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Oh absolutely! I really liked how popular he seemed to be among the villagers and how he tried to help everybody. That’s a welcome change from Fruits Basket with its constant fighting and shouting and cursing and demolishing the house :wink:

Oct 16th (take two): Just had to continue a bit more before falling asleep - finished Demon Slayer chapter 1 and started chapter 2.

Oct 17th: The chapters are much shorter now, so I finished chapter 2 and read chapter 3.


:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :: TANUKIDATE 20211018 :: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XLVIII: この音とまれ! pg.79-85 & ドライバーの日 :oncoming_automobile:

The page has been updated, it is now free until the 31st! (by the looks of it they’ve added two more volumes to the freeness, so now the first 5 are free). Read 6 pages today.

Today is Driver’s day… ドライバーの日! Which is a day to thank all the public service drivers like taxis, buses and truckers. There’s a comic with this one too!

It’s also フラフープの日 - hula hoop day - though it’s probably best not to do both at the same time.

~ New Words! ~
職業紹介 (しょくぎょうしょうかい) - Employment Agency
風靡 (ふうび) - Overwhelming. Don’t think I’ve seen that last kanji before either.
木造住宅 (もくぞうじゅうたく) - Wooden house / wood-framed house


Main Post

Been a while since I made a summary post. I have been reading some more tanuki lately. It is a funny, comfy and a light read. Just what I wanted. There’s no stress, only tanuki.

Likely I’ll finish reading through volume 1 this week and then continue with volume 2. :raccoon:


Summary Post

October 18th
Stardew Valley

Random words
  • 余裕 = よゆう surplus, margin, leeway.
  • 改築 = かいちく structural alteration of a building, remodelation.
  • 食材 = しょくざい cooking ingredients, foodstuff.
  • 延べ棒 = のべぼう metal bar.
  • 燃料 = ねんりょう fuel.
  • 去る = さる to leave, to go away.
  • 革 = かわ leather.
  • 掘る = ほる to dig, to excavate.

I’ve been noticing that I’m getting much better at reading katakana. I’m grateful that video games are full of it and I have to read katakana words constantly; my recognition and speed have improved a lot.


Home post

Day 47:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 20.


中国語: I read 礼物.


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 18
・Honzuki 6. (60% → 61%)


Today I read 9 pages of よつば&!, and 4 pages of 月刊少女野崎くん from the sample on bookwalker. I also checked out the sales and read a few pages here and there from the free mangas, just to make sure I was getting ones I might actually read.

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I make a lot of resolutions I don’t keep. :see_no_evil: But I don’t always make good resolutions, so I can’t keep them all!


Summary post

Day 48: October 18
What did I read?: コウペンちゃん :penguin:
How much did I read?: 30 pages
How long did it take me?: 34 min

Oh my god, you guys :rofl:
Honestly, I was so not feeling it today, so I was just looking for something easy to read, but it turned out to be the best decision ever xD This book is…kind of picture book-ish in style, I guess. The first few pages are basically an adorable baby penguin saying “you’re doing amazing, sweetie” for completing basic life tasks, which is something I needed in my life right now xD And then it introduces some other characters - from the descriptions, I love them all already. But none more than よこしまエナガ

Please meet this lord of darkness

so smol :pleading_face: tiny lord of darkness <3

And then please enjoy these シマエナガ, they will make your day happy

what is thiiiiiissssss :sob:
is this real life :sob:







Good words:

  • どこにでもいる - commonplace (of people or animals); ordinary; typical; ubiquitous; run-of-the-mill; found around every corner
  • 目つき (めつき) - look (in someone’s eyes); expression (of the eyes); eyes
  • 気性 (きしょう) - disposition; temperament; temper; nature
  • せっかち - hasty; impatient; restless; rash​
  • 物知り (ものしり) - well-informed person; walking dictionary; extensive knowledge
  • 独自 (どくじ) - independent; one’s own; personal; original; unique; distinctive; characteristic; peculiar
  • 世界観 (せかいかん) - world view; outlook on the world; Weltanschauung (philosophy)
  • かっこうつける - to affect a stylish air; to try to look good; to show off
  • くだらぬ - stupid; nonsensical; absurd; foolish; silly​; trivial; trifling; insignificant; not worth bothering with; worthless; useless; good-for-nothing​
  • 支配者 (しはいしゃ) - governor; leader; ruler

Summary post

Day 48: Today I read 4 pages of よつば&!and read aloud one chapter of ハイキュー!!


I’m still hanging in here but mostly just reading a few pages of こぐまのケーキ屋さん before bed each night, just to get the tick in the box. I’m working hybrid at the moment and the days in the office it’s actually a lot easier to fit in japanese study because I have 2 hours on the train. The days at home I’m trying to fit in exercising and feeding the cat and doing the laundry, and I end up doing the bare minimum of japanese. Trying to use this time to work out what’s going to be a realistic schedule for my studies over the next few months though. Trying to find a balance between SRS which is boring but good for me, and immersion, which is more fun but probably not massively effective without the SRS.


:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :: TANUKIDATE 20211019 :: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XLIX: この音とまれ! pg. 85-89 & ガラクタお化け :closed_umbrella:

4 pages today!

And today’s 百物語 story about a priest staying a night in a temple (seems a lot of the folktales start this way) only to be awakened by the discarded items singing.
(The narrator guy’s singing is the best :rofl:)

I’ve always liked the idea of old things once used coming to life at night.

~ New Words ~
ボロボロ - Worn out, ragged, crumbling, tattered, scruffy
七輪 (しちりん) - A charcoal brazier
ひしゃく (柄杓) - A ladle / scoop
ガラクタ (我楽多) - Junk, rubbish, odds and ends
ちゃがま (茶釜) - Teakettle that’s used in tea ceremonies.

You’ve found another one!! :grinning:

I never knew that darkness incarnate would be such a cute little bird
My day has been vastly improved :bird:


Home post

Day 48:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 20 (and finished it) plus some of パノラマ島綺譚.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ハイキュー.


中国語: I read 退货.


Oct 18th: Read Demon Slayer chapter 4 and 5.

Oct 19th: Read chapter 6 and 7, which means I finished vol. 1.

It was indeed a nice read! I think there is a fine balance between a story being told too curtly and being dragged out too much, and it hit that balance almost perfectly.
For the statistics: Altogether I found 187 words that I didn’t know before or that I didn’t recognize (i.e. didn’t know well enough) or that I recognized in context but wanted to practice a bit more. Added them to the big pile that is my Anki stack :joy_cat:

Now I just wonder how @chrisosaurus is doing in terms of wrist pain and in terms of reading struggles…


Sorry I didn’t have time to post but I read every day. I finished the second volume of 聲の形 which was free on bookwalker and started エデンの檻 volume 1 also free on bookwalker. Unfortunately I don’t have time to make a vocabulary list today.


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 19 aaaah, I don’t have any time to read. One more week, and I’ll probably lose Regular status too
・Honzuki 6. (61% → 62%)


:house_with_garden: home post

What did I read:

:heavy_check_mark: Day 38 (10月 16日) :sparkles:
暁のヨナ 、chapter 41, once alone, looking up vocabulary and then once at the bookclub read-aloud… it was such a funny session
:heavy_check_mark: Day 39 (10月 17日) :sparkles:
新完全マスター読解、 4 passages, 1hour
:heavy_check_mark: Day 40 (10月 18日) :sparkles:
暁のヨナ, chapter 42, vocabulary lookup, only did half of the chapter, because too sleepy…
this explanatory article on the expression 奇異の目にさらされる
:heavy_check_mark: Day 41 (10月 19日) :sparkles:
暁のヨナ, chapter 42, rest of the chapter, and continued with the words…

here's some interesting words:

目をそらす めをそらす=to look away; to avert one’s eyes
妄想 もうそう =wild idea;delusion
駆使する くしする =using freely;making full use of;
幼気な いたいけな =young and sweet;adorable;cute;tender
晒す さらす to expose;to sentence someone to public humiliation
奇異の目にさらされる きいのめにさらされる
=to attract curious gazes; to be exposed to people’s curious gazes etc
目くるめく =to dazzle; to blind

on a side note, I caught a cold, I’ve been feeling terribly today and yesterday, reading was the last thing on my mind tbh


Summary post

Day 49: October 19
What did I read?: コウペンちゃん :penguin:
How much did I read?: 38 pages
How long did it take me?: 15 min

I’ve been in such a meh mood these past couple days D: Don’t know why…and I better get over it fast, I have so much I need to do but my apathy about it has reached new heights
This book is going fast though haha - it’s a pretty breezy read, which is what I need right now. And it’s very cute, of course :3

コウペンちゃん's reaction to 邪エナガ is so wholesome xD

There was a Cinderella retelling and コウペンちゃん in a dress was too precious

Good words:

  • 落ち込む (おちこむ) - to feel down; to feel sad; to be depressed; to be in low spirits
  • 儚い (はかない) - empty (dream, etc.); mere (hope); faint (possibility); fleeting; transient; short-lived; momentary; ephemeral; fickle; vain
  • 暗黒 (あんこく) - darkness
  • めでたしめでたし - and they all lived happily ever after​ (SO CUTE)

Oh nooo don’t leave me D:


Summary Post

October 19th
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words
  • 倍数 = ばいすう multiple (as in number).

Lazy day today. Still practiced for several hours I just didn’t feel like adding many words today.

I find regular status impossible to maintain unless you contribute generously to the POLLs everyday ;-; lost mine many months ago. I still participate in the forums and read daily, though! I just don’t POLL any more. Currently I mostly keep up with the daily challenge, post updates, like everybody’s posts, and check new and followed threads.


I’m sorry you are feeling so meh! It sounds like you work super hard… I hope you’re able to get in some rest and that it helps with the meh…!

Also, the pictures you posted this time and last time are so great. Those ridiculously tiny, pudgy-looking white fluffy birds! Amazing. Thank you! :blush:

Edit to add: after posting I went to google image search for more シマエナガ and found out about a) シマエナガとカラスさん manga b) THIS EXISTS!


Today I read 9 pages of 月刊少女野崎くん 1巻. I finished the free sample, which included a page with a scene that wasn’t in the anime, which was Very Exciting! Then I even bought the e-book. I normally never buy e-books! :joy: It’s fun to be reading something I’m excited about. :blush: