📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Recently, I have been a tiny bit lazy with my reading, so it’s good to get back on track with this challenge! :rainbow: :sparkles:

A few months ago I had started to read a book called 糞尿譚 because it’s on the Akutagawa Prize Reading Challenge and because it’s short (less than 70 pages) so I thought it can’t be that much of an issue to read it quickly in between other things. Well, I did not consider the fact that it was written in 1937 or so :sweat_smile:

Initially I was doing quite ok (the reading was slow but I think I got a good grasp of what was going on), but then (about 1/3 in) I hit a lengthy conversation where I neither knew whether two or three people were talking, nor who those people were :exploding_head: So I dropped the book for the time being.

As it happened, last week I mentioned that book to my language partner, and he got curious and read the thing in an evening :weary: We talked about what I had read so far (my understanding was indeed roughly ok), and he talked me through the conversation a bit. Freshly equipped with knowledge and motivation, I set out to read it again :muscle: I quickly realized that I should better reread most of the start as well, mainly to refresh myself on the persons’ names and some minor details. And that’s what my first book for this challenge will be!

Sept 1st: Read a tiny bit of 糞尿譚 because I was very busy otherwise.
Sept 2nd: Read a few pages of 糞尿譚.

From tomorrow, I will keep better track of how much I read each day.