📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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Day XXIX: 長崎県 :deer:

Thought I’d explore the prefecture page a bit more today, so much reading… and I didn’t manage to read it all even, pretty tired now. :yawning_face:

This site just keeps on giving! And same, I love how the prefectures all have their symbols.
(That Zelkova tree looks straight out of Studio Ghibli, so pretty)

A lot of new words

~ Words! ~
ヒノキ(檜) - Hinoki Cypress / Japanese Cypress
ツバキ(椿) - Common Camellia
ツツジ(躑躅) - Azalea (Rhododendron) - those are some real complex kanji
オシドリ(鴛鴦) - Mandarin Duck – no way! I clicked on Nagasaki at random, but Mandarin ducks are my favourite ducks! (also scary kanji)
哺乳類 (ほにゅうるい) - Mammals / Mammalian
偶蹄類 (ぐうているい) - even-toed ungulates
角化 (かくか) - Keratinization / cornification​
皮膜 (ひまく) - Membrane (Skin membrane)

(not sure that I’ll ever need these scientific words - but you never know! :rofl: )

~ Places! ~
五島列島 (ごとれっとう) - Goto Islands (archipelago)
対馬 (つしま) - I know this one! (thanks Ghost of Tsushima) but I didn’t know the kanji
壱岐 (いき) - Iki
雲仙 (うんぜん) - Unzen
屋久島 (やくしま) - Yakushima Island