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Eh, I was young, I don’t know if I’d like it as an adult. But it certainly feels nostalgic.
They are grouped by trilogy for some reason. There are 4 trilogies in total according to wikipedia.


Oh, this is an interesting idea! Probably would be good for me to let go of the guilt of not finishing all the books I start :sweat_smile: I will try to approach it with this mindset tomorrow :slight_smile: Hopefully I will wander into something that grabs my attention. (Something much easier said than done recently, my brain is literally everywhere this week)

:joy: It’s trueeee

雨と君と was the first tanuki manga I read, and that is the one I was referring to - as you’ve seen, it contains what may in fact be the cutest tanuki in the whole entire world. Highly, highly recommend for the cuteness factor :smile: It’s not super text heavy, so depending on your level it might be a bit easy, but it definitely had more text than the Fox and Tanuki book that you probably also saw on my Bookmeter :joy: If you’d like something with slightly more narrative substance (雨と君と is pretty slice of life-y), I really really enjoyed お前、タヌキにならねーか? as well. I’m planning to get the second volume of that whenever I get the third 雨と君と ^^ (I posted about that one in the winter challenge)

Actually I remembered just now that I still have yet another tanuki series in my reading stack :joy: Maybe that one will make an appearance in this challenge…


I’ll be using satori reader for this, easy to carry around a phone to read a little everyday :slight_smile:

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So this is very interesting to me as I’ve read (or attempted to read and got bored) a few light novels and this seems like me right now. Both the protagonist tropes and the fanservice are tiring so I kind of just gave the genre up. I might have to give 伯爵と妖精 or かくりよの宿飯 a whirl, as well as 本好きの下剋上 at some point.


Oh it’s April! Something I’m grateful for the last challenge is that reading has been ingrained as a habit. Now when I read, I don’t think about having to read for this challenge. I just found the time to read and realized afterwards that I can start the April challenge posts from today!

4月1日 ~ Day 1/ Back to Home

ポケットモンスタースペシャル (page 121 of 207 - chapter 22)

We continue from the cliffhanger in the last chapter where Red appears to be eaten by the Utsubotto (Victreebel). We learn that he’s okay and just barely escapes from being turned into acid. More good news: the mecha Poppo (Pidgey) is also okay and helps Red figure a way out by examining his items.

They use the PokeFlute to wake up all the sleeping Utsubotto and Utsudon (which need to stay asleep to complete the evolution ceremony which also requires digesting “living things” for needed nutrition - pretty brutal considering they’ve got some animals and a human on their menu but so is the real world of Pokemon). While they are awake, Red then throws the Pippi (Clefairy) Doll to get away while the Utsubotto has its guard down and loosens its grip on Red.

They run into Nidoking which was also awaken by the PokeFlute, and Red uses his quick thinking to pull the Utsubotto into the battle to weaken it and capture (Utsbutto). Even without it being at full power, Red uses its vines to stop Nidoking’s movement and capture it as well. He seems to be doing alright for himself while the Safari Zone employees frantically search for Red. Pikachu comes across his hat. Thinking the worst, they are at once surrounded by wild Pokemon but are then saved by Red who’s been on a catching spree. Bet it was a first time for them!

It’s funny because you think Red is in real trouble this time, but he’s Red, so of course it ends with him increasing his team. All the Pokemon that were threatening his life are now super friendly smiling like he does.


ほどける to come loose; to come untied; to come undone; to unravel
繁殖 はんしょく breeding; multiplication; increase; propagation; reproduction
儀式 ぎしき ceremony; rite; ritual; service
栄養分 えいようぶん nutriment; nutritious substance; nourishment
しくじる to fail; to blunder; to mess up; to screw up
片目 かため one eye; one of one’s eyes
奪う うばう to snatch away; to dispossess; to steal
どさくさ confusion; bustle; turmoil; trouble
退治 たいじ extermination (e.g. of pests, demons, bandits); elimination; eradication; destruction; suppression
計算 けいさん calculation; reckoning; count
生息地 せいそくち habitat; home (eg of the tiger)

It’s been a while since I’ve read PokeSpe (since the last challenge actually), so it’s nice revisiting it after a while. I noticed I could get through it much quicker than usual too.


Day 1 - April 1

  • 美少年探偵団 1 - 0% → 3,19%

This book is really nice so far! The sentences are a bit long, but overall I can follow the story. Up until now with the descriptions it gives me Ouran High School Host Club vibes, and I really like it ^^ I’ll probably read some more later today and update my post.


㋃1日 – Day 1

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 (だい)二巻(にかん)

:3 let’s go beyond humanity!

  • おじさまと猫

I forget where I started but I ended on p44 :sweat_smile:

I’ll have to update with a link to my calendar for ease later


You reading Part 1?


I’m in!
Day 1 - Japanese Graded Readers (ASK publishing) - level 2

I love these books. As I read there are some words I kinda recognise but can’t quite remember. Then I look carefully at the picture and read it again, voila, I remember the meanings of a few words. Magic - no dictionary needed!


I finished ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖 #2 tonight, but it’s still “tonight” for me rather than “this morning,” so not checking off the calendar box yet.

I read the 3-page prologue of 三毛猫ホームズ too. Just to look at the difficulty. If the rest is like this, I think I’ll be okay. It looks like it’s going to have all kinds of stuff I haven’t seen in the kids’ books I’ve been reading. :slight_smile:

Also, my Bookmeter account


Ok so having sought everyone’s advice on whether to step up or down with the next book I read, my plans have changed a bit… I’ve been in bed with covid since Wednesday :face_with_thermometer: Thankfully (?) I seem to have got the aches and fever version rather than the brain fog one but I also think this might not be the right time to be starting a more difficult book. So for now I’m going to be chilling out with some kids books after all.

I started reading ぼくは王さま last weekend, intending it to be a speed read before the challenge started so continuing with that for now. I picked it up on UK eBay as part of a mixed lot of kids books and all my Japanese friends replied 懐かしい! when I posted it to Insta. So far it’s very easy going, the only words I’ve had to look up are くわ hoe and かまど a traditional Japanese stove. It’s also very funny. In the first story the King wanted to make a huge omlette so he sent his ministers off to get an elephant’s egg :thinking: I’d recommend it to those of you looking for a next step after Yotsuba.


I’ve finished reading page 18 of 探偵ガリレオ.

Thank god for dialogue - I still have shit to do and I still have to go to work so squeezing it in worked well. I wanted to translate it as well but I think I’m going to run out of time before I need to head to work.

Anyway, first day down, looking forward to the other sixty! I might even finish 燃える If I hurry a bit :sweat_smile:

[EDIT: It was page 18 not 19. Corrected the typo :sweat_smile: ]


1st of April
Day 1

Was busier than I expected, and did not manage to finish 銭天堂 in time :sweat_smile:
Currently I’m on Chapter 6, page 138/161. I’ll be travelling from Sunday onwards, so I’ll have lots of time to read then! Maybe I can complete it before Monday.

Today I read only two pages. Going to sleep early today, because I have a fun and busy day with friends planned for tomorrow.


Yep! I’ll almost definitely finish it this spring. Then onto Part 3


Day 1

I started reading 透明とうめいカメレオン a little ahead of this challenge, so today I read pages 29-40.

It’s getting interesting now seeing how there’s a strange girl that bursts into the bar on a stormy night, just saying the word コースター over and over again. They hand her a coaster, for resting drinks on, she looks at it and stumbles out of the bar. Momoka-chan, a regular at the bar, is pretty sure the girl was actually huskily saying 殺した〜, so now everyone is freaked out and wondering if they should go to the police or not. There’s more that’s happened, but in case anyone wants to read it I don’t want to get into too much detail!

Cool words and phrases I learned today:

油断禁物きんもつ = Be on your guard! Take care!
反射神経 = reflexes
寄りもより = nearest
• 付け根 = joint, as in finger joint or crook of the neck
• 本格化 = proceeding at full tilt, in this case it was a (full-on) cold
れる = hoarse, husky (voice), be blurry, to scrape
• ツンツン = aloof, morose, standoffish. Alternate meaning; to have a pungent smell.

:sparkles::cherry_blossom: Congrats to everyone who made it on day 1! :cherry_blossom::sparkles:


Day 1 – Recap post

Read 13 pages of こぐまのクーク物語 and finished the first chapter. 16/147 (10%) done

Noticing how some words keep coming back, for example:

  • うきわ - lifebuoy
  • ながら - while

I’m also impressed with the amount of kanji I recognise. This sentence in particular:

「。。。」父さんの声と いっしょに、車のまどの向こうには、どこまでも広い海

I’m using ichi.moe for sentences with structure I struggle to understand. Is this OK or does it mean I should pick an easier book? Even with this tool, there are some sentence parts I don’t understand. I just skip them, thinking that with more grammar it’ll become understandable in the future.


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220401 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll I: カチカチ山 :raccoon: :potato:

I have some maccha tea, I have some reading material, it is time to read!

Hey the site’s been updated a bit, with new pictures!

A rather easy story today since I don’t have a super amount of time.
Okay, that sounds like an excuse already, don’t worry reading神様 I promise this won’t become a thing and I will do a bigger reading tomorrow :pray:

But today’s story is about a mean tanuki, but bunny comes along to teach him a lesson.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

裏山「うらやま」ー Mountain/Hill behind a village/house. Side of a mountain that gets little sunshine.
ヨボヨボ ー Unsteady; Shaky; Tottering
じじい「爺 - rarely seen」ー Old man (kinda insulting, like old geezer). Can also just be: じじ.
火打ち石「ひうちいし」ー Flint; Firestone. Can also be: 火打石. Or with a super cool kanji: 燧石 (this way can also be read as: すいせき).
塗り薬「ぬりぐすり」ー Ointment; Medicinal cream
気絶「きぜつ」ー Faint (as in to faint) or swoon
ざまあ見ろ「ざまあみろ」ー “It serves you right”

Additional Meanings
悪戯「いたずら」ー I know this as “Prank” from WaniKani, but it can mean mischief too, is that already on WK too? I dunno, but I’m putting it here to remind me. I have checked, this meaning is not on WK, it is now a shiny new synonym. :sparkles:

Forgotten Readings

はたけ」ー Field for growing stuff/cultivated field I don’t know how I forgot this but the reading just wouldn’t come to me.


Day 1

And we’re off! :tada::tada::tada:

I’m out tonight and was working today so just managed to sneak in some すべてがfになる on my lunch break. I read sections 7 & 8 of chapter 7, finishing up that chapter (I always enjoy finishing a chapter because I can go read what people said about it in the bookclub threads)

It continues to be fun, although in this chapter one character proposed my theory at the time of how the murder happened and another character shot it down pretty definitively so I may need to find another theory…


Day 1 / Calendar

With this starting on the day before the book clubs roll over to the next week, I started off with reading some Takagi-san. I was halfway through chapter 2 and now I finished that, which was about 8 pages. Next time I should measure how much time it took to see my progress over the 2 months.