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Been reading more of tanuki lately, about halfway through volume 2. Still a comfy read. Looked at my bookmeter and reached a new milestone: 150 days of continuous reading.


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Day LVIII: この音とまれ! pg.129-135 & たのきゅう :snake:

6 pages today!

Today’s Japanese folk tale is also about snakes! Snaketober :snake:
This one is a pretty amusing little story, even more so with the narrator’s old man impression :laughing:
There’s a link on this one on how to make your own origami snake: snake 1 / snake 2

If your name is たのきゅう you may get confused for たぬき and then have to pretend that you are in fact a tanuki to trick a snake :raccoon:

~ New Words ~
色っぽい (いろっぽい) - Erotic, amorous
ヤニ (脂) - On WK, but the sole meaning (for the kanji) on here is just fat… Jisho states it’s fat; grease; lard, this makes the words it’s used in make so much more sense. On this story it’s used to mean tobacco tar “タバコのヤニ”
痺れる (しびれる) - to become numb, also new kanji! Which means numb/paralysed.



Sure you did :joy_cat: But that’s totally ok - I have this bad habit of just sticking a bunch of words into my deck without completing the cards, so this was a welcome nudge towards cleaning up my deck a little bit.

Would you mind sharing them? I’m a dev myself (so no need to clean up the code or anything :sweat_smile:) but I never looked into Anki plugins - this might be useful for my deck cleanups, I could imagine…

For the challenge:

Oct 24th: Finished the week’s assignment of ヨコハマ.

Oct 25th: Re-read Demon Slayer chapter 8.

Oct 26th: Re-read Demon Slayer chapter 9.

Oct 27th: Did not get around to any reading (was very busy and need. to. make. sure. I finish my Anki decks at least)

Oct 28th: Had a very intense (in a good way) work morning and slacked off in the afternoon by reading Demon Slayer chapter 10-11.


I decided, in pursuit of words, to pull up the vocabulary list the book club made for Yotsuba 4, and read a few pages with the list right in front of me, figuring that would make it semi-easy … Have I regressed, or is chapter 23 just a beast? Half the time I could not figure out why the characters were saying what they were saying, and some of the time it was a struggle to figure out what they were saying even though I knew every word! I hadn’t had that problem in quite a while. :confused:


Ahaha, thank you so much! I enjoyed this bizarre story, and learned something too. :grin:


It’s 9pm and I’ve just tried to read the sentence 老人たちは、そこでなにやらふたことみことささやきかわした written vertically, and as much as I’ve enjoyed this challenge, part of me is going to be really glad when I can just skip the odd day of reading again from next week. :sleepy:


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 28 If I can just get it over with this math assignment… :skull_and_crossbones:
・Honzuki 6. (89% → 90%).


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Day 58: Today I read 6 pages of よつば&! and two pages of ツバサ Reservoir Chronicle.


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October 28th
Stardew Valley

Random words
  • 長い目で見る = ながいめでみる to look at the long term.
  • 適度 = てきど moderate, proper.
  • 熱心 = ねっしん zeal, enthusiasm.


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Day 54: October 28
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 46 min

I was looking forward to Matsuoka sibling moments and I was absolutely NOT disappointed

The boys introduce themselves to Gou and the literal first thing out of her mouth is basically “oh yeah, I’ve heard about you guys - after the tournaments, my brother would always go on and on about how fast Nanase is” :joy: Rin, we know you’re obsessed with Haru, it’s ok :rofl:

IIII absolutely feel for Rin in this moment though tbh, like why are family members embarrassing as heck sometimes xD Like…why you gotta tell people that stuff about me? Why? Can you just let me pretend to be a normal person in front of these people please xD I don’t feel like I’ve ever had that impulse to do that, to share stuff about others that might not be common knowledge, am I the weird one? (Honestly, probably, but…??? Maybe it’s because my impulse to talk period is generally very low irl, idk)

But thanks to Gou’s big mouth, we also learn that Rin moved to live at his grandma’s house so he could go to Iwatobi and swim with them, basically. Which is very cute. And also she brought him something that he is trying very hard to keep secret, something that he’s going to use/need on the day of the tournament :eyes: I know what it is, I already know, and I’m- I’ll talk about this later but :heart: I love this. I just realized that it connects in the best way Nagisa, of course, has a fun guessing game about it, much to Rin’s annoyance xD

Good words:

  • 屈託の無い (くったくのない) - carefree; free from worry
  • ぎこちない - awkward; clumsy; stiff; crude; unrefined; constrained
  • 住民票 (じゅうみんひょう) - certificate of residence (from what I understand, it’s basically the government record of where you live/your official address)
  • 押し返す (おしかえす) - to force back; to jostle
  • 記念撮影 (きねんさつえい) - taking a commemorative photo :pleading_face:
  • 痛切 (つうせつ) - keen; acute; heartfelt
  • かくも - so (e.g. so much, so close, so many, so few)​

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Day 57:

日本語: I read a fair amount of 伯爵と妖精 21.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of 7SEEDS.


中国語: I read 让失去变得可爱 on MB, plus one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学. :eyes:


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Day LIX: この音とまれ! pg.135-143 & 大蛇に変身した奥さん :snake:

8 pages today! Unless I somehow manage to read 57 pages in two days then I’m not gonna finish this by the deadline, may have to flick though the pictures on the last day.

Today’s 百物語 is aboutttt… a snake! Again!

Today is also ホームビデオ記念日, home video day! :vhs:
I had to share his little face waiting for the VHS to start

~ New Words ~
庄屋 (しょうや) - Village Leader (especially in Kansai region) [Old Word]
役所 (やくしょ) - Government Office / Public Office
とらふぐ (虎河豚) - Japanese pufferfish


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Day 59: Today I read 7 pages of よつば&!


:house_with_garden: home post

What did I read:

:heavy_check_mark: Day 47 (10月 26日) :sparkles:
歴史366、3 stories, 20min

:heavy_check_mark: Day 48 (10月 27日) :sparkles:
10分でよめるこわい話 , 第5話「がいこつの歌」& 第6話「人に死をつげるようか」, 50min. 4 stories left in this, hope I can make it in time by the deadline.

:heavy_check_mark: Day 49 (10月 28日) :sparkles:
okay, hear me out, I didn’t read from a book, but I read a whole chapter from the story of a mobage I play… it still counts…right…?? I even noted down words. bc honestly, there were many interesting new expressions.

:heavy_check_mark: Day 50 (10月 29日) :sparkles:
暁のヨナ, ch44, only half of it and it’s been 1h30m already, this chapter is so wordy…

interesting expressions

鼻につく はなにつく=to be cloying; to be sick and tired with; to be disgusted with;
目利き めきき =judgement; judgment; connoisseur
口車に乗せる くちくるまにのせる=to deceive with smooth talk; to wheedle; to give someone a snow job​
人聞きの悪い ひとぎきのわるい =disreputable; scandalous; disgraceful
口が回る くちがまわる =express oneself well, to talk smoothly, fluently
遣り兼ねない =capable of anything; liable to do​
ヘマをする =make a mess weblio

goodness, I can’t believe there’s only two days left!! :astonished: :astonished: :pleading_face:


Summary post

Day 55: October 29
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 19 min

These four pages just got me like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love these boys so much. (How many times have I said that over the course of this book…probably a lot :joy:) Rin started crying at the graduation and made pretty much everyone else cry too xD That’s so Rin~ Secretly the most sentimental baby <3 Ever the sympathetic friend, Haru’s just like …why are you crying, you barely even go here :joy: That’s so Haru~

And then there was this perfect little snapshot of a moment

After the graduation, they have their usual run to the swim club. The weather is freaking gorgeous, by the way, like it sounds like the most beautiful day. The sky is blue as heck, with the green mountains standing out vividly against it. The weather’s verging on summer. There’s a freaking seabird floating by on the ocean wind. It’s gorgeous. As always, Haru and Makoto meet up with Nagisa near the bridge, and Rin catches up with them shortly after that. And they’re just…it’s just a really friend group-y moment. Like you feel how normal the dynamic between the four of them has become. Nagisa asked them if they cried at the graduation, and nobody hesitates to throw Rin under the bus as the crybaby of the group :joy: And he calls Haru and Makoto the weird ones for not crying. It just had that beautiful combination of “special” and “everyday.” The peacefulness of it all just :heart:

It’s the kind of everyday moment you want to capture and keep in your heart forever. It feels special, even though it’s really just an ordinary day. :heart: :heart: In the middle of all that, Nagisa brings up the fact that Rin’s going to Australia (as a possible explanation as to why Rin was crying so hard). That poignant reminder, that this will all soon be just a memory. …Omg, why am I making myself sad - stop that, self

So many good words today :D

あっさり - easily; readily; quickly
淡々 (たんたん) - uninterested; unconcerned; indifferent; dispassionate; matter-of-fact; detached
共鳴 (きょうめい) - sympathy (with a view, idea, etc.)
涙もろい (なみだもろい) - easily moved to tears; given to weeping; lachrymose
延々 (えんえん) - forever; endlessly; on and on
稜線 (りょうせん) - ridgeline; lines of a mountain ridge
たもと - vicinity (esp. of a bridge) why is there actually a specific word for being in the vicinity of a bridge though
馴れ馴れしい (なれなれしい) - over-familiar
どうかしている - something’s wrong (with someone); not right (in the head); not oneself; crazy; nuts (this word cracks me up)
号泣 (ごうきゅう) - crying loudly; bawling; wailing; lamentation​; crying one’s eyes out (without making noise); breaking into a flood of tears; crying buckets; weeping
にらみつける - to glare at; to scowl at​
寄り添う (よりそう) - to get close; to cuddle close together; to nestle close to; to snuggle up to (it was the first meaning in context, but what a cute word)
柄にもなく (がらにもなく) - out of character; unlike one

アジサシ - tern (esp. the common tern)

Aka this pretty bird right here

Pretty seabird wings~


Summary Post

October 29th
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words
  • 順番 = じゅんばん turn, order of things, sequential order.
  • 使用 = しよう use, utilisation, employment.
  • 利用 = りよう use, utilisation, application.
    → I added these two because I was checking the difference between them. As I understand it, 使用 is just regular use of something, 使うこと . 利用 refers to using something specifically for a purpose, employing something for one’s benefit, making use of something.

I think I’ve decided to turn English back on in FFXIV from time to time. I’ve been going with Japanese for quite a while already, and while it has been quite fun overall, it’s been way too hard work at times. I don’t think it has been very productive sometimes because of that, and depending on what I was doing it was too little return for the amount of effort I was putting into it. The reality is that it’s still a very hard resource for me at the moment, even though I still understand quite a bit, but there is just too much that I don’t. And don’t get me wrong, I will still be playing it in Japanese, but I will swap back to English when I’m just tired or when I’m doing something lore-heavy and I want to understand things completely. It’s awesome that I can just swap back and forth when I feel like it. But doing hours and hours of hard mental gymnastics was too straining for my own enjoyment. Balance is key.

I think this is an obvious thing to say, but I’ve definitely noticed that resources that consistently give you sentences containing only one or at most two words you don’t know are much more productive than fighting a text full of unknown words. So this is why I say that, despite my undying love for FFXIV, I don’t think it is a good resource for me at the moment. Stardew Valley however is an amazing resource in terms of word mining, but on the other hand the grammar is rather simple and the dialogues very short. If I could only find a resource that matches both my vocabulary and grammar level, that would be wonderful. I seriously doubt I would ever find that holy grail, though. There’s always something lacking.


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Day 58:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 21.


中国語: I read 一块钱 on MB, plus one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学.


Definitely feel this. The kids book series I’m reading is pretty much spot-on for me at the moment in terms of how much I need to look up vocabulary-wise and how much I can let wash over me grammar-wise. I’ve got three volumes of it, and I’m trying to decide whether to buy some more because I’m getting on so well with it, and it’s a manageable read, or whether I should be trying to push myself into something more difficult, but acknowledging that I may well then end up avoiding it because it’s to hard for me.

As you said, it’s awesome that you’re playing any of FFXIV in Japanese! I’ve just started re-watching Dad of Light on netflix, which is about a kid playing it with his dad and I’m only just about able to understand that, let alone the game itself.


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Day LX: この音とまれ! pg.143-147 & 琵琶湖の大入道 :footprints:

Four pages, I tried to read more since I’m not sure if it’ll be available tomorrow but there was SO MUCH dialogue I couldn’t get any further.

And read today’s 百物語 about lake Biwa and a procession of Onyudo being mistaken for an earthquake.

Rather short readings today, I would have liked to read more since there’s only tomorrow left (since when did that get here??) but I’m pretty tired today.

~ New Words ~
松明 (たいまつ) - Torch (made of wood/bamboo - flame torch)
様な (ような) - Similar to
行列 (ぎょうれつ) - Line, queue; Procession; Parade
明神 (みょうじん) - Great god/deity


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 29 (yesterday’s post)
・Honzuki 6. (90% → 91%).

Yooo, handed in just in time :sunglasses: Didn’t have time to post tho, had to hurry to catch a train. And then train didn’t have wifi, so couldn’t post then either. Sad times. Anyway, I’m still here and readin’ xD


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Day 59:

日本語: I read a fair amount of 伯爵と妖精 21.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ふしぎの国のバード (finished v3).


中国語: I read 叫的狗不咬人 on MB, plus one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学 and one page of 妙手仙丹.