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In the office today but stopped at a park on the way in and read 4 pages/1 mini-chapter with a coffee. Finished a story arc today and the story did not arc in the way that I expected it to. It was a ghost story and it went a bit more X-Files than Scooby Doo, which surprised me in a book for 8 year olds. Those kind of cultural differences are always interesting when you’re reading in another language, I think.


About 2 pages of 使ってはいけない日本語, this week’s short story for the beginner book club, 眠い町, and a couple pages of 人間失格.

I read about half of chapter 6 of キノの旅. Almost done with this reread. :slight_smile:

Nothing exciting here. :sweat_smile: I really should pick up the pace on 人間失格 if I want to finish it this month though.



September 14
:maple_leaf: 14
total: 81/100

  • カラフル (40 → 44%)

September 15
:maple_leaf: 15
total: 82/100

  • カラフル (44 → 48%)

Streak Count: I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to count, but I think it’s still unbroken?

To be honest, I’m just here to complain about those times they just throw a bunch of nouns together.


Even they knew it was annoying to read, since none of those words ever required furigana before.

It’s not a hard sentence, my brain just wants to nope out when faced with something as long as 南大阪産業廃物処分業組合.

Complaining done now. ^^

Happy reading, everyone!


:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: .☆:TANUKIDATE: 20210916:☆. :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XVI: 雨と君と :raccoon:

Seeing Tanuki’s surprise visit to the beach I had to read the tanuki today and I had to read it now (thankfully I have some free time this morning), so I read the first three free chapters of 雨と君と.

It was difficult focusing on reading because of the constant distraction of sheer cuteness, but I made it, and now I don’t know what to do with myself.
Too. Much. Cute.
:raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon:


Home post - September 16 - Another very sleepy day where I only read 1 page of 大海原と大海原 - although that was after spending a few hours going through vocab sheets and notes for another book I previously read to add vocab to Anki - and going through vocab sheets for a few books I plan to read to do the same. Time to sneak in an episode of anime before I call it a night T.T


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 16

Read section 2, a few pages which pushed me halfway into chapter 5 in 手紙!

I don’t know how to feel about the current plot. The beginning has me trusting no one and nothing, so everything always feels so tense. Like lately there’s a girl that’s pursuing dating Naoki. Which would usually be kind of cute (I love love). But he’s not that into her (he actively changed his bus route to avoid her) and she got ahold of his address by following him to his door??? She did send him cute letters… But that’s also stalking?!? Not cute. Whether it happens or not, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Sleepy, so I’ll post new words next time!

:raccoon: :raccoon: Main Post :raccoon: :raccoon:

I almost complained about this yesterday! My word is: 帝都大学通信教部. Yours is 12 characters long, so you win. But even at 8, and being able to tell the meaning, it’s still not fun to look at :sob:

:raccoon: :maple_leaf: Hello to everyone who’s joined in the last couple of days!! :maple_leaf: :raccoon:


Thanks! I’ll make sure to use this :pray:

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Home post

Day 15:

日本語: I read a fair amount of ミステリと言う勿れ and a bit of 魔王城でおやすみ.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of 7SEEDS (and finished v19).


中国語: I read 立春.



What did I read:

  • 大海原と大海原, Pages 27-33

Wadanohara and her familiars are on the way to their home. Just when they’re about to return, Kuromaki catched up to them and passed to Wada something what’s important to her, but she forget in Witches country because she was too nervous. Wada is disstressted by the fact that she forgot this thing and says sorry to Kuromaki who went out of her way just to deliver this item.

Words I didn’t know: 鮫, 飛ぶ, 追いつく, 困る, 殺風景, 冗談, 大事, 届ける


Today I finished the first volume ofマ月期. I am totally disappointed Yasuke still didn’t kiss Hinata. But stuff happened and his soul is now trapped in Akari’s body. Now he needs to hold Akari’s hand the whole time if he doesn’t want to die. I still have the second volume but I will read something different tomorrow.

Which of my manga should I read next maybe 金田一少年の事件簿 if it’s not too hard. Actually I already read some of it translated maybe ten years ago. It’s about a young detective, I think he is still a student, solving murder mysteries.


Summary post

September 16
・Started Honzuki 6. (6% → 10%)

A not so tiny read today :eyes: :books:

some words and expressions

鍛冶・(かじ) - smithing, blacksmith
たかが知れている - to not amount to much
衆目・(しゅうもく) - all eyes, public attention
箔が付く・(はくがつく) - to increase in value, to gain prestige
考えあぐねる・(かんがえあぐねる) - to be at a loss, to think and think but get nowhere
喉から手が出る・(のどからてがでる) - to want something desperately, to want something (so badly one can taste it)

I am fluent! :DD …Wait, the power-ups cancel each other out? :eyes: :sweat_drops: :scream_cat:


Seeing this vocab reminded me that I learned the word たかが thanks to one of my favourite scenes in Haikyuu :star2:

Script of the scene (Tsukishima asking a question)

月島「僕は純粋に疑問なんですが、どうしてそんなに必死にやるんですか? バレーはたかが部活で将来履歴書に「学生時代部活を頑張りました」って書けるくらいの価値しかないんじゃないですか?」




:house_with_garden: home post

:heavy_check_mark: Day 7 (9月 15日) :sparkles:

What did I read:
2 stories yesterday, ~15min

:heavy_check_mark: Day 8 (9月 16日) :sparkles:
What did I read:
暁のヨナ, ch.35, about half of it, ~ 15pages

Not very good reading days… yesterday was so busy, I was so sleepy when reading… and today I’ve had a raging migraine, it just won’t go… even mustering strength to read half a chapter or write here is a feat, if I do say so myself :pensive: coming across the tanuki love outpour galore is the only healing tho :raccoon: I feel refreshed~

On a brighter note, I’m one week in askdadjakdj I can’t believe this :sob: :pray:
It’s all thanks to everyone here being such an inspiration! thank you all! Let’s keep it going!

Will add vocab tomorrow!


It is kind of an offtopic perhaps, but for October I 100% will need to find something to read (because Wadanohara absolutely won’t last for 1.5 months), so I was wondering if somebody here read 鹿の王? If so, did you like it?


I think @Naphthalene did



I think mine might have been faulty or something, my wi-fi hasn’t even gotten better (I think it might have got worse). Maybe yours will unlock kanji in your brain that hasn’t even been invented yet, super special secret kanji :eyes:


Summary post

Day 16: September 16
What did I read?: 雨と君と
How much did I read?: 45 pages - finished the volume
How long did it take me?: 26 min

I…I finished reading the tanuki manga already??? D:
Need to order the next volume asapppp but there are only 2 volumes total right now I think D:::::
But it was such a cute ending :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Watching the fireworks together at the summer festival <3
Honestly all these last chapters were super cute, I think the tanuki’s cuteness grows more powerful each day

My favorite word of today is ほくほく - being pleased with oneself; beaming happily; chuckling to oneself​

Here's why :3

Some other good words:
おっしゃる通り (おっしゃるとおり) - I agree with you; it is as (someone) says
些細 (ささい) - trivial; slight (I really like that first kanji, don’t ask me why)

These are some words that I needed in my life
The mental image of that last one is low-key terrifying though?? :fearful:


Summary Post

Day 16: September 16th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 42.

Random words
  • 一員 = いちいん member.
  • 並大抵 = なみたいてい average, ordinary.
  • 胸を張る = むねをはる to throw out one’s chest, to be filled with pride.


I only read the first volume and half of the second volume. @NicoleRauch read the full thing.