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Posting in the evening again as tomorrow will be quite busy.

Today’s fun word is 侠客 which my Japanese dictionary didn’t have an entry for, but which my English one defined as “persons acting under the pretence of chivalry who formed gangs and engaged in gambling”. This is what you get when you google image search that term:

I didn’t quite finish re-reading the second half of Case 0, but I was happy with my comprehension for what I did read. The old newspaper quotes still trip me up, but I’m getting more used to the author’s style and picking up a lot more details this time around.

Bearing in mind it’s historical true crime and to not expand if you’re bothered by violent content:

Here are details

Basically this 鬼熊 bumps into people who know him, they try to get him to turn himself in, he’s like “nah, I will commit suicide. I’m either gonna get the death penalty or will spend my life in jail” so they’re like… “ok!” (?!). Then one of the dudes he’s hiding out with is like “Before you do that, talk to this reporter friend of mine” so he does, and he allegedly tells this reporter that his only regret is that he didn’t lay low for longer so he could kill 3 more people. He then tries to kill himself (via カミソリ), it doesn’t work, so his older sister’s husband brings some strychnine to poison him. Somehow firefighters are involved in all this, despite my close reading I still don’t know why. I guess they were just friends? Anyways, this motley group then dump him in front of the family grave ( he’s still not dead ) and the police find him, and he eventually dies. The family members can’t be charged with harboring a fugitive, but the fire fighters, the reporter, and the friends can, so they are, but their sentence is commuted it seems (執行猶予). They technically could be charged with aiding in suicide, but it seems they weren’t for reasons unstated.

I’m traveling for the next week so reading will be more scattered and I won’t be bringing the device that has this book on it. Hopefully I can maintain reading each day though, between paperbacks and ミステリと言う勿れ on my phone :crossed_fingers:


I read nine pages of “An Alligator in the Yard?”. This is the 10th book in the Level 0 Graded Readers, and it features the policeman called Ryou-sann. His day starts out in a routine, boring way. But then, a hysterical woman comes to the Koban for help and grabs Ryou-sann. He can’t believe there is really an alligator at her house. But when he sees it, he freaks out, thinking “Alligators don’t live in Japan”.

No new words!


㋃20 – Day 20

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険


I was really busy and tired yesterday. It seems like my workload for this week is mostly done and that my load for next week may be light?? And soon enough it’ll be Golden Week, so I’ll be able to relax some hopefully.

I’m looking forward to hopefully getting much more reading done tonight. It seems like I can finally do some WK reviews while at work for the first time this week.


April 20th (Calendar Post)

Finished volume 2 of my current manga today. I’m sad there’s only one more volume.

もし、恋が見えたなら => 70 pages (102 minutes)

Fun manga panel from today:



Also ran into this interesting vocabulary:



April 20
Conference day. Busy schedule.

Did reading in support of my essay writing, but I feel like that doesn’t count. So I read another level-two graded reader. This one was a thematic cousin to the previous one. A family has trouble being places on time. In the previous story, it was the mother who was struggling. In tonight’s story, it’s the son. Both seem to be better about it by the end though. よかった

Progress on Tadoku graded readers
44 / 44 level-zeros
12 / 12 level-ones
3 /10 level-twos
x / 18 level-threes

side note: i feel like this month is flying by. idk if it’s the checking something off every day, or if i’m just anxious about some upcoming deadlines lol


April 20 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

I’m getting closer and closer :eyes: Hard to say how much I have left since stuff keeps getting added on, but things are definitely happening! I’ve been busy so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play and reflect and such, but progress is definitely being made :+1:


Exciting! It’s been super cool to see you experiencing this series for the first time.

By the way, is Zero Time Dilemma coming next? I don’t know if you’re aware, but if I recall correctly, that game is pretty much all in more of a real time cutscene format. Might complicate things a little.


Yep it’s next! Oooh that’ll be an interesting challenge; I guess we’ll see how it goes :joy: I’m definitely much more equipped for it than before the first two games so that’s good at least!


Oh yeah, and that :joy_cat: :scream:

Ahem, I must confess this is probably my first encounter with anything romance-related afair… like, ever… like, in any language…
although I must confess I read half of my village’s library as a teenager so there might have been something in there, but it didn’t leave a lasting image tbh.

I see. Will have a closer look at the tags if I ever plan to read something like that again :grin:

Ah ok. It’s a pretty long series so that makes sense. Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Well, I also don’t know what it means (as I’m new to this whole genre) but my mental image is that the ones aimed at girls would be all like pink and fluff and romance and 可愛い!!! while the ones aimed at boys would be more … straightforward, maybe? Something like your average kitsch romance novel vs Bukowski, I guess? (If you don’t know the latter, it’s more like “and then we f*ed so hard that the flowerpots fell from the nearby shelf and dropped onto us” level - I read his books around 30 years ago but imagery like this still sticks :rofl:)
Now don’t get me wrong - I’m not particularly looking for Bukowski-style material but I’m definitely not looking for kitschy romance-material. So now I am worried that the pirates may have lured me into the kitsch alley :thinking: I guess I just need to read this faster!


:tulip: Day 20 :tulip: :house:
Read: ジャックジャンヌー夏劇ー
Finished: Third story 不抜之志, 27 pages
Time: around 2 hours
Finished the third story, and with that about half of the book. It’s interesting how all of the stories so far have been connected.

Story Thoughts

Yonaga’s story was kind of depressing to read, but still interesting. It took place at the same time as the last one, which explains why Suzu and Kisa couldn’t get a hold of him. Neji (it’s always Neji lol) asked him to help out at a toy store in his stead because he was busy heading for a hike in the mountain (explains why he was there in the last story.) There he ended up working as a rabbit mascot and dancing out front as advertisement.

Can’t decide if the rabbit is cute or kind of creepy lol.
This story was kind of a rough read because it focused a lot on Yonaga’s feelings of worthlessness and how he’s having a really hard time dealing with some feelings of inferiority. It did look up a bit at the end when he realized that all the practice he did with Suzu helped him in his performance as the rabbit and called him back to talk a bit and thank him. I guess this is kind of a one step forward two steps backwards situation considering this isn’t all resolved until things come to a head in the fall play.

Something I'd like a second opinion on (probably spoilers for the game)

So in the game the whereabouts of Kisa’s brother is left pretty vague, she mentions once that he いなくなった, and later she tells someone 連絡はとれないけど継希にぃ(つきher brother)のことだからどこかで元気にやってると思うよ which makes it sound like he’s 行方不明 or just dropped contact with his family for some reason. I was always super curious about what’s going on with that because it’s never resolved in the game.
In this story the person she told that to was thinking about his reaction to her saying that


This makes it sound like he’s probably passed away. Am I right in reading that the lie here is Kisa saying she thinks he’s probably healthy somewhere and she’s actually just putting on a strong front? At first I thought it was that she knew for sure but thinking about it more that would be kind of strange to lie about to someone who also knew him.

New Vocab

異物 (いぶつ)foreign substance; foreign body; foreign contamination; foreign material​
着実 (ちゃくじつ)steady; sound; solid; reliable; trustworthy​
尻餅をつく (しりもちをつく)to fall on one’s backside​ (funny coincidence, I remember this being discussed here a while ago)
百貨店 (ひゃっかてん)department store​
不可思議 (ふかしぎ)mystery; something inexplicable; wonder; miracle​
つぶら round and cute (esp. of eyes)​ ​
直立不動 (ちょくりつふどう)standing at attention; standing stiffly upright​
怪奇 (かいき)bizarre; strange; weird; mysterious​
見出し (みだし)heading; headline; title; caption​
追求 (ついきゅう)pursuit (of a goal, ideal, etc.); search; chase; seeking after​
運ぶ (はこぶ)to go (well, etc.); to proceed; to progress​ (never knew this meaning)
しなを作る to put on coquettish airs; to act flirtatiously; to act kittenish​
至らない (いたらない)imperfect; incompetent; inadequate; careless​
驕る (おごる)to be proud; to be haughty​


I think at least part of it is how the shounen, seinen, shoujo, and josei categories work. For shounen and seinen, there’s a pretty strict idea of what those are, and anything that doesn’t fit, even if it can’t exactly be called “shoujo” or “josei” either, gets labeled as “for gals” even if it’s not written for (or specifically for) a female audience. One of those things that shounen and seinen are not is romance, so anything where romance features significantly is gonna be shoujo/josei. That’s also why queer stories tend to be shoujo/josei, because they have more freedom in the stories they’re allowed to tell. (Although judging by the cover, Flesh & Blood definitely seems like it was written with a female audience in mind lol)

Of course, I don’t know how gay stories by men for men are labeled. Maybe there are more than those four categories. I’m not particularly interested in seeking those out myself though, so I haven’t looked into that at all. The ones I saw mentioned forever ago seemed like they care more about the sex, which I don’t really care about. I don’t mind if there’s some usually, but if it’s the main point? No, thanks. I’m here for the story. I care more for the emotions and whatnot lol I’m hella ace


for me, as a gay (& trans) person reading this stuff, what I’ve found is that ‘queer’ material aimed for a straight audience and not written by a person that is queer itself can be alright and fun sometimes(I love Yuri on ice as much as the next person lol), but it is way more likely to fall into stereotypes, both in terms of plot and characters. So yeah, for me it’s definitely not an automatic strike out if something isn’t written by someone that is themselves queer/of the identity they are writing about…but I kind of always expect there to be innacuracies and stereotypes :person_shrugging: so that’s why if I can read something that is written by queer creators then I will, and why I tend to be a bit more apprehensive going into things that don’t have that ‘authenticity’

I mean, there is definitely this (I think it is labelled Bara?) but there are starting to be more works that are queer stories by queer creators that definitely aren’t just about sex. One good example would be ボーイズ・ラン・ザ・ライオット which is written by a trans author and is just about some gay and trans teens trying to start a fashion brand. Or works by Kamatani Yuhki, like しまなみ誰そ彼 (Our Dreams at Dusk). Lots of emotions, would reccomend :+1:


21st of April
Day 21

Only read page 27 and page 28 of かがみの孤城 today. Took me about ten to fifteen minutes. I’m hoping to have more time to read tomorrow and over the weekend — I’ll aim for an hour tomorrow, right after work, when I don’t feel like studying.


Well, there’s BL, but I’m not sure if the authors are usually men or not. Also they are often in the R18 category. Plus, there’s the whole 腐女子 thing (girls who like to read BL), so it might even be by women for women for all I know :sweat_smile:

In terms of gay stuff in the seinen category, 弟の夫 was pretty good. In the more general queer sense, I liked 不可解なぼくのすべてを (although it had simplifications, but I thought it was generally fine). That last one had romance, too, so my conclusion is that categories make no sense whatsoever. At times, it feels like an editor just rolled 1d4 or something.

Oh hey ボーイズ・ラン・ザ・ライオット is indeed in the seinen category too! I liked the first volume, still had no time to get around to the later ones.


Ooh hey same
Although I’m bi

Yeah that trope annoys me too
Like I can’t seem to read anything with two guys without it being R-rated

What kinds of stereotypes? I mean I kinda know a bit but I can never pinpoint it

Translated by a trans guy, too! my idol

Gosh you should read ヒゲとナプキン at some point. It’s a super relatable book about a trans guy and the ending is so heartwarminggg


Ooh I see
Maybe that’s why I don’t notice as much? Cause my mental image of romance has always been on the 可愛い!! side thanks to the ちゃお mags I read as a kid

Although ngl I think bl has a reputation of being almost bizarrely sexual?


Yeah that mighta been it.

Admittedly I don’t pay attention to (or even really try to find out) whether an author is queer or not (plus even if they are, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re out), I just go, “Oh, this story sounds good, lemme try reading it,” and it’s either:

a) good
b) has an otherwise good story but is ruined by grossly-drawn sex scenes (not even considering any gross tropes there may or may not be, just the art itself)
c) ooh, no, don’t like those tropes

…which is why I generally don’t buy BL manga in Japanese unless I’ve already read it or it’s by an author I’m familiar with, so I hope I didn’t make a mistake with 星だけ lmao. Well, it was less than $14 with shipping, which is about the same as an English manga volume new, so, at least if it is, it ain’t too much of one.

I’ll check those out, thanks!

Ooh! I don’t remember where I’d seen that explanation of the categories, though it was likely an article somewhere (since I don’t remember it being tumblr), and for all I know it coulda been older. Did definitely seem to fit what I’d observed, though. I’m glad that’s starting to change!

FukaBoku is already on my list (or I thought it had been, but I didn’t see it on my bookmeter, so it is now!), and I’ll check out 弟の夫, too.


Is BL not an umbrella term for all m/m stories? That’s how I’ve been using it. I though it included both yaoi (sex) and shounen ai (no sex)


Probably in English? I tried searching up 少年愛とは in Google and it’s defined as relationships between adult men and prepubertal boys. Which maybe relates to Japan’s history of like wakashu

It seems like maybe the distinction is between 801 (yaoi, always sexual, at least according to a Yahoo answers commenter) and BL (sometimes sexual)


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220421 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XXI: フクロウの染め物屋 :owl: & ポンポコリン :raccoon:

Read two highly cute stories today, the first, today’s folktale - about an owl who opens a dye shop and helps to dye birds all varieties of colours.

The second is today’s other folktale, from Oita prefecture! About tanuki’s pompoko song.
I was originally gonna look for something else today, but these cute stories distracted me


:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

染め物屋「そめものや」ー Dye shop
行水「ぎょうずい」ー a tub bath; washing yourself in a tub
カンカン ー Super angry; furious

Shiny New Kanji
the kanji for フクロウ - owl.

Additional word learnt from the SHINY NEW KANJI
梟鸚鵡「ふくろうおうむ」ー The very cute: Kakapo

臼杵「うすき」ー Usuki, Oita prefecture

Best of luck on your quest for a tasty waterfall, may you too one day have such a joyous face as ol’ Ojiisan here.