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Summary Post

Day 51: May 21st
What did I read?: クマとたぬき Vol 2
How much did I read?: 15 pages
How long did it take me?: 13 min

Today I learned that if you break open a cattail, there’s a lot of fluffy stuff inside xD Who knew?

I also learned about アケビ - chocolate vines. I guess they’re called that because the flowers smell like chocolate! The fruit apparently makes fun shoes xD


Man, I just love these guys. So. Much.



ハイキュー!! vol 1 got here today! I’m happy, I wasn’t sure if it would get here before my Amazon order with vol 2. I couldn’t help myself and ended up reading the first chapter. At first, I thought, “60 pages? Woah, that’s kind of a lot,” but then I finished it in what felt like no time at all lol

Someone on Nata Kokone’s pixiv said that they use Matsukaze Masaya’s voice for Igarashi, and honestly, that’s a very good voice for him. I wonder who’ll voice him in the anime. We meet him at the end of vol 2, so I’m sure he’ll show up, so I’m looking forward to when more of the cast will be announced.

It seems Shun’s the only one of the boys lucky enough not to suffer from hay fever. I myself am mostly somewhere between Mima and Hayate.

  • くしゃみ
  • 目のかゆみ
  • 鼻水
  • のどのかゆみ

More or less in that order. Plus a rash on my arms, though I don’t know how to say that. 腕のかぶれ? (Also itchy eyes are the woooorst. I’ve mostly learned not to itch my throat, but I still can’t seem to leave my eyes alone. I’m so glad this allergy season seems to mostly be over. At least, the part that affects my eyes, nose, and throat. I developed a rash the past couple of days.)

Some vocab of note:

お上りさん (おのぼりさん) [noun] countryside people (in town); visitor from the country; out-of-towner; country bumpkin (visiting the big city)
噂をすれば (うわさをすれば) seems to be the equivalent of “speak of the devil.” It’s short for 噂をすれば影が差す.
のっぽ [noun] tall, lanky person; beanpole
吞まれる (のまれる) [一, transitive] to be overwhelmed; to be overawed
抜群 (ばつぐん) [noun, な-adjective] outstanding; preeminent; excellent; exceptional; surpassing; extraordinary; distinguished
号泣 (ごうきゅう) [noun, する verb] crying aloud; lamentation; wailing. The second character’s obvious, but the first I don’t get.
奮闘 (ふんとう) [noun, する verb] hard struggle; strenuous effort
崖っぷち (がけっぷち) [noun] perilous position; critical moment; brink. From the literal sense of “cliff edge; edge of a precipice.”


May 21 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

More ZTD! A lot of things happened today oh man; according to achievements I’m finished with all the puzzle sections which seems wild since it seems like there’s still a lot left? Guess I’ll find out, maybe there’s less than I think :man_shrugging: or it’s just all decisions… yikes for my emotions :joy:

ZTD stuff

Well among other things I got the like… canon ending? At least what would seem the most canon based on events of VLR, with ダイアナ talking about how 6 people were killed and 600 million more will die because of her (it was her?? wild) and シグマ losing his arms and an eye so that was a real time. Plus シグマ talking about someone he called “D” (very subtle) and and how she died and he made ルナ in her image which also recontextualizes some things, that’s all very complicated huh and Q… oh man. Not that I’m really surprised that he’s a robot or whatever you want to call it but yikes… making this child choose whether to delete himself or not? When he takes the helmet off? Oof

In less horrific news they talked about Men in Black which was kinda fun:

And シグマ talked about (あかね)'s organization or whatever called CRASH-KEY… crash key… 倉敷(くらしき)… wild :joy:


May 21 (Calendar Post)

夜カフェ => 16 pages (57 min)
隣の席の佐藤さん => 24 pages (37 min)

More fun 佐藤さん faces!



:blossom: May 20th & 21st :blossom: :house:
Read: 真夜中のパン屋さん 上
Finished: 45%-76%
Almost done with the 上, which is about exactly half of the whole book I think. So far I like it a lot but it’s a lot heavier than I expected. This part started getting into the customers stories as well, starting with a child named こだま , which led to some shinkansen jokes since the protagonist is のぞみ (had to look up the trains to understand lol). Might read a bit more later if I’m not too tired, whenever I get close to the end of a volume it always makes me want to read all the way to the end.


Thanks! :smiling_face: I’m really excited to read them, especially NO. 6, I remember liking the anime a lot when I saw it.

That was my exact reaction :joy: (also love seeing your panels, they’re so cute, so fluffy :sob:)

the tiniest :astonished:
how small can this go :thinking:


You can probably guess who my favorite character of Yotsuba& is so far due to my profile picture change (Asagi, I have not reached the point where this pic shows up in the manga (if it does)).

Read chapter 3 today. Ena-san, so earnest and causing trouble because of it. Be careful what you teach Yotsuba. :joy: And Asagi to the rescue. So sly, and funny when she is. We gonna cool down the planet with AC, yeah, totally. xD Also, I understand the father’s laid back attitude more and more, when Yotsuba basically went from Dad you are bad, to Dad you are great, about the same thing within probably 15 mins. Gotta relax and not get too hyped up with a kid like that. :joy:

I’m enjoying this so much (so far). I’m glad I have many more volumes in my personal collection. :blush:


May 22, Sun :cherry_blossom: home post

Week 8 of Spring 2022’s summary

So many things happened this week regarding Japanese language, and adaption and reflection regarding myself.

  • A lot of Netflix watching, but I gotta fight not to lose.
  • Everyone knows grammar should need a dedicated study. But only just a few days ago that I decide to set aside some dedicated time, and set weekly goals.
    • Currently, I like this one - https://www.edewakaru.com/archives/cat_179055.html
    • But even now, nothing is set in stone yet. How much comprehension I need, how much immersion I need, will need to be taken into consideration.
    • Therefore, it can be both in English or in Japanese (or in my native language), depending on the whim (or feels)

Immersion and Studying notes

Happiness vol.2 is really finished in breeze (Ch.7-10 like 1 hour on mobile - Ch.7 allures me to continue to Ch.8, then I have some not-so-convenient time to kill). Pretty much that mileage may vary, I think. Also, I might not pick up every vocabularies, like (じょう)(よう)(しゃ) passenger car

Yuru Camp vol.1 is also finished, but still worth re-reading - I have to research on (やま)(なし)'s places, at the very least. 読了, but not 完読.

I like JoJo more for reading, but anime on Netflix, in particular first part of Season 1, might be worth it, because nothing to worry about spoiler anymore. I want to read this thing first.

Planned next week’s plan

  • Reading lots (Quantity-focused)
  • Learning grammar (Quality-focused)
  • Step into listening (Going into new territory, and survive)

You may caught a little glimpse of [山梨]{やま.なし} (and somehow, forum post history is fast enough to keep a track of it). I made a UserScript to fix this - which has a additional feature of [打ち解ける]{うちとける} becoming ()()ける.

– as well as Frontmatter removal, since I usually edit in VSCode anyway, and I still keep the link in the frontmatter.


not sure this is the right place but does anyone know any book thats a compilation of essays and that has a kindle version? i want to practice reading them for the jlpt


Main Post

Finished vol 3 of Shiba Inu. It was a bit shorter than previous volumes and I liked it a bit more as well. Had a nice sidestory at the end of the volume. There were a few pages I skipped, because it looked horrifying to try to read. I’ve included a picture of that below, so you can judge for yourself.

vol 3

I got out of the series more positively than when I first started with it. Still pretty bizarre and certainly not what I expected based on the cover. What’s next? I’m going to go back to Spy x Family. Maybe I’ll reread a bit of vol 7 to familiarize myself with the cruise arc that’s in vol 8 and part of vol 9. Funnily enough my parents are now also taking a cruise, although I hope they have a more peaceful time than the Forgers lol.

As a sidenote, I haven’t played much of persona 4 golden nor collected my previous screenshots, but I have some more time available and will work on that, as well as that arceus review.


I’m about to go on another trip, so my evening may be busy and so posting now. I’ve read up to page 37 of 心霊探偵八雲1 and it continues to be a breezy, enjoyable read. If I have to guess right now it’d probably be around levels 27-28 on Natively, with how I rate things. Vocab isn’t very wide, no flowery turns of phrase, unusual kanji are given furigana.

Plot wise it’s pretty familiar character tropes and story lines. It moves along reasonably quickly though and the writing style is comfortable. Nothing particularly horrifying has happened yet, so not sure if it will delve deep into horror or just stick to “spooky”.


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220522 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll LII: 真夜中のキツネの嫁入り :fox_face:

Read today’s folktale, from Tokyo prefecture!

About a ferryman being tricked by a fox. Always check to see if your money is indeed money, and not just leaves disguised as money.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

渡し舟「わたしぶね」ー Ferryboat
船頭「せんどう」ー Boatman/ferryman


For the last few days of May I’m also creating a small “main post”.

Rest of May

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30 31

Days completed: 13/16

Goal for May: finish Ojisama to Neko Volume 2 (status: 155/155) :white_check_mark:


May 22nd!

I went to a concert yesterday, and I guess I must be old now because I’m completely exhausted today :sweat_smile:
I managed to read a chapter of Mitsuboshi Colours though - it was a pretty text light chapter which was lucky for me in my current state!

(Home Post)


[Home Post]

Haven’t posted here in ages :sweat_smile: so it’s probably about time…

After having finished Flesh&Blood, I finally decided to give 穴 a try. I figured I might be able to quickly read the first story before the next ABC book starts, but I was clearly wrong…
My main intention was to scout the book’s difficulty (as we had a bit of a discussion about it in the Natively & IBC threads). When I started, I found the very first passage to be a bit difficult because there was lots of speech and recounting of speech so that was not really clear to me; also of course settling into a writing style always takes a bit of time. But after this first scene it was pretty okay difficulty-wise. Nonetheless, I only managed to read about 5 pages per day before being pretty much exhausted :thinking:
I was actually wondering why this happened and what this means for the book’s difficulty, but I’m still a bit confused. I guess it’s a mixture of the book being off to a pretty slow start (so there was nothing that would naturally drag me along), the author using a narrative full of tiny details (making me wonder constantly how all of these details are supposed to fit together), and me being a bit sleep-deprived and short on time during the past week (so I only managed to read late in the evening when I was very tired).
Luckily the story picked up a bit of steam today, but I still don’t know what to think about its difficulty :joy_cat: (But probably it’s not as difficult as the Natively L38 is supposed to make us believe.)

For the rest of this month, I will continue 穴, I will hopefully manage to catch up with がばいばあちゃん at some point, and I will start the new ABC pick on Friday.


Day 50 :heavy_check_mark: :izakaya_lantern:

夜市 ~ 16-26%

Day 51 :heavy_check_mark: :izakaya_lantern:

夜市 ~ 26-27%

Day 52 :heavy_check_mark: :izakaya_lantern:

夜市 ~ 27-32%

I had a constant headache this whole weekend, so I couldn’t concentrate on anything for long, which accounts for my reduced reading speed. Not much to report. The story has taken some unexpected turns, and I’m wondering how it will all turn out.

I’m finding difficulty such a hard thing to pinpoint. For example consensus seems to be that 夜市 is a relatively easy read (L29 on Natively), yet I’m finding several sentences that I can’t easily interpret with any degree of certainty. I think this is partly because they tend to describe otherworldly -and therefore unexpected- things, and partly because of my own reduced brain performance (see headache). Maybe if I read those same sentences with a clearer head they would seem absolutely straightforward, who knows.


Day 52

Read another page of Japanese Prefecture Stories about Namahage demon from Akita prefecture.


Summary post :bookmark:

May 22nd :seedling:

・薬屋のひとりごと 2 (38% → 41%)

Finished chapter 8. I’m pretty sure something went over my head. Something about a character hinting to something else and I’m like bruh I’m already expending effort reading the actual lines, now you want me to read between the lines too? :joy: Sumimasen, I can’t tell what you mean.


I just finished reading “女の子”. Above is poor Hachi waiting for his master for ten years, in rain, snow and wind. But his master never comes home. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read. Even though I already knew the story, reading it in Japanese made me cry. Whoever wrote this story has a way with words.

New word:

像 statue

Picture of Hachi and his master and the statue:


May 22

I read some of my Sad Animal Facts 図鑑. Here’s some facts:

  • Kangaroos will cough when they lose a fight
  • Gorillas can catch colds from humans
  • Crows remember faces of people they don’t like (and tell other crows)
  • Pigeons will procrastinate on tasks (this one I didn’t fully understand the details of)

I also started Kiki’s Delivery Service. I was happy to see that with the vocab list from the previous book clubs, I can read through a page fairly smoothly. The sentence structures aren’t too complex yet.