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First, I have to say I’m amazed at that kind of schedule, 10-12 hours of studying sounds intense :exploding_head: My brain would explode and I’d have no more brain for the next day.

I get where you’re coming from, sometimes the best way to decompress after a long day is to simply do nothing at all and just chill out ^^ The two of us definitely do not have the same schedule, but I agree that such a mindset can be helpful when things become too much. Thanks for sharing your view.

I feel like I’m overthinking and making this a bigger problem than it really is. I’ll just try focusing on what I should be doing instead :3


30th of April
Day 30

Only read half of page 42 of かがみの孤城 today, because I was out the entire day having fun lol. I still have 40 minutes before my bedtime (since I have to wake up before 6am tomorrow) but I’ll spend that time trying to finish off my own video editing project. Will try my best to read at least three pages tomorrow.

Edit: Forgot to say. I told my Korean irl friend, who is also studying Japanese, about this challenge and me participating in it. She’s actually the friend I lent 魔女の宅急便 to when I finished it, but she said she was intimidated by the amount of kanji on the first page and it took her more than 10 minutes to read each page. She’s not keen on joining me here on an online forum, but I encouraged her to just do one together haha.


Read chapter 11 of デスノート ・ Death Note 📓 Vol. 2. Lots of dialog of L explaining things which made for some nice translation work and featured some interesting vocabulary :slightly_smiling_face:

Some words:
布告 as in 宣戦布告


April 30th!

Since its the final day of April, I guess we are about half way through this challenge already!

I read Chapter 18 of Mitsuboshi Colors, which made me realise that its been AGES since I’ve been to a museum and now I want to go!
Only one more chapter left in this volume now :slight_smile:

Then I read the next chapter of Teasing Master Takagi-san, which was a really sweet one.

(Home Post)


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220430 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XXX: 大蛇とお尻 :snake:

Read today’s hyakumonogatari, from Chiba prefecture!

About a traveller who is climbing a mountain and a giant snake appears and tries to eat him. In an attempt to stall he throws his belongings at the creature, then his clothing, but the snake just munches them all up until he is completely naked. It knocks him over and his trembling bum sticks into the air causing the snake to flee. Confused but happy to be alive the traveller runs away.

It turns out the snake mistook his shiny bum for a scary monster with a big mouth :rofl:

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

薄気味悪い「うすきみわるい」- Creepy; uncanny. Seen this before but completely forgot how to spell it.
「ふんどし」ー Loincloth

人食い「ひとくい」- I knew this as “man-eating” like a man-eating lion or something, but it can also mean cannibal or cannibalistic.


Lumberjack-san sorta just appeared out of nowhere, and somehow knew about the boy’s past, I’m thinking perhaps it was step-mum in disguise :thinking:
perhaps I shouldn’t think this deeply over a minor detail in a folktale

Look for an old man with long white hair and a big beard in the mountains, it could be him! It seems crying out your woes in the mountains attracts him… not sure if it’d be a good idea to do this in practice though :laughing:

Happy birthday for yesterday, hope you had a nice day! :birthday:


april 30 :cherry_blossom: home post

Finished up another Satori story (三途の川) today!

And since it’s the end of April and we’re halfway through this challenge, I’ve decided to do a little recap and think about my goals for May

April Recap
  • I have not read every day, but I’m still proud of the progress I’ve made b/c on the days I do read, I read a lot (at least, compared to the Winter Challenge)
  • Finished 2/5 Intermediate Satori Reader stories (コナの大冒険 and 三途の川)
  • Finished 1 manga (極主夫道3)
  • at the beginning of the challenge I said I’d be reading the 神々のトライフォース manga but I haven’t read any since before the challenge began… I want to return to it in May (might start from the beginning though)
  • I wanted to be caught up to the 夜カフェ club by today, but unless I read about 40 pages in one day (:fearful:) that’s not happening
May Goals
  • Once the semester is over in the middle of May, I want to start on 999. This has been a goal for me since around this time last year, and based on what I remember from when I tried to read it then I think I’m ready
  • But before that, I also want to finish some of the things I’ve started! I’ll prioritize in this order:
    • 極主夫道4 (btw the club starts reading this today!!)
    • the remaining 3 Intermediate Satori Reader stories (隣人, 恋人, and 奥日光)
    • 神々のトライフォース
    • if I decide not to drop either of these, 夜カフェ and ふらいんぐうぃっち

Obviously I’m not expecting to finish all those things in May, but I’d like to get through a big portion of them. And I might drop both 夜カフェ and ふらいんぐうぃっち b/c they’re not really holding my attention


Summary post :bookmark:

April 30th :seedling:

・薬屋のひとりごと (73% → 75%)

Finished chapter 25.


I started reading about the Tokyo Train lines. This picture of people on the train at 5:00 AM makes me laugh. They look like I would at that hour!

New Vocabulary:

沢山 many, a large number, a lot

乗る to get on ( a bus, train, etc.), to board

山の手 a hilly section of a city, Yamanote (a hilly part of Tokyo)


I ordered two more books from the “Learn Japanese with Stories” series last night. That will make the first four books of that series. I’ll try that series after I finish this set of Graded Readers. I’ll see which set
I like better.


Today I just played a video game in japanese with lots of text to read. No idea if that even counts but I just had no time to read books. I spent the time, I usually spend on reading books or manga, watching a movie in japanese. :grin:


@potatonaught A late happy birthday to you!

Haha, that’s awesome.

Summary post

It’s still weird to me how suddenly I just went “wait, reading is easier now.” Read 7000 characters today, though I was fighting off a headache and getting a little distracted by people. See, I’m making excuses after reading more than I did any time but my absolute best days in the last challenge, haha. It really works if you stick it out.

This route’s really episodic and goofy so far, but there are a couple amusing running jokes that are keeping me really entertained. Half of the route has just been schemes to get スイカバー (frozen watermelon ice bars).

Plus Alpha

This language sure is chaotic sometimes though, huh? +α (プラスアルファ) means something along the lines of “a little more than usual.” Japanese just incorporates anything it wants; I can dig it.

That aside, 布石 (ふせき) is kind of an interesting word I discovered today. It refers to the opening moves in Go, but is used more broadly (and was here) to just mean preparation/groundwork. Seems likely, with the stone association, that it emerged from the Go use, which is kinda neat.


April 30

Continued with 坊っちゃん (坊ちゃん is not the spelling on my book actually, even if the kanji guessing keyboard (can’t remember what it is called) thought it should be…).

I’m really liking this and the intrigue is deepening. No idea what will end up being the truth.

I’m finding that if I reread trouble sentences multiple times I can usually figure out what they are trying to say. Today I also used DeepL a couple of times to try and help me figure out meaning. Mostly to confirm my understanding. Only one sentence I couldn’t figure out for sure what it meant.

「いてくれと頼まれても、いるものか!」(Said by 坊っちゃん)
I think I might know what the rough meaning is, but I honestly don’t trust my understanding. And the answers I got from DeepL (and tried Apple’s Translate app) didn’t make sense. (If more context is needed to guess the meaning, let me know.)

Last day of April and I’ve read every day so far. Very slowly. Well, I haven’t spent much time each day. I need to speed up a little more if I wanna catch up to where I should be with my yearly goal, but at this rate I will at least keep up, if not catch up what I missed. (My goals are three books/manga volumes/similar per quarter. And I finished one in April, and read nothing before then.)

I’m also very, very slowly working through my review pile (I never use vacation mode *shrug*) and I’ve also started some lessons from previous levels (aka new items added since I did those levels/added any lessons). Might be caught up review-wise by my birthday next month. (Yes, I am part of the May birthday crew.)


I love all the cute figurines on the counter!


Haha nice puzzle! The tricky part is to understand which of the oh-so-many いる is meant here :sweat_smile:
Luckily we know that it must be an ichidan verb because of its conjugation, so that restricts the choices somewhat. Looking through Jisho I decided on 癒る (to calm down) - if this doesn’t make sense in context, please bear with me :upside_down_face:

The translation then would be “Although I was asked to calm down, I will definitely not do so!” I guess.
(BTW thanks for helping me prepare for JLPT by showing me all those N2 grammar points :wink: )


Yeah, my problem was definitely the いて because if I go with what was said before, that should be 行って… I’ll give some context and the sentence before that one.

This is a bit spoilery

So 坊っちゃん and 山嵐 are talking. 山嵐 is asking 坊っちゃん to leave the 下宿 that he introduced 坊っちゃん to because according to 山嵐 the 主人 is unhappy with 坊っちゃん. (There might be lies going on here, I actually don’t know.) So the sentence right before the one I have trouble with is 山嵐 saying this:

And yeah, 坊っちゃん’s reply is confusing me. Like I understand the ものか since he keeps using that. :joy:

I think he is saying something along the lines of “Like hell I’m gonna leave” ----> very, very, very rough “translation” (more like just very rough underlying meaning to what he said). But what he is actually saying? ¯\(ツ)/¯ (aka I don’t know)


I know nothing about the story, and second guess myself extremely hard when talking about this kind of thing, but does the following context seem like he’s staying? Because there is the いる as just, like, “to stay.” Which makes me read this the opposite way, as sort of a spiteful “I wouldn’t stay even if you asked me to.”


I believe he is (purposefully?) misunderstanding what the other person said. They asked him to leave, and he answered ‘as if I am)will be here just because I was asked to’ or something? I really thing this sentence needs context for sure.

Btw, I default to 居る for いる. If that doesn’t work, 要る. Very rarely have I encountered another meaning of いる in kana form, that also wasn’t obvious from context. If at all. :thinking:

So, agree with @Daisoujou here. :slight_smile: Which, on second thought, works all without the complicated misunderstanding situation I thought of.


@Daisoujou and @Belerith


Unfortunately, the story moves on right after (“saved” by the school bell signaling start of classes). So I won’t know what 坊っちゃん does about the situation until later.

But it would certainly fit his personality to go all

Especially considering the developments at the end of the previous chapter.

So thank you both. This makes more sense with the actual text there. Will report later what ends up happening about this thing.


Home post

Day (mumble) to day 29:

日本語: I read a lot of 冷たい密室と博士たち and finished it! Also a fair amount of TUGUMI and a fair amount of 三毛猫ホームズの推理.
Read-aloud: We read some of 蟲師. (And if I haven’t updated since before then, a different we read a chapter of ハイキュー.)

中国語: Every day I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean and one page of 骑士幻想夜.


I’ve been reading はなにあらし all of April so decided to pick up やがて君になる as a change of pace today. The chapters in that are a lot longer than はなにあらし (はな only as like 12-15 pages a chapter while やがて君になる is closer to 40) so finishing a chapter takes a bit longer. I’ll probably switch between reading the two books throughout the month of May since I have a couple volumes left of はなにあらし.

Only read the first chapter of やがて君になる today but it was an interesting start to say the least. Nanami had quite the smug expression as she rejected a random guy in the opening pages :smile: