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June 10th :seedling:

・ かがみの孤城 下 (84% → 100%)

Finished the book! :sparkles: I liked it much better than I thought I would. Quite the development and such a satisfying ending. The first book I’ve finished within a week :partying_face: Increased amount of free time and low number of unknown words helped a lot.

(Had a moment where I couldn’t finish a short paragraph without my mind making up it’s own version of how things went down - that was super distracting, felt like listening to multiple songs at the same time :face_with_monocle: )


June 10

Had to get up several hours earlier than usual, plus didn’t go to bed earlier, so got barely 6 hours of sleep last night. Meaning my brain have been fried all day long.

Therefore I’m counting a lot of grazing of Japanese I’ve done today, from reading little samples for the VN club, and an article on Japanese grammar in Japanese. Not to mention I also played more Atelier Sophie so I got some listening practice.

I had to get up early and get to the police station to apply for a new passport. It is currently passport chaos in Sweden, and have been for the past few months and will keep going probably the year out. Because almost no one renewed passports in the last two years for some reason. :roll_eyes: And now everyone wants to, so what would have in the before times taken no time at all to book a time to apply, and then get the passport within 5 days…

Now getting a near-ish time, means constantly searching for open times and hoping someone canceled theirs, because otherwise you’ll get a time (for applying) in about 4 months. And even if you, like me, manage to get a time, you will have to wait at least 5 weeks to get it, and they can’t guarantee getting it in 5-6 weeks, and I need my passport in about 7,5 weeks… :cold_face:

Now I realize that in some countries, getting a passport can be a hassle. But us Swedes are used to getting it easy and quick, and now it is perhaps not hard, but it certainly isn’t quick…


June 10th!

I read the next chapter of Teasing Master Takagi-san today, which was the final chapter of volume 6.

I ordered the rest of the series a few days ago too since I think at this point there is very little likelihood of me not wanting to read them all! :slight_smile:
I got really lucky though, because I put them all into my basket on CDJapan, but then decided not to order them straight away as I have a friend who I sometimes combine orders with so we can share the shipping costs.

Then I went to bed, and woke up the next morning to an email from CDJapan telling me that Volume 18 had just been released! I had no idea it was coming out yet.
I would have been so cross if I ordered “the rest of the series” and then woke up the next day and there was a new one. :rofl:

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June 10
Final Fantasy VII

Didn’t read the last two days but today I could play for a long while and it was so productive I’m quite satisfied.


June 10 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

I started out the day looking into things for the VN book club, so I read a bit of ATRI which seems interesting! I think any trouble I had with it was really just me being in the headspace of like “this is a demo, I’m not seriously reading it so it should be easy” which… isn’t how things work :joy: but I’m interested to read it sometime for sure.

In more normal news though I played more AI: The Somnium Files and oh boy. I really can’t tell how close to finishing it I am, but I feel like I’m getting relatively close? And I still have endless questions lmao, classic spike chunsoft huh?

AI stuff!

Well okay things are really getting weird in this other main branch; イリス is alive again?? I have to admit, I did not see that one coming :flushed: AI is really good at having me like 40 hours in and still throwing completely new concepts at me like “yeah this is also something that can happen in this world apparently, isn’t that wild!!” :joy: You’d think I’d be used to it after Zero Escape, but somehow AI’s still caught me off guard time after time haha. But like… how? Still wondering why イリス’s corpse showed up in みずき’s somnium, and then her murder in <世島>{せじま}'s, and then us changing it via dream-world? There’s a lot huh :sweat_smile:

Finally had a scene that really had some Zero Escape energy:


So yeah talking about like the Mandela effect, bouba and kiki (hello?? Didn’t really expect to see that one in a VN lmao), and parallel universes? Alternate histories? Anthropic principle? Now that’s the wild science talk I remember :joy: It was a fun scene though, they told some interesting spooky-type stories, I enjoyed it!

Buuut on a more angsty complex note: we’re talking about 89 again, oh boy. We haven’t gotten his whole backstory from him in this route yet, but he sure knocked us out and escaped huh! And there’s been <瞳>{ひとみ} and イリス talking about a “mysterious man” who they were close with 6 years ago (because that’s when everything happened huh) and yeah it’s obviously him, but they don’t have all the pieces in-game yet and oh man it’s a lot! We’re like “oh no there’s this awful scary murderer on the loose and our sketchy friend is helping him” and like… yes, sure, but also he’s basically イリス’s dad and it’s Complicated, I am concerned but curious to see how it all goes :eyes:

Anyway reading’s still going well! Whether I’m all that close to finishing or not, AI will still end sometime so I need to figure out what I’ll play next :eyes: Too many choices as always, the ongoing struggle haha.


:herb: June 10th :herb: :house:
Finished LOOPERS! I had a lot of fun with it and it was definitely on the easier side reading wise. When you reach the last few lines it goes into auto mode on its own and you can’t turn it off which made me panic a bit. Two more days until I can check how many hours it took me but it was on the short side for sure. I loved all the geocaching shenanigans and Mia was super cute. It was cool to see how the experiences they had in the time loop came around in the end to help them succeed. I see now why it’s tagged as a nakige. 感動した :sob:
I think my next game will be even if tempest 宵闇にかく語りき魔女 which is apparently a dark fantasy otome game with some gameplay in the form of investigations and trials. This one just came out so I’m gonna try going walkthrough free, can’t see that going well though :joy: It makes me happy that it seems like more games on the Switch are being released with both English and Japanese capabilities. Makes it way easier to purchase and if I’m ever super stumped on something it’s pretty easy to check how it was translated in the English version.


June 11

Read the second story in The Best Selection 2 from Yuu Watase. オトメの事情. The premise is completely unbelievable and it is very manga-esque slapstick humor (it isn’t slapstick exactly but I don’t know what else to call it). But it was quite entertaining to read because the last few pages seriously redeemed the first 3/4 of the story. Not that the first 3/4 was bad, just zany without substance nor not zany enough (to work as zany); if that makes sense. :sweat_smile:

I ended up buying a couple of otome VNs last night because they were on sale. They were less then 10€ each. Debating with myself about another one that is on a 40% sale (but like 27€ish with that discount), but I don’t expect to be able to read that one in quite a while (ninjas in Edo period). So can probably wait with buying that one until another sale. It is so hard to resist though because Ninja & Edo! :pleading_face:


:tiger2: :books: The June Tanuki Den: Date 20220611 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 15.40%

第二の手記… スタート‼

And what’s the best way to start a new chapter? With a very long sentence that takes up almost a whole paragraph of course! But it used one of my favourite words「花吹雪」, so it’s okay.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:


波打際「なみうちぎわ」ー Beach; water’s edge (more common to see as: 波打ち際)
岸辺「きしべ」ー Shore; bank (also a name)
嫩葉「わかば」ー New leaves (more common as: 若葉)
絢爛「けんらん」ー Gorgeous; brilliant; dazzling; ornate
鏤める「ちりばめる」ー To inlay; to set; to stud; to mount (like “diamond studded ring”) (more common as: 散りばめる)
砂浜「すなはま」ー Sandy beach
日一日と「ひいちにちと」ー Day by day (it’s watching you)

Choose Your Own Meaning
褐色「かっしょく」ー Dark brown

BUT it can also be:

褐色「かちいろ」ー Dark indigo that is almost black

Here there is no furigana, so who knows, but I’m guessing by the context it’ll be the dark brown version since it’s talking about leaves.

Other Forms
樹肌 = 木肌「きはだ」(Tree bark)
徽章 = 記章「きしょう」(Medal; insignia)


June 11th

Usually on Saturdays I read the chapter of Yoru Cafe that I need to read for the BBC, because it always takes me ages so its good to do it on a weekend day. But today I had a class with my tutor this morning, had an hour long phonecall with my dad since we havent had a proper chat for a week or two, and also we are visiting friends this evening for pizza and board games…

So instead I read chapter 8 of Happiness today as thats always a quick read. It was interesting.

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Is it Nightshade? :eyes:


Yes. Have you played it? I totally want to buy it now and try and read it, but… eh… I’m trying to be kind to myself. :joy:


That’s the one I’m currently playing! It’s really good, but there is some time and subject specific vocab used, haha. The grammar isn’t too bad, actually. If you want, I can take some screen shots next time I play - probably tomorrow. :smiley:


Please do! :smiley:

Hmmm… I wonder if there is like a samurai/ninja/Edo SRS deck out somewhere. I could see myself actually working through such a one for a bit, just to get some familiarity with the vocabulary.


This may or may not be helpful to you, but jpdb has an SRS system where you can learn vocabulary from a VN. I couldn’t find Nightshade on there, but Hakuouki is on there which is an Edo Samurai type story. Unfortunately can’t export the deck to anki or anything so you’d have to do daily SRS on jpdb but it might interest you! Here is the link to the vocab list for Hakuouki on there if you want to check it out Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms – Vocabulary list – jpdb


Not sure this is gonna work for me, but thanks for pointing me to it. :slight_smile:

With over 12k entries and the majority of them being everyday modern vocabulary, it would be a nightmare to sort out the interesting terms. (Unless there is extra sorting possibilities when logged in.) It did amuse me though to see entries for character names, for the の particle and other particles, その, etc. The list literally have all words that appears in the VN. O_O

Of course, maybe there are great sorting and other tools while logged in. I guess I should check that… ^^


There’s an option to sort out wk vocab for Patreon supporters, but other than that you can just mark words as known manually.


Summary Post

June 11
Final Fantasy VII

Just did a little today, running low on energy. Hopefully more tomorrow!


Summary post :bookmark:

June 11th :cherry_blossom:

・SAO Progressive 1 (2% → 6%)

This is a book I have a physical copy of (510 pages). I know the book is split into two parts and I’d like to at least finish the first part by this time next week, which would be at page 194. I don’t know if I can do it, I can only give it a try.

More look-ups than in Kagami no Kojou, but not as many as in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto. Got stuck on the first page due to the astronomy term “second magnitude star” (二等星) trying to figure out what object in the sky that was supposed to be. (Wikipedia was not very helpful)

Was a bit hard to stay focused at times, but surprisingly didn’t suffer from fatigue. Feels good! Makes me wonder what’s the (next) main bottleneck holding me back in my reading skills right now, if that makes sense.



Forgot to post this yesterday, but I read 人魚禁漁区, the second story in 竜のかわいい七つの子.


A boy, Jun, happens across a mermaid on the side of the road, unmoving but seemingly alive, and calls for help to get her back in the water. The next day at school, he hears one of his classmates talking about how he’d run over a mermaid on his bike on the way to school yesterday—she was likely the same one. In this world, mermaids are regarded as animals and pests with whom humans compete for fish, and if you harm or even kill a mermaid, you don’t even get a slap on the wrist. There are people who fight for mermaids to have human rights, but they’re generally looked down on by society. Jun finds himself sympathizing with them, though. When he sees the mermaid again that afternoon, determined to make her way out onto the road, he decides to help her rather than leave her well enough alone as he’s been advised. He takes her to the school, where she’d been trying to get to, in a wheelbarrow filled with seawater, and afterwards, as thanks, she stuffs a bucket over his head and tries to take him to her home at the bottom of the sea, but of course, a bucket can’t hold air underwater and he would drown, and he manages to get away. He decides that he wants to become an ocean researcher and learn more about mermaids. I hope he gets to meet her again in the future and they can learn to communicate properly (and maybe fall in love?)

I’ve been thinking about starting DQXI in Japanese for a while now, and I finally started it yesterday! I named the Luminary エリオル (Elior), as that’s what I went with for his full name in the single fic I have completed for this game, which came about because I was wondering in what kind of circumstances Erik/Camus would even use his full name. (I usually call him El, and if I make a second save file, I’ll probably go with エル.) The game actually has the option to play with or without furigana, which can be changed at any time from the settings menu, which is pretty cool. I’m sticking with furigana for now. It also has the English voices, which I wasn’t expecting. There are definitely words I’ve had to look up, but I haven’t really been having any trouble so far aside from my slow reading speed—I miss like half the in-battle text, I have yet to be able to read even a quarter of one of the info cards on the loading screens, and it took me nearly 6 hrs to almost be ready to enter デルカダール城. The books actually give me more trouble than talking to the people.

Also I learned a new pronoun: 汝 (なんじ), an archaic form of “you.” It has multiple other readings as well, some of which are respectful, polite, or derogatory. It was used by the guy who gives you your first quest, as part of a saying telling one to be kind to everyone.

Some vocab of note:

擬態 (ぎたい) [noun] mimicry
匍匐前進 (ほふくぜんしん) [noun, する verb] crawling along
猫車 (ねこぐるま) [noun] wheelbarrow. I already knew 手押し車, so now I know two words!
餌付け (えづけ) [noun, する verb] artificial feeding; accustoming wild animals to eating food given by humans
アザ [noun] birthmark
月日が経つ (つきひがたつ) [expression, タ五] time passes; the days and months go by; the months roll on
元も子もない (もともこもない) [expression] losing everything; coming to nothing
ふきだし [noun] speech bubble. I saw it written in kana all but once, when a デルカダール guard used the kanji: 吹き出し.
首を長くする (くびをながくする) [expression, する verb] to eagerly look forward to
石畳 (いしだたみ) [noun] stone paving; cobble paving; cobblestone; flagstone
神秘的 (しんぴてき) [な-adjective] mysterious; mystical
まんざらでもない [expression] not all bad; not as dissatisfied/annoyed as one would have others believe
足手まとい (あしでまとい) [noun, な-adjective] impediment; burden; encumbrance; hindrance
退ける (しりぞける) [一, transitive] to repel; to drive away; to repulse; to reject. New reading for this kanji! I only knew のける, which, of course, being different words, has a somewhat different meaning.
欠かせない (かかせない) [expression, い-adjective] indispensable; vital; fundamental; imperative; crucial; critical
全滅 (ぜんめつ) [noun, する verb] annihilation; total destruction; crushing defeat
太刀打ち (たちうち) [noun, する verb] crossing swords. competing against; contending with; fighting against.
古今東西 (ここんとうざい) [四字熟語, noun] all times and places; all ages and countries



I was tired today from work and Fathers’ Day shopping (rather, from having to go out into the heat to do so. It was hot as everliving hell out there: 99°F, feels like 109°), so playing some DQXI was it for my reading today. I played for about 4.5 hrs, just long enough to meet Erik and escape, then hear from Deku (I don’t remember his name in English; Dirk?) where the red orb is.

It seems Erik will form imperatives by taking the ます stem and adding な (来な, 行きな). That’s my first time seeing that. (Of course, I did hear it when I first played a couple years ago, but I didn’t notice. I don’t think I even recognized Erik’s voice as being Uchiyama Kouki’s… I’m pretty sure I recognized Jasper/Homerus as Sakurai Takahiro, though; I don’t think I’ve ever not recognized his voice.)

Some vocab of note:

地下牢獄 (ちかろうごく) [noun] dungeon (specifically one which is a prison)
旧知 (きゅうち) [noun] old friend; old acquaintance
間一髪のところ (かんいっぱつのところ) [expression, noun] close call; narrow escape. Really, Erik said “間一髪だったな,” but context says it was a shortening of this.
振り切る (ふりきる) [ラ五, transitive] to break off from (pursuer); to pull away
欲を言えば (よくをいえば) [expression] ideally; if one were to wish for more
首を突っ込む (くびをつっこむ) [expression, マ五] to poke one’s nose into another’s affairs; to have a hand in; to take a deep interest in; to meddle in