📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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Day 1: September 1
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 3 pages
How long did it take me?: So long (at least 1 hour 20 min, probably closer to 1 hour 40 min)

Omg how fitting, we’re starting on a Wednesday :o
Do you know what Wednesday is
It’s water day, Wednesday is water day ahhh

I just realized that this would have been a very fitting choice for the summer challenge :thinking: Oh well~
Anyway, yeah, this is definitely going to be a challenge :sweat_smile: Will be interesting to see if I get any faster as I go along. But Haru is Haru and Makoto is Makoto and that makes me happy :hugs:
And what is the very first sentence?
Iconic :raised_hands:

Honestly I really liked the way the opening is written, it felt very poetic to me despite my poor language skills xD My favorite words of today are まとわり付く (まとわりつく - to coil about; to surround; to cling to) and 飛沫 (しぶき - splash!)
:notes: make us free na splash :notes:


Day one done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I only had time for one page of reading, but it gave me another example of んだ which I found pretty helpful. Tomorrow, hopefully I can figure out how to format the nice calendars I’ve seen people posting. :joy:


I asked the same way up the thread, and this is the helpful answer I got:


Read 4 pages (1 chapter - I told you they were short!) of それいけズッコケ三人組 this morning on the train. Vocabulary-wise it’s fairly easy reading for me - enough kanji to be able to differentiate the words but furigana on everything over elementary grade 1. Where I do need to look things up it’s often expressions, where I understand the individual words but not the meaning. For example, this morning I had to look up 息を殺す (it means to hold your breath). The chapter ended with our hero sat on the toilet listening to burglars walking around the house!


It’s amazing how often you learn a grammar point and then see it everywhere for the next few weeks!


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:white_check_mark: 一日目 9月2日

As my books are still in packing boxes, I’ll be reading on the web for a few days. Today’s reading was the NHK News Easy web article やく60%のども「ウイルスで学校がっこうやすみになって勉強べんきょう心配しんぱい


Thank you!!!


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September 2nd 大海原と大海原 3 more pages.

Once again the magic of this challenge happened, I had an extremely long and tiring day at work and wanted to just call it a night, but I decided I couldn’t give up on this challenge on only day 2 so I had to read a bit, even just a panel, but may as well do one page.
But then the next page didn’t look too bad, and the next likewise. I was considering going more, but at some point I should listen to my body and call it a night, 3 pages is awesome progress given how today otherwise went.


I’m going to join on in. ^^

Admittedly, I’m not actually planning on reading 7 days a week - only on week days. Sssh, don’t let @windupbird find out. If I read on those days, I’ll count it as a continuation of my streak.

Streak count: 1

Read maybe 8 pages of the LN I’m going through. It has felt slow-going (90 pages in 10-12 days), but I’ve been doing a lot of other studying as well, so I don’t have that much time.

random musings on the ジョジョ LN ゴールデンハート/ゴールデンリング

So far I don’t find it nearly as enjoyable a read as 恥知らずのパープルヘイズ. I don’t like the author’s style as much. At the beginning especially, the author had rambling descriptions that I found annoying to read. That has toned down in later chapters, but at page 91/220, it feels like the story hasn’t gotten started in any meaningful way.

The lengthy descriptions of the effects of パープルヘイズ being used certainly were… very colourful. :joy:

Wanting a break from grammar, I decided to just stay on the reading train so I booted up 逆転裁判3. I keep forgetting it exists when I get busy. But I wanted to read for fun, and it’s a game I can just relax with because the text-box format precludes long sentences and keeps things simple.

Played through the last dregs of case 2, and to the end of investigation day 1 on case 3, when the actual trial starts.


.☆:STARDATE: 20210902:☆.

Day II: 花房稲荷神社 :shinto_shrine:

Pretty short, but still took me awhile with the place names, one thing with this wiki-ing is I’m learning all the places in Japan. New place learnt: 千代田区.

It’s tiny and squashed between buildings, it looks quite sad really, hidden away from everything.

“咳の治癒” - that’s the newly added kanji (咳) !!
(Now I have no excuse for keep failing it in my reviews :sweat_smile:)


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 2

I aaaalmost finished chapter 2 in 深夜特急.

Much like @chrisosaurus said, the magic of the challenge appeared for me too. Today there was no time to read at all, but in the end I thought just to read something, anything to check the box. Yaay!

New Things!
  • (ます-form)そうにない = Showing no signs of (verb), extremely unlikely to (verb).
  • ちょっぴり = a wee bit, a smidgen
  • はなであしらう = to spurn, turn one’s nose up, to put someone out

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I’m staring at this thread and want to join… I know I shouldn’t because it’ll distract me from my studies but… Aaagh, what to do :sob:

…Maybe a tiny list? :eyes: with tiny updates? :eyes:


Tiny things do tend to make things better. :eyes:


See? It’s science.


Maybe a tiny challenge is made. :eyes:

Actually started reading to distract myself from overwhelming myself from studying earlier this year. Either using it as a natural break or transition to start my study session. Of course whether that’s for you is a different matter.


As a fan of the science, I must say I support your claims :eyes: Tiny challenge accepted! :durtle_hello:

Will tinily read every day and post tiny updates once in a while. And will prioritize studies, of course ;3
Thanks for convincing/encouraging me! :DD

…must make a tiny summary post :writing_hand:


:bookmark: :books: :durtle_hello: Redglare’s tiny summary post :durtle_hello: :books: :bookmark:


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Tiny goals

・Honzuki 5 (75% → )

・Kono Oto Tomare series, vol. 18-24

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📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖 - #34 by Redglare

Update: (yesterday) Sep 1.
・ Read YagaKimi 8. Very coincidence, happened to be the first day of challenge.

PS. I apologize in advance for the tiny text, I take no responsibility for any costs of magnifiers that might be needed in order to read my posts during this tiny challenge :mag: :eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Recently, I have been a tiny bit lazy with my reading, so it’s good to get back on track with this challenge! :rainbow: :sparkles:

A few months ago I had started to read a book called 糞尿譚 because it’s on the Akutagawa Prize Reading Challenge and because it’s short (less than 70 pages) so I thought it can’t be that much of an issue to read it quickly in between other things. Well, I did not consider the fact that it was written in 1937 or so :sweat_smile:

Initially I was doing quite ok (the reading was slow but I think I got a good grasp of what was going on), but then (about 1/3 in) I hit a lengthy conversation where I neither knew whether two or three people were talking, nor who those people were :exploding_head: So I dropped the book for the time being.

As it happened, last week I mentioned that book to my language partner, and he got curious and read the thing in an evening :weary: We talked about what I had read so far (my understanding was indeed roughly ok), and he talked me through the conversation a bit. Freshly equipped with knowledge and motivation, I set out to read it again :muscle: I quickly realized that I should better reread most of the start as well, mainly to refresh myself on the persons’ names and some minor details. And that’s what my first book for this challenge will be!

Sept 1st: Read a tiny bit of 糞尿譚 because I was very busy otherwise.
Sept 2nd: Read a few pages of 糞尿譚.

From tomorrow, I will keep better track of how much I read each day.


Thank you @windupbird for posting! I’ve always loved seeing how positive and supportive this community is, but was always a little too shy to actively participate. It’s my first time joining in on one of these challenges and I’m one day late, but hi everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

For starters, I’ll be going through さめない街の喫茶店 (1-2) by はしゃ. I hope to make a habit of reading more consistently (´・ᴗ・` ).

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Hello, nice to meet you! ^^ :wave: Good luck on building up the reading habbit.


Home post

Day 1:

日本語: I read a lot of 乳と卵 (and finished it!), as well as a lot of ミステリと言う勿れ.

中国語: I read 睡觉.

eta: I forgot to record that I also had a readaloud session of 7SEEDS (two chapters).