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My tiny summary post

September 24
・Honzuki 6. (26% → 27%)

Feels like an intermission kind of place in the story, where Stuff Has Happened and now it’s a bit more on the chill side.


Summary Post

September 24th
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Random words
  • 意外 = いがい unexpected, surprising.
  • 献立 = こんだて a menu (food).
  • シチュー = stew.
  • 首飾り = くびかざり necklace, choker.
  • 品切れ = しなぎれ sold out, out of stock.
  • 貼る = はる to stick, to paste.

I didn’t read yesterday. I planned to read before bed but I was really tired and I admit I didn’t want to suffer through it, so I called it a day instead. But I did clean a good chunk of my reviews on BunPro that I’ve been procrastinating on for a couple weeks, and also kept up with SRS, so I’m still happy.

Moral of the story: if I wait until it’s too late, reading feels like a complete chore, something I do before bed to tick a day but not to actually improve. I don’t want it to become just that because what’s the point, so I either read much before that or when it gets to that point I skip a day. For the sake of the challenge I’ll try to keep up with it, of course, but I’ve decided I’m not going to whip myself for skipping some days if I need to. What I mainly want out of this is reading more than I was reading before.

But it goes back to this thought: I’d rather miss some days, than completely burn out and miss many more. But even then, although not being able to 100% it, I still want to see how high I’m able to go.

Or perhaps I’m just starting to make excuses :joy:


Summary post

Day 24: September 24
What did I read?: 雨と君と Vol. 2 :raccoon::maple_leaf:
How much did I read?: 22 pages
How long did it take me?: 16 min

He’s baaaack :heart: Tanuki is back to brighten up my day
Somehow the tanuki is getting even cuter D: The level of tanuki cuteness in the first chapter was off the chart, right from the beginning :chart_with_upwards_trend: The first volume was summer-y, and now we’re jumping right into autumn for this second volume :3 They had a 月見 chapter! And then her dad is back, cutting apples into pretty freaking amazing shapes?? I am very impressed and jealous of his knife skills.

I honestly could have picked any panel with the tanuki in it as a favorite, they were all so cute :3 But here are my favorite tanuki expressions of today.




Good words:
茹でる (ゆでる) - to boil (something in hot water)​
豊穣 (ほうじょう) - abundant (grain) crop; good harvest
前掛け (まえかけ) - apron
じゅるり - sound effect for slurping back up excess saliva (e.g. as stimulated by desire for food)​ (lol)


Day 24 :bookmark:
今日の日本の本: 発表会(はっぴょうかい)
Today was a loooong day and I wasn’t bout to read nothin…buuuut I did…no regrets!!!( ̄▽ ̄)
And tbh this 日本語 lesson was a good part of my day, mostly because I decided to not look at the English ver. yet and I understood a good chunk of what was happening . Even had myself a small chuckle.
and now imma have my self a nice looooong sleep
おやすみなさい (-_-) zzZ


Summary post

Day 24: Read another 2 pages of よつば&!


:house_with_garden: home post

:heavy_check_mark: Day 16 (9月 24日) :sparkles:
What did I read:

歴史366 , 3 stories, ~25min

:heavy_check_mark: Day 17 (9月 25日) :sparkles:

-上級への扉 会話文3, just 5 min
-articles , suggested by a discord member, this one about 鳥居 gates (has furigana)
and this one about the top 紅葉viewing spots in Fukuoka! I enjoyed both of these soo much, the last one really stirs the wanderlust within me, I wanna go to Fukuoka now…
both articles took me 75min, bc I kept looking up the words and writing them down. temple and location readings always give me such a headache <3
-暁のヨナ, bookclub read-aloud, chapter 36 (later today!)

several words!

笠木 かさぎ coping; top rail
柱 はしら pillar; post
基 き counter for machines, foundation
貫ぬきcrosspiece (between pillars, etc.); penetrating tie beam
参道 さんどう road approaching a shrine​ (architecture)
俗界 ぞっかい secular life
降臨 こうりん descent (to earth, esp. of a god); advent
奉納 ほうのう offering
参拝 さんぱい visit to a shrine or temple; paying homage at a shrine or temple
満喫 まんきつ having enough of (food, drink, etc.); fully enjoying
例年 れいねん average (normal, ordinary) year
石垣 いしがき stone wall
櫓 やぐら turret; watchtower
憩いの場 いこいのば place for relaxation and refreshment
隣接 りんせつ adjoining;neighbouring; adjacent
大広間 おおひろま banquet or reception hall
樹齢 きれい age of a tree
盆地 ぼんち basin (e.g. between mountains)
崇める あがめる to revere; to respect; to worship
敷き詰める しきつめる to cover a surface; to spread all over; to blanket; to lay
悟りを開く さとりをひらく to achieve enlightenment; to attain enlightenment
聳える そびえる to tower; to soar


oooh please don’t let our expiriences put you off! At least as far as I’m concerned, I know it’s definitely my lack of vocabulary and grammar and reading in general! That aside though, the N3-N2 gap is there indeed

Wishing you all the best for Monday! May everything go smoothly, Chris!


Home post

Day 24:

日本語: I read a fair amount of はめふら 10.


中国語: I read 我的一天. Word added: 吃饭.


I replenished my energy by ordering and eating some chinese food. Being full of power I read over one page of the パラサイト・イヴ book.

useful vocabulary 生体機能薬学講座
Yeah that’s one word, it should mean something like Department of Biofunctional Pharmacology or Department of Medicinal Biochemistry. Something like that even exists in real life, it’s not a made up word. It should be added to wanikani.


:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :full_moon: ::: TANUKIDATE: 20210925 ::: :full_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XXV: 人の嫁になったネコ :cat2:

Today’s 日本の昔話 story is about a man marrying a cat?? … okay :rofl:

Saw this word in another story but noting it down so I remember better: お百姓 (ひゃくしょう) - Farmer, peasant, country person.

ゴロゴロ - Rumbling


My tiny summary post

September 25
・Honzuki 6. (27% → 29%)

Words and expressions

本気(ほんき)を出(だ)す・to make a serious effort
精(せい)を出(だ)す・to work hard, to work diligently
捗(はかど)る・to make progress. (I like how it has the finger radical and kanji for to walk)

手間(てま)・time, labor
パラパラ・sound of flipping through a book
めくる・to turn pages of a book. (This makes me think of the Wotakoi opening song, lol)

通例(つうれい)・custom, general rule
率(ひき)いる・to lead, to command (a group)


25日 :bookmark:
Ok sooo apparently there is a show for this マンガ too, soooo I will be watching that (in 日本語 subs), might not understand everything but I feel like it’s good to hear 日本人 talk because that hepls with the accent. The one page that I read, I quickly got the gist of what was happening. did I understand all the words? いいえ. But hey it was a good read that helped my long day!

Just booked marked the website. the article intrigued me and now it’s a goal, ありがとう!

One more thought for the road… is 友人 (ゆうじん) only used for when one is not exaclty talking about a friend (person) or?


Summary Post

September 25th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 48.

Random words
  • 暴く = あばく to disclose, to expose, to divulge.
  • 報道 = ほうどう news, report.
  • 裏側 = うらがわ reverse side, hidden side.
  • 海浜 = かいひん seashore, seaside.
  • 海辺 = うみべ beach, seashore.
  • 圧倒 = to overwhelm.
  • 横顔 = よこがお profile, face in profile.
  • 大人びる = おとなびる to be or to become adult-like.


Summary post

Day 25: Read another two pages of よつば&!I didn’t have to look up any words today, even to double check, which was nice!


Summary post

Day 25: September 25
What did I read?: 雨と君と Vol. 2 :raccoon::maple_leaf:
How much did I read?: 12 pages
How long did it take me?: 16 min

I worked most of the day…why does this project take so much time D: The annoying thing is that I would actually really enjoy this project if I felt like I had adequate time to complete it and really dig into it. Story of my life. -_- Anyway.
These chapters killed me with cuteness - the tanuki has seriously turned the cuteness up to 11 in this volume.

The tanuki started growing in his winter coat and he looks so soft D:

So floofy

もふもふもふもふもふもふもふもふ :hugs:

But then he caught a cold :pleading_face:

Tanuki burrito


Plus I got some bonus reading practice trying to figure out what the heck is going on in this random flyer I found inside the manga xD

Is the cat gigantic, or is it just perspective? :joy: (I think it’s perspective, because on the back there are some more illustrations where it looks like it’s normal cat size. But I was momentarily very excited about a manga involving a giant cat xD For a sec I thought maybe the premise was like…the woman’s husband turned into a giant cat. Isn’t there a manga like that? Or am I making that up? I don’t know why that’s where my mind went :joy:)

Good words (I guess I'll put them in here since leaving them out would kind of defeat the purpose of the spoilers I put above)

しょぼしょぼ - dejectedly; gloomily​
めげる - to be discouraged; to shrink from
換毛期 (かんもうき) - molting season
風邪気味 (かぜぎみ) - slight cold; bit of a cold; touch of a cold; lingering cold
おくるみ - covering used to wrap a baby

Omg what
In honor of my flyer, I feel like I have to read this now


友人, generally speaking is more formal, polite than 友達!you might use it in a more formal situation etc, but the nuance is the same, both words express someone who is your friend. Link , HiNative

Glad the 鳥居 article picked your interest! :innocent:


Home post

September 25 very slowly working through dialogue from レイトン教授と不思議な町.
It turns out there are 2 versions of this game in Japanese, they first released a version without furigana, and then later released a “friendly version” with furigana. I had been expecting to have furigana, but then I thought I must have misremembered. Finally put 2 and 2 together. I’m kind of having fun battling Kanji, although I’m also a little tempted to spring for the furigana friendly version, but that seems wasteful now.

September 26 today is the last day where I can use my left arm for a while, so trying to get a bunch of typing tasks out of the way =p
Been trying to crunch a bit more WK than usual as I’ve been slacking off lately and surgery will only make that worse.
I’ve also been mining grammar and vocab from 王様ランキング and 大海原と大海原.
But my main task today has been working through A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar to make Anki grammar cards for grammar points I’ve encountered in my reading, so even though I didn’t make any progress reading through a story today, I still read and worked to understand a lot of Japanese - so I’m counting it.

Over the next few days I’m hoping to keep up some form of reading, it might end up being graded readers as I can usually work them out in my head - whereas a lot of my other reading material is complex enough that I want to take notes and do more formal breakdowns.

I’m sorry I keep mentioning my surgery :sweat_smile:, I mentioned it as my reading has been a bit different lately and will likely be weirder for a while more still, I wasn’t trying to elicit sympathy from anyone but I really do appreciate all the wishes and thoughts =D

Once again, thank you all very much :pray:

See you all on the other side, although it may be a while before I post any updates :slight_smile:

I spoke about this game briefly above but I didn’t make it very clear what I was talking about =p

I posted a photo of the game arriving (but I didn’t mention the name in text, I linked to some discussion on it from the summer club).


Main post

Sept 22 to 26 - I was able to continue 僕らの天使ゲーム every day except on Thursday because I was too tired to read. My two-year apprenticeship is starting tomorrow and I really hope I’m going to have enough free time to keep up with WK + my other hobbies :star: I’m now at page 151/354.

  • 所轄 (しょかつ) : jurisdiction
  • 頭蓋骨 (ずがいこつ) : skull
  • 陥没 (かんぼつ) : collapse
  • 鈍器 (どんき) : blunt weapon
  • 失神 (しっしん) : Syncope
  • 厄年 (やくどし) : unlucky year (I want to learn more about this later haha)
  • 煽情的 (せんじょうてき) : sensational
  • ノイローゼ : Neurosis
  • 素行 (そこう) : behaviour
  • 殊更 (ことさら) : intentionally
  • 苦渋 (くじゅう) : bitterness
  • 喪失 (そうしつ) : loss
  • 破滅 (はめつ) : destruction
  • 出世 (しゅっせ) : success in life (interesting word!!)
  • 均整 (きんせい) : balance
  • 迂闊 (うかつ) : careless
  • 無断外泊 (むだんがいはく) : staying out overnight without giving notice
  • 自嘲 (じちょう) : self-deprecation
  • 事も無げ : careless
  • 怪訝 (けげん) : puzzled
Sentence I liked

この男、おそらくこれまでに挫折というものを知らなかったに違いない。勉強も、仕事も、結婚も、子育ても。だからこんなにショックを受けているのだ。それに比べると、花井のこれまでの人生なんて挫折だらけだ。 → 挫折( ざせつ, failure (e.g. plans, business) ) だらけ :laughing: that’s probably my future too

I wish you all the best for tomorrow too!! See you when you feel like posting / when you can post again :blush:


Owww, I didn’t know about it. :frowning:

C’mon, this thread is all about peer support, right?
I also hope you’ll have a speedy recovery! :muscle:t2:


Day 26

I haven’t posted here in a while, and I haven’t been reading everyday either, whoops. I read two pages of Kiki today though! Since I’ll be away from home and not bringing the book I’ll read some free manga I collected from Bookwalker instead for the next four days.