📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Hello everyone. I’m still alive.
But like I expected I couldn’t say the same about my streak. Homepost 36/61 (missing 1 like for the 25 :sob:)

At least I could keep up with all my book clubs. This list roughly shows what I did for the last 2 weeks.

  • Saga 4 chapters
  • Yoru Cafe 2 chapters
  • Slam Dunk 5 Chapters
  • Lots and lots of Todai on the move
  • Some browsing Booklive free section.

Sadly I didn’t find time to advance my textbooks this time around. I’m thinking of dropping the BBC for the next pick and use the roughly one day a week I get from dropping it to work on the textbooks. I already reduced my Wanikani forum time by quite a bit to make enough time for all my Japanese learning. It takes up roughly 1-2 hours each day for me which is quite a lot given all the other things I do.

It doesn’t seem like the next intermediate club will be one I’m interessted in so I can pick something from my own shelf again after this challenge.
I probably won’t adjust much for the remainder of the challenge but after I’m thinking about reducing my reading time slightly, trying to roughly half my Anki time and supplement it with more textbook study. I’m often stumbling over N2 grammar which I look up again and again, just because I haven’t gotten around to those grammar books yet -.-. If I find the reduced reading time doesn’t produce enough useful vocabulary that I want to learn, I might even break open my SKM 語彙 book.

Honestly I’m looking forward to the weather being so good that I can chill at some lake and take my manga there to read. Always feels the most effortless to me. Probably because I don’t like to surf much on my smartphone and therefore there is no Wanikani forum to take up my time.