📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

There is literally so many words I encounter then add to my own anki deck it’s at 626 word, I don’t even have half a year of it -.-


Yours at 626 words only. Mine is 17 407 words. Which is even better? I accumulated these from 2020 May onwards. I love it nevertheless.



October 2
:maple_leaf: 32
total: 99/108

  • カラフル (73 → 81% text)

Okay, so I have 9 days left.

My plan is:
days 100-104 → catch up with 授乳 book club
days 105-108 → finish カラフル
(around 5%/day for both things)

It will be so weird to stop reading everyday (I still intend to read a few days a week, but nevertheless), but I really want to work on some other areas of Japanese :sweat_smile:


Home post October 3rd reading graded reader どうしてエビの体からだは曲まがった?どうしてねこ年どしがない?. Now for sleep.


Damnnn same, I do love my own deck. I can put refrences few or only I could understand but stillll it likely be 1000 by the end of the year


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 3 I thought I’d have more time to read in the weekends, but turns out I was busier than I thought.
・Honzuki 6. (32% → 34%)


Home post

Day 32:

日本語: I read a lot of はめふら 11.


中国語: I read 我的妈妈, 太晚了, and 我的生日. I added 严重 and 身边.

And another successful week completed!

日 月 火 水 木 金 土 :books:
日 月 火 水 木 金 土 :books:

I still feel sick and tired but this time my post will be super educational you will even learn what a キス is :rofl:

First thing first, I read the last 60 pages of the second volume of まがつき. This mange is super funny and it uses a wider variety of grammar points than the manga I read before.

御利益 ごりやく divine favour; blessing; miracle
鱚 きす sillago
サボる to play hooky; to skip school; to cut class N1
手汗 てあせ sweaty hands
登校 とうこう going to school N1
接着剤的 せっちゃくざいてき like glue
くっ付く くっつく to stick to; to cling to
ライバル rival
登場 とうじょうentry (on stage); appearance (on screen) N2
権力 けんりょく (political) power; authority; influence N1
グラタン gratin


:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :waning_crescent_moon: ::: TANUKIDATE 20211003 ::: :waning_crescent_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XXXIII: 馬尾の滝 (須賀川市) :potable_water: (a water droplet tap is the closet emoji I could find)

Generally feeling like today is one of those days that brain can’t remember how to read English let alone Japanese. So only reading a bit of a random wiki article today, about a waterfalllll

Place! - 須賀川市 (すかがわし) - Sukagawa City

Word! - 支流 (しりゅう) - Tributary / Branch


Skipped yesterday :frowning: but today I sat outside in the dappled autumn sunlight and read for an hour! I read five pages and came across some fun words/phrases.

平らげる たいらげる to eat up (completely). Feels like… flattening your plate!
しぶとい tenacious, dogged, headstrong
上の空 うわのそら absent-mindedness
食感 - しょっかん mouthfeel
くわんくわん having food stuck around the mouth or all over the face
戸惑い とまどい losing one’s bearings; confusion; wonderment. archaic: forgetting which house or room to enter


Summary Post

October 3rd
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words
  • 占拠 = せんきょ occupation (of a territory).
  • 上達 = じょうたつ improvement (of a skill or ability), progress.

Smol steps today.


Summary post

Day 33: October 3
What did I read?: 雨と君と Vol. 2 :raccoon::maple_leaf:
How much did I read?: 33 pages - finished the volume
How long did it take me?: 45 min

I did a lot of life things today, so I was kind of tired :sleeping: Seemed like a perfect day to finish off the last volume (for now) of the tanuki.
What a freaking cute chapter :sob: As if the tanuki cuteness wasn’t enough, now there’s a cat

Tanuki and cat being cute together

Good words:

  • 安定期 (あんていき) - stable period (with ref. to pregnancy, typically from 4th month when the placenta is fully formed, morning sickness usually goes away and risk of miscarriage decreases)
  • くり抜く (くりぬく) - to gouge out; to excavate; to hollow; to bore; to drill; to carve (e.g. pumpkin)
  • 漁り (あさり) - searching; rummaging
  • 気が紛れる (きがまぎれる) - to be distracted from feelings of depression, boredom, tension, etc.

Summary post

Day 33: Today I read 4 pages of よつば&! and two pages of ツバサ Reservoir Chronicle.


On Friday I had the day off, but I didn’t really make time for reading at all. In the end I ended up reading a couple pages of 赤毛のアン before going to sleep just to have read something. :sleeping: I think I also read about half of the first volume of 女装してめんどくさい事になってる……, a manga with a too long title at some point during the day, but I don’t log manga. Which is why it felt like I hadn’t read anything, I guess, even though I had.

On Saturday I read this week’s part of 授乳, and the 小川未明童話集 both. I also finished the 1st and 2nd volumes of 女装してめんどくさい事になってる etc.

Yesterday I started this week’s part of 乳と卵, and probably read a bit more than half of it…? Also ぼくらのへんたい volume 2 and the prologue of 大海原と大海原 vol 1. I think this is the current? Or past? beginner book club read. It feels like it’s going to be a slow read for me though. It just has that kind of atmosphere, at least in the beginning, that makes me want to take my time. :slight_smile:

Really? I wouldn’t have expected that! :open_mouth:


Home post October 4th Graded reader 舌切したきり雀すずめ

Something resembling a blurb I guess...


A fun little story with a cute ending

TL;DR (spoilers?)

don’t mess with birds.

These last few graded readers I’ve been finding I can kind of almost skim parts of them, which I think is a new thing for me, say when reading a familiar / common word like ありがとうございます I don’t have to read every character and kind of see the start and my eyes just zoom over checking the rough shape rather than checking every character.
Likewise these basic readers have lots of “foo said […], bar said […], foo went to […]” and I can skim over most of that outside the brackets.

Yay progress.




Main Post

Thought I would add what I read over the weekend in an update post. I read a poem called お月夜 plus two stories パンのかけらと小さなあくま and カンガルーの赤ちゃん. The poem was a light read, so that was kinda nice. The pictures were also kinda cute. Feels like I read the little devil story before. As it is a world tale, I tried finding the original, but that one ends very differently. So I’m not sure if it got changed over the years, or if they adapted it to fit in this bundle. The last story is about kangaroo babies, which is labeled as a science story. I liked how easy it was to parse and made me interested in a few things. Had to confirm that babies indeed climb their way into the mother’s pouch while they’re the size of a bean. Surviving isn’t easy and the kangaroo biology is pretty interesting to read about. This was probably my favorite piece of the book so far.

Reading every day is indeed a challenge, but it has worked out so far even with a book. I noted that I read a few stories further than my previous attempt (which took weeks to get that). So yeah the progress is notable, even if it is gradually slow. :snail:


:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :waning_crescent_moon: ::: TANUKIDATE 20211004 ::: :waning_crescent_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XXXIV: だまっとれ! :eye:

Today’s 百物語 story about Hitotsume-kozou [一つ目小僧] (Yokai that takes on the appearance of a one-eyed bald child), also found another off-shoot of the site that is a bit like a “on this day…” sort of thing, and today is sardine day, イワシの日!

Founded in 1985 by the… er

(Osaka Prefecture Investigative Commission of (the) Effective Utilisation of Large Scale Fish Catching)

~ New Words ~
うずら (鶉) - Quail
両 (りょう) - Old unit of currency
ふすま (襖) - Sliding screen


Home post

Day 33:

日本語: I read the very tiniest little bit of はめふら 11 just to have read something.


中国語: I read 接朋友, 新朋友, and 周末做什么. I added 面试, 好运, and 语言.


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 4 Aaah, I have no time to read, but I’m too stubborn to put it off
・Honzuki 6. (34% → 35%)

If I may recommend this series この音とまれ! vol. 1-3 are available for free on bookwalker until Oct 18. I read binged up until vol 17 during the summer challenge, enjoyed it a lot :3