📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Hello everybody from this lovely thread.
It’s me, after a successful week :ok_man:. Homepost 44/61

It’s still hard to stick to this challange given the current nice spring weather here. One day I was only hanging on by a thin thread. I counted 2 Todai articles as a pass -.-.
Otherwise my progress over the last week looks like this:

  • Weekly Saga
  • Weekly Yoru Cafe
  • Little progress on Tobira
  • NO Slam Dunk this week :sob:
  • 8 Todai articles
  • ミイラ by 吉本ばなな (apparently she now is callled よしもとばなな :man_shrugging: )

So I’m pretty happy with my progress given the weather.
The short story ミイラ I read because I saw that Tugumi by the same author will be the next book after SpyXFamily (which I’m not interested in). So I wanted to see how well I like her writing. I stll have these “Read real Japanese” books lying around and the mummy story was in one of them, so I took the plunge.
Really liked the writing in that story, so I’m getting excited to try Tugumi as well. I expect, beause she’s a famous author, that other people here probably have read some stuff from her already.

I feel like I’m taking too much time converting my weekly reading into Anki flash cards. Every time I add cards I start rereading the story and fall down random rabit holes looking up more background information on sayings or figuring out which definition fits best. On the other hand I feel like the resulting cards are really solid. Because of the deep care taken creating them I already half know the words when I get to review the cards.
Not sure I want to change something but I’m def. keeping an eye on it.