills and fields who looks like a fish who, as the local river is being filled in for construction, now no longer has a home. Thinking that if she prays to the god she can get better grades, she takes them home and puts them in her old rhinoceros beetle tank, buying a few minnows to put in as well so that her mother won’t dump out the water (and the god). As the god’s power wanes now that they’re no longer a god of anything, they grow smaller and more transparent, until finally Yukie can’t see them anymore. She buys enrichment for the tank (sand, plants, etc.) and starts taking proper care of the minnows, and the god appears again, now minnow-sized but properly able to exist because this fish tank has become their new domain. They pray for her success, but as they’re just a fish tank god and not a god of academics, they aren’t any help and she still fails the entrance exam lol

Some vocab of note:

下校 (げこう) [noun, する verb] leaving school (at the end of the day); getting out of school; coming home from school
気が引ける (きがひける) [expression, 一] to feel awkward; to feel ashamed; to feel inferior; to feel shy (about doing something)
ヘソを曲げる (ヘソをまげる) [expression, 一] to go into a sulk; to get cranky; to become cross
非の打ち所がない (ひのうちどころがない) [expression, い-adjective] impeccable; unimpeachable; cannot be faulted; beyond reproach; perfect
力む (りきむ) to strain oneself; to bear down; to exert oneself; to try (too) hard; to draw one’s body taut. to put on a bold front; to make a show of strength; to swagger; to bluff; to boast
帯びる (おびる) [一, transitive] to have a trace of; to be tinged with
せり上がる (せりあがる) ]ラ五, intransitive] to gradually rise
陰口 (かげぐち) [noun] malicious gossip; backbiting; speaking ill behind someone’s back
立ち竦む (たちすくむ) [マ五, intransitive] to be petrified; to be unable to move; to be paralyzed (with terror); to be stupefied (with amazement)
鉢合わせる (はちあわせる) [一, transitive] to bump heads; to bump into one another; to collide head-on. to meet by chance; to encounter; to run into.
オタ芸 (オタげい) [noun] type of dancing and shouting performed by fans at concerts (usu. idol concerts)
立ちくらみ (たちくらみ) [noun] dizziness from standing up too fast; lightheadedness; vertigo; orthostatic syncope
ソリが合わない (ソリがあわない) [expression, い-adjective] unable to get along; unable to cooperate; unable to hit it off; not seeing eye to eye
つかぬこと [expression] something unrelated (to what has been discussed thus far)
神も仏もない (かみもほとけもない) [expression] it’s a cruel world


I rather like the literal translation of this. It evokes a stronger emotion than it's a cruel world, at least for me.


That’s true, but in the context, it was spoken by a god to the main character who’d prayed to them to pass her entrance exams but failed because they were merely the god of a small fish tank, not a god of academics. It wouldn’t make sense for them, as a god, to say, “There is no god or Buddha.”


I hope you enjoy! I’m excited to get started. And I’m really glad to know that sharing those videos was useful for someone. Sometimes the default auto speed on VNs even in English is pushing a rate where I have to stay focused, so the pausing is more than understandable.


June 28 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Well after talking about wanting to read more manga in the summer challenge, I apparently decided that I’m gonna start that now actually :joy: I just have too many first volumes of things I’ve accumulated and never touched, and I keep finding other books I wanna read but I’m like “I cannot buy more books until I get through some of these, that’s just irresponsible” lmao so we’re making progress!

Anyway I’m vaguely going through them from lowest difficulty according to natively, which for today meant 俺物語(おれものがたり)!!I’d actually “read” the first volume like a year and a half ago back when I did a tadoku challenge, which means I really just skimmed it since I wasn’t at nearly the place I am now and I didn’t look anything up :joy: So I reread that to remember what was happening and ended up reading the other two volumes I have also, so… that’s progress for sure! It’s just as cute as I remember from watching the anime ages ago :grin: It’s been a while since I’ve really read any manga honestly, but I don’t think I’d ever read a whole volume in a day, much less three, so it feels pretty good! It definitely helps that I went in with the mindset of not really looking stuff up, and it was at a level where I either understood or could figure it out from context :man_shrugging:

Progress will definitely slow once I get to some of the harder manga I have (looking at you banana fish) but so far so good! Reading a bunch of first volumes of series will probably be kinda weird lmao but also fun, lots of variety :grin: and it’ll help to know what I actually want to continue in the future of course!