📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

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:star: trying to get into a consistent reading routine since 2017

Engaging into action


Inital Pledge

I’m definitely joining. I’ve been trying to increase my input lately so having buddies and public obligation will help a ton.
Also, I’ve entered lots of book clubs yet fallen behind schedule in every single one of them so I have plenty of stuff to read and catch up to. I guess this will be my main objective.

Further details on a late start

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Currently reading:

My first big boy read without furigana. There are only 5 volumes, so I’m extra motivated to read it all since the end is nigh even though I just started. Really into the book so far. Some more thorough impressions

A BOOK, well it’s a 青い鳥文庫の説明 аt that nonetheless still lotsa scary text. It’s fun to scan through yet it is so high above my level that I’m mostly skipping stuff.

Really demanding manga that coincidentally also has a mockingly small typefont, the smallest out of all of my books. Going through the first volume agonizingly slowly, definitely above my skill level so I’m in increased insufficient comprehension tolerance™ mode. Dropped it for a moment.

Objectively the best read I ever had. Lighthearted and incredibly fun. I can manage it without frequent dictionary lookups just by the skin of my teeth.

Book clubs
Books I read on a schedule a few chapters every weekend.


My first manga ever. I had plans to start reading it the last summer however it never came true. Incidentally caught up to the book club during this challenge and am now on schedule.

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