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Day XLVI: この音とまれ! pg.65-69 & きのこ (aka, what I meant to read yesterday) :mushroom:

4 pages today!

There’s a load of info here (on the mushroom page) about fungi’s role in the ecosystem, cultivation, history, safety… a lot of info. I’ve only managed to read a bit.

Found a list of the mushrooms you can grow and what sort of habitats they need, and there’s a list of each and how to cook them for maximum tasty (there’s also a danger-shroom section). But I don’t think I can make it through it all, my head is now so full of all the mushroom names and mushroomy knowledge, that my brain has become like the mushy, filamentous skin of a mushroom.

~ New Words ~
糸状 (しじょう) - String like / Filamentous
大正 (たいしょう) - Taisho Era (1912-1926)

Shroom Words (there's a lot)

菌類 (きんるい) - Fungus / Fungi
松茸 (まつたけ) - Matsutake Mushroom
滑子 (なめこ) - Nameko Mushroom
担子菌類 (たんしきんるい) - Basidiomycetes (Fungi family group)
冬虫夏草 (とうちゅうかそう) - Caterpillar Fungus
チャワンタケ - Pezizomycotina
編笠茸 (あみがさたけ) - Common Morel
菌糸体 (きんしたい) - Mycelium
えのき茸 (えのきたけ) (榎茸) - Enoki Mushroom (those fun long ones that are really quite tasty)
ひら茸 (ひらたけ) (平茸) - Oyster Mushroom (these are tasty)
種菌 (しゅきん) - “The Mother Shroom”, not entirely sure there’s a direct translation for this, but it’s fungal colony they use to start fermentation - the Starter Culture. There is kind of a word! - Inoculum.
純粋培養 (じゅんすいばいよう) - Pure Culture
マッシュルーム - Common Mushroom - the Japanese name is literally just “Mushroom” :laughing:
原木栽培 (げんばくさいばい) - Log Cultivation
菌床栽培 (きんしょうさいばい) - (Mushroom) Bed Cultivation
あらげ木耳 (あらげきたけ) (荒毛木耳 / 粗毛木耳) - Cloud Ear Fungus …this… is edible…?
橅湿地 (ぶなしめじ) - Brown Beech Mushroom (these are pretty good)

Listing all these mushrooms is giving me flashbacks of playing Metal Gear Solid 3 and feeding Snake all the mushrooms you find in the woods and him remarking how tasty they all are well… most of them.

Pretty sure this is more than enough to qualify you to become a… きのこの専門家
My brain also went on a similar epic fantasy mushroom adventure :rofl:


Oh yes, it‘s fairly common in Chinese dishes - would be surprised if you hadn’t eaten them actually :wink:



It‘s the brown-black bits; they also go by their Chinese name „Mu Err“ in Germany.

For the challenge:

Oct 15th (take two): Yesterday I decided to read this week’s Beginner Book Club short story in the evening, and even later, when I went to bed, I felt too tired / unfocused to finish my reviews, so I decided to juuust read a few more pages of Demon Slayer - ok I finally stopped after 20 pages :sweat_smile:

Oct 16th: Read like 12 more pages of Demon Slayer (now up to p. 49). Now I really need to go back to my grammar studies :grin:


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Day 45:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 20. All praise to メースフィールド公爵夫人. :heart_eyes:


中国語: I read 窗户.


How are you finding it? Know you mentioned it’s generally not your kind of thing


As you can surely tell from my below comments, I know nothing about the manga other than that it was turned into an anime recently and everybody went crazy about it.

So far (i.e. close to the end of chapter 1) the overall plot is a bit … simple and predictable I guess? Like okay, dude’s family got killed, sister is now a demon, suddenly an unknown but of course omnipotent demon slayer appears and rescues him from sister’s attack - now I’m speculating that MC will become his apprentice, learn how to slay demons, will cure his sister and take revenge for his family. I guess :joy_cat: (I mean, it’s a shounen manga after all and that’s totally okay.)

But there are lots of things I really like about it so far:

  • The art is pretty nice because it’s realistic and unobtrusive
  • I really liked the medieval atmosphere at the start, and getting a glimpse into people’s lives at the time
  • The text is super readable for me and I don’t have to look up many words, which is a nice diversion from my usual books (ok until that demon slayer appears who speaks like a medieval book or something :rofl:)
  • The tension was very well-built - gripping, but not too horrifying (I’m very sensitive to that, and I was reading parts of it at night while being alone, which wouldn’t work for me if the horror level was too high). Let’s hope it stays that way :grin:

All in all so far it’s an entertaining and easy-ish read which is already everything I could ask for :slight_smile:


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 16 Not much time for reading today
・Honzuki 6. (57% → 58%)


hahaha yes you’re really not far off. I would agree that it’s not super innovative plot wise but kind of just does the shonen formulas really really well. I do think that Tanjiro is quite a nice contrast in his gentleness/kindness to your kind of typical shonen protag which I do appreciate. But yeah, mainly it’s just good fun!

I remember having the exact same experience! :joy::joy::joy:


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October 16th
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words
  • 古びる = ふるびる to look old, to get old.
  • 染色 = せんしょく dyeing, staining, dyed colour.

Another uninteresting update, I don’t have anything fancy to say ;-; . I haven’t done Satori Reader in a while, but I don’t actually miss it much. I think it’s safe to say that the story I’m reading this time hasn’t hooked me, a pity considering the other ones I’ve read were really nice. I’m not sure if I should just drop it and start a new one or just consume other things until I feel like doing Satori Reader again, which is what I’m doing right now. I’m happy that video games are the thing that currently grab my interest so so much, I think it’s what I enjoy doing the most, especially now that I’ve been fighting the feeling of never feeling good enough for them. But they get so, so much easier after a little while that they become really fun. But I guess that could be said about any resource.


Lol rip, ah well, realistically you learned something that’ll come in a lot more handy then, so not a bad deal!


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Day 46: Today I read another 4 pages of よつば&!


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Day 46: October 16
What did I read?: 夜は猫といっしょ Vol 2
How much did I read?: 20 pages - finished the volume
How long did it take me?: IIIIIII forgot to time it, probably like 15 min?

Busy day today…lots of cleaning to do before my family visits next weekend :sweat_smile: So it was キュルガ for me today. As I finished this volume, I realized that there are stickers tucked away in the back of it :o Little キュルガ stickers <3 …Like 99% of the stickers that come into my possession, I will probably never use them :rofl: But they’re super cute.

キュルガ went *nyoom*

Soft kitty :3

Good words:
掠る (かする) - to graze (e.g. bullet); to scratch; to touch lightly (was written in kana but :woman_shrugging:)
おっちょこちょい - careless person; scatterbrain; birdbrain; hasty person
心地良い (ここちよい) - comfortable; pleasant


Today I read 2 pages of よつば&!, like @tiny_river_otter, but tinier. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Day XLVII: この音とまれ! pg. 69-79 & 紅葉狩り :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:

10 pages today, tired to read as much as I could in case it’s no longer accessible tomorrow.

I came across this word: 紅葉狩り (もみじがり) [Autumn leaf viewing/hunting] - a few days ago and I’ve been curious as to what this exactly is, I found an article that asked just this! - 紅葉狩りは何する?

So it seems that it’s rather similar to the cherry blossom viewing of spring, which also used to be called “hunting” rather than “viewing” - 桜狩り (さくらがり), and was called hunting as it was “going into nature and searching” in a similar way that you’d go hunting for bugs and such.

“Relax in hot spring locations that are well known for their autumnal leafage” - or there abouts
AKA - “Here’s how you can have the most amazing experience ever”

Autumn with hot springs, mountains, picnics in the park… then there’s a list of some of the best places for autumn viewing - pretty much the whole thing has made me want to go to Japan more than ever.

In comparison, English autumns are one sunny day of crisp leaves frolicking in the park followed by endless grey days of rain-saturated leaf-mulch cumulating at the side of the road.

~ New Words! ~
シチュエーション - Situation… that is pretty hard to read.
紅葉 (こうよう) - Autumn Leaves, though it seems to have the nuance of “Autumn Colours” and “leaves turning colour (to red etc.)”, looks like it can refer to just “Autumn Colours” in general too.
営業時間 (えいぎょうじかん) - Business hours
鎌倉時代 (かまくらじだい) - Kamakura Era (1185-1333), that’s how old leaf hunting is thought to be!
ポキポキ - Crunching sound
野山 (のやま) - hills and fields
潮干狩り (しおひがり) - Clam hunting/digging, searching for clams
サラサラ - Quite a lot of meanings: with a rustling sound; Rippling / murmuring; slurping down; with ease, smoothly; smooth and dry; free-flowing
美意識 (びいしき) - Sense of beauty; Aesthetic
露天風呂 (ろてんぶり) (ろてんぶ) - Open air bath


Are you hungry by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Might want to double-check your kana: 露天風呂 - Jisho.org


Woops :laughing:

No idea how that happened (hunger most likely), thanks for pointing it out!


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Day 46:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 20.


中国語: I read 吃苹果.

And there is another complete week, hooray!


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October 17 Wiii! Was a good day :3
・Honzuki 6. (58% → 60%)

I have to share the funniest sentence I’ve read in a while:

[character] は 埴輪(はにわ)のような顔で(かた)まった。

images of “haniwa”:

What kind of face is that :rofl: :rofl:


Oooh, nice!! Which volume are you reading? I’m going through the first one :smiley:


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Day 47: Today I read 4 pages of よつば&!and four pages of ツバサ Reservoir Chronicle.


Lol this reminds me of one that an author liked to use which was nodding like an akabeko